Journal of the Senate of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia, 1908

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Página 284 - All city, town and village officers whose election or appointment is not provided for by this Constitution, shall be elected by the electors of such cities, towns and villages, or of some division thereof, or appointed by such authorities thereof, as the Legislature shall designate for that purpose.
Página 504 - The presiding officer of each house shall, in the presence of the house over which he presides, sign every bill that has been passed by both houses and duly enrolled.
Página 503 - On the final passage, in either house of the Legislature, of any act which imposes, continues or revives a tax, or creates a debt or charge, or makes, continues or revives any appropriation of public or trust money or property, or releases, discharges or commutes any claim or demand of the State, the question shall be taken by...
Página 592 - Every corporation heretofore chartered in this State, which shall hereafter accept, or effect, any amendment or extension of its charter, shall be conclusively presumed to have thereby surrendered every exemption from taxation, and every non-repealable feature of its charter and of the amendments thereof, and also all exclusive' rights, or privileges theretofore granted to it by the General Assembly and not enjoyed by other corporations of a similar general character; and to have thereby agreed to...
Página 100 - All taxes shall be uniform, upon the same class of subjects, within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax, and shall be levied and collected under general laws...
Página 504 - A bill may originate in either house, to be approved or rejected by the other, or may be amended by either, with the concurrence of the other. No bill shall become a law unless, prior to its passage, it has been : (a) Referred to a committee of each house, considered by such committee in session, and reported; (b) Printed by the house, in which it originated prior to its passage therein; (c...
Página 15 - The Governor may require information in writing, under oath, from the officers of the executive department and superintendents of state institutions upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices and institutions; and he may inspect at any time their official books, accounts and vouchers, and ascertain the condition of the public funds in their charge, and in that connection may employ accountants.
Página 111 - House shall be the clerk of the joint assembly, and shall be assisted by the Clerk of the Senate. He shall enter the proceedings of the joint assembly in the Journal of the House and shall certify a copy of the same to the Clerk of the Senate, who shall enter the same -on the Journal of the Senate. 4. The sergeant-at-arms, the doorkeepers and pages . of the House shall act as such for the joint assembly.
Página 12 - ... the reconsideration of any vote shall be in order after a bill, resolution, message, report, amendment, or motion upon which the vote was taken shall have gone out of the possession of the Senate...
Página 10 - When a question is pending no motion shall be received but— To adjourn, To adjourn to a day certain, or that when the Senate adjourn, it shall be to a day certain, To take a recess, To proceed to the consideration of executive business, To lay on the table, To postpone indefinitely, To postpone to a day certain, To commit, To amend; which several motions shall have precedence...

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