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tion of Tyndal, Huxley, and Herbert Spencer, the confessed philosopher of the school of Evolutionary Science. They have boxed the compass, have by an evolution of centuries of speculative deduction from the phenomenal facts of science, returned to the old Greek doctrine of the eternity of matter; with this advantage, however, in favor of the ancient pagansthat they distinguished between an eternal matter and God as an eternal, personal Spirit. There are many scientific men who reverently accept the Bible and Christianity. I speak now of the philosophers of the Empirical school. Herbert Spencer professes to develop the philosophy of that school; and he scouts the Bible, Christianity, an atoning Savior, the Holy Ghost and a personal God. These two philosophic schools, notwithstanding that they enjoyed the advantage of the history of Greek philosophy, and the still more signal advantage of the conditions furnished by Christianity, have refused to profit by the errors of the one and the truths of the other, and have formulated the conclusion of either a disguised or an open Atheism. Here, then, we behold another prodigious sign of the times. Another "fulness of time” has been reached, the world by wisdom knows not God, and there is an imperative call for a new interposition of Christ. Oh, the patience and forbearance of God, which, after all He has done for our fallen race, endures the monsters who, frocked and capped as philosophers, blaspheme His Name and deny His Being ! Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly, and abate the horrible nuisance!

5. Another flaming sign of the times is the Lawless Radicalism, which manifests itself in Communism, Socialism, Anarchism, Nihilism. Not one word would

I say against the assertion of the just rights of the working-classes. Were they not so old, oppression and tyranny might be signalized, but they are not peculiar signs of our times. They are as old as the hills. But this fell Spirit fears not God, neither regards man. Not satisfied with the maintenance of republican rights, it inflames a “fierce democratic,” and threatens to tear down the pillars of God's throne, and to level to the dust every form of human government, secular and ecclesiastical. Despising every command of the Decalogue, in both its tables, obliterating the worship of God, sponging out the Sabbath, violating propertyrights, burning up the marriage covenant in the wild fire of passion, flouting the Mediatorial King whom God hath set upon His holy hill of Zion, its cry will be, Down with the Cross! and down with the Bible! Under its frenzied inspiration see how the masses fret and foam like an ocean lashed into fury. They are, in the figure of Scripture, a tumultuous sea with roaring waves. They will yet assert themselves. They will wipe out the Pope himself, for he is a government. The Beast that carries the woman arrayed in scarlet, and holding out the cup of her enchantments to the nations, will throw her down and trample her under its feet. Emerging from the seething crater of the mighty revolution, some great and wicked genius, elected by the plebiscite of the triumphant democracy, or. seizing the reins of empire by arbitrary will, will put himself at the head of innumerable hosts, and advance to the destruction of the church of Christ both in its Jewish and Gentile wings. Nor will his victorious career be checked, until on the fateful field of Armageddon, his pendent horsebridles are dabbled in tides of blood, and his hopes are sunk in the lake that burns with brim

stone and with fire. Such is the predicted doom of the supreme and final Antichrist.

Along with this, as cognate to it, may be mentioned another sign of the times—the fearful growth of Occultism, the hellish art of black magic and necromancy. Millions now profess Spiritualism as a religion. It cannot be laughed away, it cannot be sneered down, it cannot be explained away upon reputed scientific grounds. It is based in a natural craving of the human mind to read the dread secrets of the invisible world, and to hold communion with the dead. That departed human beings communicate with the so-called mediums is a delusion of the Devil. But demoniacal influence is a stern reality. As devils possessed the bodies and souls of men at the first advent, so may they exert an extraordinary and phenomenal power just before the glorious establishment of Jesus' millennial kingdom. The Scriptures lead us to expect it. Before that great Beast, the Antichrist already described, we are told that the False Prophet will work miracles. Not that they will be real, genuine miracles, for they can only be wrought by God's immediate efficiency and hence their value as divine credentials; but they will be counterfeits so ingenious that the masses of unbelievers will be imposed upon by them, and even the very elect, were it possible, would be deceived. Armed with this demoniacal, necromantic, magical support, the great Antichristian Beast will delude the superstitious peoples, and threaten to sweep all before him. Let none who fear God have anything to do with fortune-tellers and conjurers with the dead. The Word of God says that “sorcerers” shall have their part in the burning lake. The whole, wretched thing is of the Devil, and is a sign of Antichristian apostasy.

6. The only other sign of the times to which I shall briefly advert is the awful and monitory portents of nature.

The prophets and our blessed Lord himself lead us to look for them as signs of the crisis that is coming. It will be said, They have always occurred. This is utterly rash. There may be some that will be wholly new. But granted that others have taken place in the past, they may be intensified in degree, and multiplied in number. I allude to but one kind of them now. Let it serve as a sample. Jesus says that there shall be earthquakes in divers places. Do you say, Earthquakes have occurred all along in the past. Listen to this statement. From the year 1500 to 1800—three centuries—there were 2,804 earthquakes. From 1800 to 1882—little more than three-quarters of a centurythere were 6,637. Is not that significant? This poor, sin-cursed earth is groaning and travailing to be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God, and it is no marvel if natural portents indicate the approaching hour of her millennial redemption.

But enough! Yet a little while and he shall come, will come and will not tarry. Even so. Come, Lord Jesus! Amen.

From Canon Fausset’s article in the London Theological Monthly for February, 1889, who cites as authority Mr. Mallet, C. E.



Matt. xvi. 3: “O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times.)

In the discourse upon these words of the Lord Jesus, which was delivered on the last Sabbath, attention was directed to the signs of the times in the world at large. The face of the secular sky was scanned, and marked indications were discovered of the approach of a great, critical change in the world's history and attitude, which is the predicted forerunner of the Millennial period.

V. Let us now turn our gaze towards the signs of the times in the sphere of the Church.

In order to avert misapprehension and to secure definiteness, certain considerations need to be premised.

First, One who undertakes to discern and note the signs of the times in the ecclesiastical sky, and who is conscious of his own imperfections and sins, must shrink from assuming the office of a censorious critic of the Church, and deprecate being regarded in that light. He is no fierce inquisitor searching for grounds of accusation against the church, no un feeling prosecutor filing an indictment against her. On the contrary, if he follow the example of prophets and apostles and even of Jesus Himself, he will weep while he points out the sins of the church and warns her of the judgments which follow in their train. Like Jeremiah he will exclaim, “Oh, that my head were waters

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