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and our

fend us,

Then shall the earth tions, may evermore give bring forth her increase; thanks unto thee in thy and God, even

our own holy church, through JeGod, shall give us his sus Christ our Lord. blessing.

O Lord, arise, help us, God shall bless us, and and deliver us for thy all the ends of the world name's sake. . shall fear him.

O God, we have heard

with our ears, Min. The Lord be with fathers have declared unto you.

us the noble works that Answ. And with thy spirit. thou didst in their days, Min. Let us pray.

and in the old time before O Lord, show thy mercy them. upon us ;

O Lord, arise, help us, Answ. And grant us thy and deliver us for thine salvation.

honour. Min. () God, make clean From our enemies deour hearts within us;

O God. Answ. And take not thy Graciously look upon holy Spirit from us. our afflictions.

Pitifully behold the sorMin. O God, merciful rows of our hearts. Father, who despisest not Mercifully forgive the the sighing of a contrite sins of thy people. heart, nor the desire of Favourably with mercy such as be sorrowful; mer- hear our prayers. cifully assist our prayers O gracious Father, have which we make before mercy upon us. thee in all our troubles Both

and ever and adversities, whensoev- vouchsafe to hear us, O er they oppress us; and Lord. graciously hear us, that all Graciously hear us, o evils which are devised Lord; graciously hear us, against us, may, by the O Lord God. providence of thy good O Lord, let thy mercy ness, be brought to nought; be shown upon us; that we, thy servants, be As we do put our trust in ing hurt by no persecu- thee.




COLLECT for Fast Day. yet despise or neglect thy

laws. Surely it is of thy ALMIGHTY and most mercy that we are not conmerciful God, who lovest sumed, and because thy righteousness and hatest compassions fail not. iniquity, and art a compas

We beseech thee to sionate Father to those grant thy mercy unto who repent and turn unto who have corrupted our thee; we would come be- manners, who have been fore thee this day, humbly indifferent to thy worship; confessing our sins, and indulged too much a spirit beseeching thee to impress of pride and uncharitableupon our minds

every ness, and have become too tive to sincere repentance strongly attached to the and a holy life.

world and the things of the O thou Supreme Direc- world. Awaken us to a tor of the affairs of human sense of our unworthiness ; society; we thank thee for pardon the sins of our nathe advantages of our con- tion; forgive all those who dition ; that we enjoy lib- humble themselves this day erty, safety and plenty ; before thee, and spare thy that the lines are fallen to people; animate us to unite us in pleasant places, and with one heart in promotthat we have a goodly ing the honour of thy name, heritage. Yet we have the interests of religion, made unworthy returns for and the prosperity and hapthy loving kindness; we piness of our country. May have shown ourselves un we keep the fast which deserving of thy mercy. thou bast chosen; and loosWe lament that plenty has ing every band of wickedbeen abused by luxury, and ness, become a peculiar liberty by licentiousness; people zealous of good our peace and safety, by works, that thy displeasure strife, envyings, and divis- may be turned away from ions; that so little of the us, and that thou mayest power of godliness is man- delight to build us up and ifested ; that so many re- not destroy us. strain prayer before thee, Othou, who art the and notwithstanding the Lord of lords, and the expressions of thy will, do Fountain of all power, we


commend to thy care and ledged and diligently imblessing the President of proved. the United States, the Universal Parent and Governor of this State, Governor ; be merciful to and all others in authority. the whole race of man; enMay they have wisdom to lighten all who sit in darkdiscern, and firmness to ness; send forth a spirit of pursue the true interests of peace and good will ; rethis people; may they em- strain the violence of unploy all their influence to reasonable men ; may no promote peace and virtue; weapon formed against the and under their govern- rights of mankind prosper ; ment may justice and judg- multiply the patterns of ment run down as waters, christian virtue and the inand righteousness as struments of beneficence; mighty stream. Endue direct all flesh to the knowwith grace and clothe with ledge of thy Son; and godliness the ministers of may thy kingdom come religion. May they do hon- and thy will be done on our to thy truth in their earth as it is in heaven; public services and their which we ask as disciples private conduct; and wilt of Jesus Christ. Amen. thou so direct and bless them, both in their preach CONCLUDING PRAYER. ing and living, that they may save themselves, and

ETERNAL and all see those who hear them. We ing God, we thy creatures beseech thee to bless all sink into nothing before seminaries of learning, all thy supreme majesty; we governors and instructers feel our weakness; we acof youth, all patrons and knowledge our folly; we promoters of sound lite- repeatedly bewail our sins ; rature. and knowledge ; thee only we adore with and grant that all the awful veneration ; thee we means and opportunities thank with fervent zeal; of mental, moral, and reli- to thy power we humbly gious advancement which submit; of thy goodness are enjoyed among us, we devoutly implore promay be thankfully acknow- tection ; on thy wisdom we

firmly and cheerfully rely. ness will raise us, may we Whenever we address thee, continue praising, veneratO Father, if our prayers ing, worshipping thee, more are unwise, pity us; if and more, through worlds they are presumptuous, without number, and ages pardon us ; if acceptable without end. Amen. to thee,

thee, grant them, all powerful God; and THE Lord bless us and as we now express our keep us ; the Lord make submission to thy decrees, his face shine upon us, and adore thy providence, be gracious unto us; the and bless thy dispensa- Lord lift up his countetions, so, in that future nance upon us, and give state, to which we

us peace, now and eververently hope thy good- more. Amen.





The Service may commence with the following Psalın ;

after which the Person officiating may use such parts of the common Morning or Evening Prayer, as he shall judge proper. PSALM 93.

Thy testimonies, O Lord; THE Lord is King, and

are very sure, holiness behath put on glorious ap

cometh thine house for parel, and girded himself ever. with strength.

He hath made the world After the Collect for the so sure, that it cannot be Day may be used the moved.

following Prayer. Ever since the world began, hath thy throne been O ETERNAL Lord God, prepared; thou art from who alone spreadest out everlasting.

the heavens, and rulest the The floods have lifted raging of the sea; who hast up, O Lord, the floods cornpassed the waters with have lifted up their voice; bounds, until day and night the floods lift up their come to an end; be pleaswaves,

ed to receive into thine alThe waves of the sea mighty and most gracious are mighty, and rage hor- protection, the persons of ribly ; but yet the Lord, us thy servants, who now who dwelleth on high, is call upon thy name from mightier.

the bosom of the mighty

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