Genealogy of the Townsend Family

C.T. Rich, 1877 - 37 páginas
Thomas Townsend (d.1677), son of Henry Townsend, married Mary Newgate and emigrated from England to Lynn, Massachusetts in 1635. Descendants lived in New England, New York and elsewhere. Includes ancestors in England to about 1066 A.D.

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Página 8 - On the top of it, cut in marble, are the full length recumbent figures of himself dressed in full armor, and his lady in the costume of her day, while figures of his children surround the base of the tomb. Over the monument, built in the solid masonry of the chancel, is a beautiful gothic arch, and the family crest, a buck trippant, crowns the whole fabric, which is decorated with...
Página 12 - ... charges, and for bringing his body decently to the earth. This Henry Townsend or Townshend, for we find his name spelt in both ways, was buried at Gedding, co. Suffolk, Aug. 22, 1625, and the original copy of his will was delivered to his executor, Aug. 5, 1626. His third son Thomas was bom at Bracon-Ash, and after the sale of the Norfolk estates he resided at Gedding, co.
Página 9 - Hertford, and widow of Sir Humphry Styles, of Langly, sheriff of Kent, 1543, and one of the esquires of King Henry VIII. He was afterwards lord of the manors of Hethill, Pennes, Stanfield Hall, Carlton Curson, Carlton Peveral, and held interest in other manors and the advowson of the church of Bracon-Ash. He acknowledged the receipt of the Herring Pyes of the sheriff of Norwich, Sept. 4, 1576, and the year following Het-hillGreen was divided between him and that city.
Página 8 - Jan. 1, 1539. He was afterward made king's sergeant-at-law in 1541, and knighted by Henry VIII. at Hampton Court, on Trinity Sunday, 1545, and the same year made lord chief justice of Chester, in which post he was continued by both King Edward VI. and Queen Mary. He deceased on Feb. 8, 1555-6, possessed of the manor and rectory of...
Página 28 - Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the feelings of this association at the loss of their late associate, Dr.
Página 6 - Jan. 2, 1539, he attended the Duke of Norfolk at the marriage reception of King Henry VIII, and was knighted 1545, on the return of the king from Boulogne, and on the death of that monarch was commissioned to take care of the peace of the County Norfolk.
Página 3 - THE Townsend or Townshend families of England and America are of mixed Saxon and Norman origin and of great antiquity in the county Norfolk, England. Walter Atte Townshende, son of Sir Lodovic de Townshende, a Norman nobleman whom Collins "in his Peerage of England puts at the head of this family, flourished soon after the Conquest.
Página 8 - Cheyne of Gold." Sir Robert was of the Society of Lincoln's Inn in the early part of the reign of King Henry VIII., becoming as eminent as his ancestor in the study of law, and with his father attended the Duke of Norfolk at the reception of Lady Anne, daughter of John, Duke of Cleves, who married King Henry VIII., Jan. 1, 1539. He was afterward made king's sergeant-at-law hi 1541, and knighted by Henry VIII.
Página 6 - Raynham, and a new tomb to be made for her husband, and her bones, upon which tomb to be graven a sepulchre for Easter-day, if a chapel be not made at her decease, and if a chapel be made then she would be 'buried with her husband there. She appoints Sir Robert Clere, knt., her .executor, and her will was proved Oct.
Página 4 - Collins in his Peerage of England puts at the head of this family, flourished soon after the Conquest. This Lodovic it seems married Elizabeth de Hauteville, sole heir of Raynham, daughter of Sir Thomas de Hauteville, of the famous family of de Hauteville or Haville, which family at this time appear to have been a most important one.

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