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rather that he should be the gates of everlasting life;
converted, and live; have grant that we thy servants,
mercy upon all unbelievers having this hope, may purify
and heathen, and take ourselves even as he is
from them all ignorance, pure; and by continually
hardness of heart, and mortifying our corrupt af-
contempt of thy word; fections, may pass the grave
and so fetch them home, and gate of death, to our
blessed Lord, to thy flock, joyful resurrection; which
that they may be saved we ask as disciples of him,
among the remnant of the who died, and was buried,
true Israelites, and be made and rose again for us, thy
one fold under one shep- Son Jesus Christ our Lord.
herd, Jesus Christ Amen.
Lord. Amen.


John, xx. 1 10.
John, xix. 1-37.

PILATE therefore took THE first day of the Jesus, &c.

unto their look on him whom they

own home. pierced.


Col. iii. 1 -11.
Heb. x. 125.


then be risen with

Christ, &c.—but Christ THE law, having a sha

is all and in all. dow, &c.

as ye see the day approaching.

The First Sunday after

Easter Day.

THE COLLECT. THE COLLECT. O MERCIFUL God, by ALMIGHTY Father, whose power thy Son Jesus who hast given thine only Christ hath overcome Son to die for our sins, and death, and opened unto us to rise again for our justifi

They shall week, &c.

[blocks in formation]


THIS is thankworthy, 1 John, v.4-12. &c. — shepherd

and WHATSOEVER is bishop of your souls. born of God, &c.

he who hath not the Son, hath not life.

The Third Sunday after


The Second Sunday after THE COLLECT.

THE COLLECT. showest to those who are

in error, the light of thy ALMIGHTY God, who truth, to the intent that hast given thine only Son they may return into the to be unto us both a sa way

of righteousness; crifice for sin, and also an grant unto all those who example of godly life; are admitted into the felgive us grace, that we lowship of Christ's relimay always most thank gion, that they may avoid fully receive this inestima those things that are conble benefit, and daily en trary to their profession, deavour ourselves to follow and follow all such things

as are agreeable to the be fixed, where true joys same, through Jesus Christ

are to be found, through our Lord. Amen.

Jesus Christ our Lord.


John, xvi. 16


John, xvi. 5 15. JESUS said to his disciples, A little while, &c.

JESUS said unto his your sorrow shall be disciples, Now I go my turned into joy.

and show it

unto you.
1 Pet, ii. 11 17.


way, &c.

[blocks in formation]

THE COLLECT. O ALMIGHTY God, who alone canst order the unruly wills and affec O LORD, from whom tions of sinful men; grant

all good things do come; unto thy people, that they grant to us thy humble may love the thing which servants, that by thy holy thou commandest, and de- inspiration we may think sire that which thou dost those things that be good, promise ; that so among and by thy merciful guidthe sundry and manifold ing may perform the same, changes of the world, our through our Lord Jesus hearts may surely there Christ. Amen,


firming the word

word with John, xvi. 23 — 33. signs following. VERILY, verily, I say

FOR THE EPISTLE. unto you, &c.

I have

Acts, i. 1-11. overcome the world.

THE former treatise THE EPISTLE.

have I made, &c. in James, i. 22 27. like manner as ye have BE ye doers of the

seen him go into heaven. word, &c. unspotted from the world.

The Sunday after Ascen

sion Day. The Ascension Day.


O GOD, the King of GRANT, we beseech glory, who hast exalted thee, Almighty God, that

thine only Son Jesus we do believe thy

Christ with great triumph only begotten Son our unto thy kingdom in heavLord Jesus Christ to have

beseech thee ascended into the heav

leave us not comfortless;

but send to us thine holy ens, so we may also in heart and mind thither Spirit to comfort us, and ascend, and with him con

exalt us

unto the same tinually dwell, who liveth place whither our Saviour to make intercession for

Christ is gone before,

who liveth to make interus, at the right hand of God, for ever and ever.

cession for us at the right Amen.

hand of God for ever and

ever. Amen. THE GOSPEL. Mark, xvi. 14


John, xv. 26 xvi. 4. JESUS appeared unto the eleven, &c. con

WHEN the Comforter

like as




[blocks in formation]


GOD, who as at this

ALMIGHTY and evertime, didst teach the hearts lasting God, who hast of thy faithful people, by

given us thy servants grace, the sending to them the by the confession of a true light of thy holy Spirit; faith, to acknowledge the grant us by the same Spirit glory of thy eternal Godto have a right judgment head; we beseech thee in all things, and evermore

that thou wouldst keep us to rejoice in his holy com

steadfast in this faith, and fort, through Christ Jesus evermore defend

from our Saviour; in whose all adversities, who livest name we ascribe unto thee and reignestone God, all honour and glory now

world without end. Amen. and for ever. Amen.


John, iii. 1 15.
John, xiv. 15—31.

THERE was a man of JESUS said unto his the Pharisees, &c. disciples, If ye love me, should not perish, but have &c.

the Father eternal life.


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