Theosophical Path Magazine, January to June 1928

Katherine Tingley
Kessinger Publishing, 2003 M08 1 - 648 páginas
This volume contains the monthly editions of the Theosophical Path magazine from January through June 1928. An international magazine devoted to the brotherhood of humanity, the promulgation of theosophy, the study of ancient and modern ethics, philosophy, science, art and to the uplifting and purification of home and national life. Each issue is highly illustrated. Sample contents: The Third Eye; Voice of the Soul; Living Universe; Awakened Will; World Conference on International Justice; Those Who Only Half Live; What is Theosophy; Justice and Generosity; Man as Evolver; Hill of Tara; What is Originality; Higher and Lower Psychoanalysis; Reasoning by Analogy; and much more.

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