Transatlantic Sketches in the West Indies, South America, Canada, and the United States

Smith, Elder & Company, 1869 - 405 páginas

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Página 242 - I have another and a far brighter vision before my gaze. It may be but a vision, but I will cherish it. I see one vast confederation stretching from the frozen North in unbroken line to the glowing South, and from the wild billows of the Atlantic westward to the calmer waters of the Pacific main, — and I see one people, and one language, and one law, and one faith, and, over all that wide continent, the home of freedom, and a refuge for the oppressed of every race and of every clime.
Página 376 - In a report upon the comparative view of the population of Boston in 1849 and 1850, made to the city government November, 1851, Dr. Jesse Chickering, after a most careful analysis of the births and deaths, states that " the most important result derived from this view is the fact that the whole increase of population arising from the excess of births over the deaths for these two years has been among the foreign population.
Página 266 - I cannot consent that my mortal body shall be laid in a repository prepared for an emperor or a king. My republican feelings and principles forbid it ; the simplicity of our system of government forbids it.
Página 78 - ... of the Baptist missionaries. It is the worst, because it is the most irremediable. Other evils and difficulties may yield to time, which may also diminish the influence of the Baptist missionaries, or produce successors of a more Christian character ; but long after their influence has ceased, its pernicious effect on the disposition of the people will remain. I entirely renounce the opinion which I at one time entertained, that they had done more good than harm. The good that they have done...
Página 96 - Men who, after a lengthened sojourn in these regions, return to Oman, throw away the surplus provisions brought from the African coast, burn their clothes and bedding, and for the first two or three months eschew society; a peculiar effluvium rendering them, it is said...
Página 238 - Wonderful river ! Connected with seas by the head and by the mouth, stretching its arms toward the Atlantic and the Pacific, lying in a valley which is a valley from the Gulf of Mexico to Hudson's Bay...
Página 237 - The river navigation of the great west is the most wonderful on the globe, and, since the application of steam-power to the propulsion of vessels, possesses the essential qualities of open navigation. Speed, distance, cheapness, magnitude of cargoes, are all there, and without the perils of the sea from storms and enemies. The steamboat is the ship of the river, and finds in the Mississippi and its tributaries the amplest theatre for the diffusion of its use, and the display of its power.
Página 341 - But appalling and startling as these have been in our past history, they are all surpassed in some respects by those perpetrated in the general election in the State, and especially in the City of New York, on the 3rd of November, 1868. " These frauds were the result of a systematic plan of gigantic proportions, stealthily pre-arranged and boldly executed, not merely by bands of degraded desperadoes, but with the direct sanction, approval, or aid of many prominent officials and citizens of New York,...

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