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all our

life immortal, and the light eousness' sake. Be kind, of thy countenance for ev

to all our friends and to

enemies; to We pray thee, also, to all who have prayed for protect the whole sleep- us, and to all who have ing world through the hours desired that we should

pray of darkness. And be gra- for them. Mercifully, O ciously with those, who, by God, Father Almighty, land or by sea, must wake hear their prayers, and and watch. Soothe the ours, which we offer in the pains of the sick ; speak name of our Lord Jesus pardon and peace to sleep- Christ. Amen. less consciences; guide the traveller on his

way ; pre

Then shall the whole Famserve the mariner from the

ily say the following fury of the tempest, and Benediction, and the direct him through the Service may be closed paths of the deep. Be a

with a Hymn. Father to the fatherless; a Deliverer to the oppress

THE Lord bless us and ed; a Friend to all who are keep us; The Lord lift up under neglect or contempt, the light of his counteor in want; and especially nance upon us, And give to those who are persecu

us peace, Now and everted for conscience and right- more. Amen.




The following Anthem is build the house, their labour

to be said alternately, as is but lost who build it. in the preceding Ser Except the Lord keep vices.

the city, the watchman waEXCEPT the Lord keth but in vain.

We will lift up our eyes

Show us thy ways, O unto the hills from whence Lord, and teach us thy cometh our help.

paths. Our help cometh even Lead us forth in thy from the Lord, who hath truth and teach us; for made heaven and earth. thou art the God of our

He will not suffer thy salvation ; in thee hath been foot to be moved; and he our

hope all the day who keepeth thee will not long. sleep.

Gracious and righteous Behold he who keepeth is the Lord, therefore will Israel shall neither slumber he teach sinners in the nor sleep

way. The Lord himself is All the paths of the thy keeper; the Lord is Lord are mercy and truth, thy defence upon thy right unto such as keep his hand.

covenant and his testimoSo that the sun shall nies. not smite thee by day, neither the moon by night.

Here the portion of ScripThe Lord shall preserve

ture is to be read. thee from all evil ; yea it is Then shall the Person even he who shall keep who conducts the Serthy soul. The Lord shall

preserve thy going out and thy com- . BY the favour of God, ing in, from this time forth we are come to the evenfor evermore.

ing of this day; and we Now unto the King eter are so much nearer the end nal, immortal, invisible, the of our mortal life. Let only God;

us seriously consider this, Be honour and glory; and resolve to prepare ourthrough Jesus Christ, for selves for our change by ever and ever. Amen. living righteously and god

ly in this present world. If a portion of Scripture Let us pray to God to for

is to be read, let it give us our sins, and grant be preceded by the fol- us true repentance, and lowing Sentences, said strengthen our good resolualternately as before. tions, and enable us, as we

vice say ;

that so,

draw nearer to the grave,

Keep us continually, O to draw nearer to himself, God, in thy faith and fear. and to his heavenly king- May we be followers of dom.

that which is good, and Answer. Othou who followers of thy Son Jesus hearest prayer, unto thee Christ, obeying his prewill we lift up our souls. cepts, and imitating his exReader. Let us pray. ample. Let our bodies be

in constant subjection to Then shall be read eith our souls, our senses to our

er of the following reason, and our reason to Prayers, or make a thy divine and gracious inPrayer extempore.


both out

wardly and inwardly, we O GOD, the light of every may be fully disposed to do heart that sees thee, the thy will. life of every soul that loves May we, thy children, thee, the strength of every know from our experience mind that seeks thee; we how good and how pleasseek thee now, O Father, ant a thing it is to dwell thy children seek thee, and together in unity. May pray that thou wouldst en we be kind and faithful to lighten our darkness, sus- each other, and to all with tain our faintings, save whom we are in any way from the death of sin, and connected. “And may we grant us life eternal. We be always sensible of our are not worthy that thou relationship to thee, our shouldst come under our heavenly Father; and feel roof; but come, O Lord, that whether sleeping or and make us worthy ; en- wakingwe are still with thee. ter into our hearts, speak Keep and defend us this peace unto this house, and night. Grant unto us quiet abide with us always. Let and restoring slumbers. us be sheltered under the Bring us to the light of shadow of thy wings from another morning in safety; the storms of worldly cares; and when our days and and when the darkness

ess nights on earth are number gathers, and the winds ed and finished, grant that blow, and the waves swell, we may behold each other be thou our harbour and in the light of eternal day. secure repose.

And this we ask in the


upon us.

name of Jesus Christ, our Accept, O God, as the blessed Lord and Redeem- testimony of our love and er. Amen.

charity, our hearty inter

cessions for all mankind. Or this.

Let the glorious light of

thy Gospel shine upon all WE humbly thank thee, nations; and grant that all merciful Father, for thy who have already receivgoodness in conducting us ed it, may live as becomes to the close of this day, it. and for all thy mercies O Lord, continue thy from day to day bestowed gracious protection to us

Add this to all this night. Into thy hands thy favours, we beseech we commend ourselves, thee, that we may never our souls and bodies, and forget to be thankful, but all things belonging to us. may constantly acknow- And make us mindful, we ledge thee as the source of pray thee, of that time all our blessings, and praise when we shall lie down in thee not only with our lips the dust ; and grant us but in our lives. Write grace always to live in such thy law upon our hearts, a state, that we may never that all our desires, words be afraid or unfit to die. and actions


be con- And now to thee, our God formable to thy holy will. and Father, we ascribe all Remembering thy mercies honour and glory, through hitherto vouchsafed to us, Jesus Christ. Amen. wé do entirely trust thee for the time to come. For Then shall the whole Famthis only we are anxious, ily say the following and do earnestly pray, that Benediction, and the we may all our days serve Service may be closed and please thee in such a

with a Hymn. constant practice of piety and devotion, of righteous THE Lord bless us and ness and mercy, of temper- keep us; The Lord lift up ance, meekness, patience, the light of his countetruth and fidelity, as may nance upon us, And give adorn the religion and name us peace, Now and everof our Lord and Master.









FOR SUNDAY MORNING. rest, and for all the spiritu

al privileges which it brings BE graciously present with it. May we have with all who this day meet rest and refreshment to our to serve thee; bless the souls. May we read, and labours of all those who hear, and meditate with watch for souls; and give profit, and lift up our hearts us all grace to hear with to thee in prayer and praise attention, to receive the with sincere devotion. And word with meekness, and grant, most merciful God, to serve the Lord with that we may so improve gladness. Teach us all all our sacred opportunities, things necessary to salva- that we fail not of a part in tion; enable us to under thine eternal rest, and in stand and remember the the hymns of angels and sacred truths delivered to blessed spirits in the world us, with full purpose of to come. living accordingly, that our conversation may be holy, FOR SUNDAY EVENING. and our end everlasting life.

GLORY be to thy name

for the especial blessings ANOTHER.

which this sacred day has

brought to us. Pardon WE thank thee for the us, if in any manner we morning light of this day of have abused its privileges.

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