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Christmas Day.

SOURCE of all light THE COLLECT.

and truth, who didst send

thy Son Jesus Christ into ALMIGHTY God, who the world, that the world hast given us thine only be through him might be savgotten Son to take our na ed, grant, we beseech thee, ture upon him, and as at that the light of his docthis time to be born of a trine and life may shine invirgin ; grant that we being to our hearts and dispel regenerate, and made thy our darkness, and direct children by adoption and our steps, and lead us at grace, may daily be renew last to the unspeakable gloed by thy holy Spirit

. And ries and felicities of thy this we beg in the name of heavenly kingdom; which Jesus Christ, through whom we beg in the name of our we ascribe unto thee all Saviour, ascribing to thee honour and glory, now and everlasting praises. Amen. ever. Amen.

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O GOD, the unfailing source of light and mercy, The Epiphany, or the who hast brought us to the Manifestation of Christ beginning of this year, and to the Gentiles. art sparing us to love thee, and to keep thy command THE COLLECT. ments; give us, we beseech thee, a solemn sense of the

O GOD, who by the importance of time, and of leading of a star didst mandiligence in improving the ifest thy only begotten Son talents thou hast placed in to the Gentiles; mercifully our hands; and enable us

grant, that we who know so faithfully to discharge thee now by faith, may afour duty in this life, that ter this life have the fruiwhen we shall appear be tion of thy glorious Godfore thee at thy great tribu head, through Jesus Christ nal, we may be found wor our Lord. Amen. thy of that eternal kingdom

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THE COLLECT. The First Sunday after the Epiphany.

ALMIGHTY and most

merciful God, we beseech THE COLLECT.

thee to grant us thy grace,

that in all the relations of O LORD, we beseech life we may do justly, and thee mercifully to receive love mercy, and walk humthe prayers of thy people bly before thee; so that at who call upon thee; and last

we may

be received to grant that they may both the society of the just made perceive and know what perfect in thy heavenly things they ought to do, and kingdom, through Jesus also may have grace and Christ our Lord. Amen. power faithfully to fulfil the same, through Jesus Christ

THE GOSPEL our Lord. Amen.

John, ii. 1 — 11.

AND the third day there
Luke, ii. 41-52. was a marriage, &c.

his disciples believed on NOW his parents went


THE EPISTLE. The Fourth Sunday after

the Epiphany Rom. xii. 6 16.

THE COLLECT. HAVING then gifts, &c. condescend

to O GOD, who knowest men of low estate.

us to be set in the midst of so many and great dan

gers, that, by reason of the The Third Sunday after frailty of our nature, we the Epiphany.

cannot always stand up

right; grant to us such THE COLLECT. strength and protection, as O THOU most holy and

may support us in all dan

gers, and carry us through perfect God, teach us to

all temptations, through love one another with pure Jesus Christ our Lord. hearts fervently ; to exer Amen. cise forbearance and forgiveness toward our ene

THE GOSPEL. mies; to recompense to no

Matt, viii. 23 34. man evil for evil; and to be merciful, as thou, Father in

AND when he was enheaven, art merciful. Grant

tered into a ship, &c. this, we humbly beseech he would departout of thee, in the name of Jesus

their coasts. Christ our Lord. Amen.


Rom. xiii. 1-7.
Matt. viii. 1 13.
WHEN he was come

LET every soul be subdown, &c. was healed ject, &c.

- honour to in the self same hour. whom honour.


Rom. xii. 16


BE not wise in your own conceits. &c.

overcome evil with good.

The Fifth Sunday after

the Epiphany. THE COLLECT. O LORD, we beseech thee to keep thy church


may ascribe

and household continually this hope, we may purify in thy true religion ; that ourselves even as he is they, who do lean only up- pure; that when he shall on the hope of thy heavenly appear again with power grace, may evermore be and great glory, we may defended by thy mighty be made like unto him power, through Jesus Christ in his glorious kingdom; our Lord. Amen.


blessing, and honour, and THE GOSPEL. glory, and power, to Him

who sitteth upon the throne, Matt. xiii. 24 - 30. and to the Lamb for ever

and ever.

Amen. THE kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man,

THE GOSPEL. &c. - but gather the

Matt. xxiv. 23 31. wheat into my barn. THE EPISTLE.

THEN if any man shall

say unto you, &c. Col. iii. 12 17.

from one end of heaven to

the other. PUT on therefore, as the elect of God, &c.

THE EPISTLE. giving thanks to God and 1 John, iii. 1 8. the Father through him.

BEHOLD, what manner of love, &c.


stroy the works of the deThe Sixth Sunday after

vil. the Epiphany


The Sunday called Septu

agesima, or the third O GOD, whose blessed

Sunday before Lent. Son was manifested, that he might make us the sons THE COLLECT. of God, and heirs of eternal life ; grant us, we be

GRANT unto us, O seech thee, that having merciful Father, resolution

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