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and constancy to persevere trust in any thing which we in the path of our duty to do; mercifully grant, that the end of our lives. Let by thy power we may be no prospect of danger de defended against all adverter us from doing that which sity, through Jesus Christ is right, nor any entice our Lord. Amen. ment of evil example tempt us to forfeit our hope of THE GOSPEL. immortality. Preserve us, we humbly beseech thee, Luke, viii. 4 15. from every evil way, and conduct us in the paths of

WHEN much people innocence and virtue to were gathered together, eternal life ; which we ask &c. bring forth fruit in the name and as disci with patience. ples of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


2 Cor. xi. 19 - 31. Matt. xx. 1 16.

YE suffer fools gladly, THE kingdom of hea &c. - knoweth that I ven is like unto a man, &c.

many be called, but few chosen.

lie not.

THE EPISTLE. The Sunday called Quin1 Cor. ix. 24 - 27. quagesima, or the next KNOW ye not, that

Sunday before Lent. they who run in a race, &c. I myself should be a

THE COLLECT. cast-away.

O LORD, who hast

taught us that all our doThe Sunday called Sexa- ings without charity are gesima, or the Second nothing worth; send thy Sunday before Lent. holy Spirit and pour into

our hearts that most excelTHE COLLECT.

lent gift of charity, the veO LORD God, who ry bond of peace, and of seest that we put not our all virtues; without which

whosoever liveth is counted fect remission and forgivedead before thee. Grant ness; through Jesus Christ this, O Lord, for thy mer our Lord. Amen. cy's sake in Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.


[blocks in formation]

Ash-Wednesday, or the

The First Sunday in Lent.
First Day in Lent.


O GOD, whose Son, ALMIGHTY and ever Jesus Christ our Lord, for lasting God, who hatest our sake, did fast forty days nothing which thou hast and forty nights; give us made, and dost forgive the

grace to use such abstisins of all those who are nence, that our flesh being penitent; create and make subdued to the spirit, we in us new and


may ever obey thy godly hearts; that we worthily motions in righteousness lamenting our sins, and ac and true holiness, to thy knowledging our wretched honour and glory, who ness, may obtain of thee, livest and reignest one God, the God of all mercy, per

world without end. Amen.

[blocks in formation]

WE, then, as workers together with God, &c. The Third Sunday in Lent.

yet possessing all things.

WE pray, o merciful
God, that all holy affections

may be established in our The Second Sunday in hearts, and that our lives Lent.

may be adorned with all

good actions; that while THE COLLECT. we live we may enjoy the

testimony of a good conALMIGHTY God, who

science, and the hope of seest that we have no pow

thy favour, and that after er of ourselves to help our- everlasting reward in the

death we may receive an selves; keep us both out

kingdom of heaven, through wardly in our bodies, and inwardly in our souls; that

thine infinite mercy, mani

fested unto us by Jesus we may be defended from all adversities which may

Christ our Saviour. Amen. happen to the body, and

THE GOSPEL. from all evil thoughts which may assault and hurt the Luke, xi. 14 - 26. soul, through Jesus Christ JESUS was casting out our Lord. Amen.

a devil, &c.

last state

of that man is worse than the first.


and then vanish

eth away.


Eph. v. 1 — 14.

The Fifth Sunday in Lent.

THE COLLECT. BE ye therefore followers of God, &c. Christ

WE beseech thee, O shall give thee light.

Father, who delightest in mercy, and art not willing that any should perish, to

grant unto us the pardon The Fourth Sunday in

of all our sins, and a joyful hope of thine approbation ;

and to assist us in forsaking THE COLLECT.

all our evil ways, and re

turning to the path of thy GRANT, we beseech commandments; that when thee, Almighty God, that our days on earth shall be we, who for our evil deeds finished, we may obtain do worthily deserve to be everlasting life, through punished, by the comfort Jesus Christ our Lord. of thy grace may mercifully Amen. be relieved, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus THE GOSPEL. Christ. Amen.

John, viii. 46 - 59.

JESUS said, Which of
John, vi. 1-14. you convinceth me of sin ?

&c. and went out of JESUS went over the

the temple. sea of Galilee, &c.

THE EPISTLE. that prophet who should come into the world.

Heb. ix. 11_15.


CHRIST, being come, James, iv. 8 - 14. a high priest, &c.

the promise of eternal inDRAW nigh to God, heritance.

The Sunday next before Good Friday.


ALMIGHTY God, we ALMIGHTY and ever

beseech thee graciously to lasting God, who of thy behold this thy family, for tender love toward man which our Lord Jesus kind, hast sent thy Son, our

Christ was contented to be Saviour Jesus Christ, to betrayed, and given up into take him our flesh the hands of wicked men,

upon and to suffer death upon

and to suffer death upon the cross, that all mankind the cross. And this we beg should follow the example in the name of our Mediaof his great humility; mer tor; through whom we cifully grant, that we may

ascribe unto thee all honour both follow the example of and glory, now and ever. his patience, and also be Amen. made partakers of his resurrection, through the ALMIGHTY and ever

Jesus Christ lasting God, by whose Spirit Lord. Amen.

the whole body of the church is governed and

sanctified ; receive our supTHE GOSPEL.

plications and


which we offer before thee Matt. xxvii. 154.

for all estates of men in thy

holy church, that every WHEN the morning member of the same, in his was come, &c.

Truly vocation and ministry, inay this was the Son of God. truly and faithfully serve

thee, through our Lord THE EPISTLE. and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Phil. ii. 4- 11.

LOOK not every man

who hast made all men, on his own things, &c. and hatest nothing that

to the glory of God, thou hast made, nor wouldst the Father.

the death of a sinner, but



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