Biblical Nonsense: A Review of the Bible for Doubting Christians

iUniverse, 2005 - 216 páginas
The Bible is not the word of God.

Biblical Nonsense is a broad look at the tremendous problem of associating divinity with the world's most popular book. This part-philosophical, part-scientific overview explores the Bible's divine treachery, scientific mistakes, historical errors, false prophecies, and comical absurdities. Biblical Nonsense also expands beyond these standard reasons for skepticism by tackling the rationale behind the emergence and perpetuation of Christianity, psychological and sociocultural reasons that drive Christians to cling to their beliefs, and illogical methods of argumentation invoked in the defense of the Bible.

Author Dr. Jason Long is a former Christian who condenses the most significant biblical problems into this single volume. Unlike other books in the field that delve into only one topic, this manuscript, comprehensible even to those who have never opened a Bible, is a full-fledged attempt to demonstrate that God's supposed word is a product of human minds, not divine inspiration. Dr. Long's fresh experiences in the church and advanced levels of educational enlightenment make him the perfect individual to present this vehemently unpopular, yet undeniably appealing topic.

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How sad that an intelligent man and his followers set out to disrespect the truth of millions of people through the ages. From the title and the first lines of his book, I found it to be dripping with poison and hatred. I can only think that Jason and his disciples have been hurt in some way and have misguidedly turned their back on the truth.
Without God in my life I would certainly have died many years ago. Jason obviously believes in God but totally can not understand His mind, that can only be achieved by the impartation of Holy Spirit.
I ask The Lord now to enable Jason and his disciples to receive an impartation from Holy Spirit to reveal the truth.

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