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Mountains—the far western outcropping of man in the Territory is apparently planthe Blue Ridge range which finds expres- ning to try for a claim. There is everysion not only in the hills of Kentucky and thing to gain and nothing to lose in this Tennessee, but in the Ozarks of Missouri lottery of Uncle Sam's. and Arkansas, before being apparent here. The prospect that the opening would In these mountains are minerals, hunting come next spring seems doomed to disparks, and considerable forest growths. appointinent. The progress of the allot

While the total amount of land to be ment and survey is so slow that it is opened is practically as large as the orig- probable that the date will not be earlier inal Oklahoma, the reduction by reason than August or September, 1901. When of the rough, untillable section reduces it it comes, there will be a sight worth seeing, fully one-third.

as it will be the last of the openings on so The reservation lies, all of it, west of a extensive a scale. line drawn north and south a little east of One fond dream animates the people the center of Kansas and Nebraska. Now who have accomplished so much in a there is a pretty well accepted sentiment single decade-Statehood. They cannot in those States that this line is about as understand why they should be denied far west as successful agriculture—mean- entrance into the sisterhood of commoning grain-raising as distinguished from wealths when the doors have been opened stock-raising or mixed farming-can be to so many less fitted in the essentials of carried on, one year with another. But material welfare. The new census shows the rainfall seems to be better distributed that Oklahoma now has a population and more generous in the same longitude greater than eight of the States of the as one goes south, so that this section Union, and only a few thousand less than has promise of good crop returns. Then five others. Even should the enabling it is held by those experienced in pros- act be passed at once and immediate pecting these new lands that the mountains Statehood be secured for Oklahoma turn back and temper the dreaded “hot alone, it would, with its present rate of winds ” which make the settler's summer growth, have at the time of securing it a anxious, and so allow the crops to come greater population than a dozen other to fruitage in greater protection on the States, some of which entered the Union prairies north of the range than elsewhere at the Nation's birth. Here are some in the prairie region. The lands are well comparisons: watered by small streams, and the soil is

Population. very fertile along the valleys—not notably Oklahoma..

398,245 so elsewhere. In the Indian pastures will


161,771 Montana.

243,289 be 480,000 acres of land, for which the


184,735 tribes have been offered by the cattlemen Nevada.

42,334 a rental of twenty cents an acre—a sum North Dakota.

319,040 that will give the Indians a good income.

Utah .

276,565 Vermont

343,641 In addition there will also be the income


92,531 from the lands taken in severalty, most of which will also be rented.

On the east of Oklahoma is another secThat the people of the West are eager tion also desirous of becoming a Statefor the new lands is evidenced by the the Indian Territory. There also are fact that men have been camped along being held Statehood conventions. Two the line since the spring of 1900. They parties exist in both Territories ; one advosupport themselves by working at times cating separate Statehood, the other favorand by hunting, meanwhile getting ready ing a union into one commonwealth. The for the run. White canvas-topped wagons double Statehood idea is most popular in are drifting southward here and there in the Indian Territory, where it is argued Oklahoma and the States to the north, that Oklahoma, with its experience and bearing more settlers. Many of the old organization in politics and its public buildOklahomans who are selling out expectings, would probably secure the capital as to secure new homes at the opening well as control the offices of the new State. believing that their other experience will Oklahoma naturally inclines toward single assist them materially. About every other Statehood, and points to the influence that

would accrue to a powerful commonwealth single or double, it must soon come, and such as the consolidation of the two will add to the already substantial condiwould form. The census gives the In- tions prevailing. dian Territory a population of 391,960, Not often may a land little more than so that the single State formed of both a decade from bare prairie present so would have not only an area of about marvelous a showing as does Oklahoma. seventy thousand square miles (a territory Gifted with a fertile soil, with varied as large as New York and West Virginia, riches beneath the surface and a favoring or as all the New England States with climate above it; touching the tropics on Delaware and New Jersey added), but a the one hand and the colder belt on the population of eight hundred thousand, other; settled by people who prefer pluck which is exceeded by only twenty-nine of to display and exalt industry above heroics, the forty-five States of the Union. So how can it fail to fulfill a glorious destiny ! strong a commonwealth, with the low taxes That it has a marvelous future its people sure to attend its management, would believe, and they await in confidence the attract capital and receive an advertise- coming years. They have certainly laid ment that would lift it rapidly upward in good foundations, and richly deserve all every department of business and social the prosperity and progress that can come development. But whether Statehood be to them.


A Unique Collection

By Coggeshall Macy
HERE is in Florence a little trat- there as by a wine-pot carelessly set down,

toria the advantages of whose the writing faded almost to vanishing by

location and the excellences of years—what book lover could deny shelter whose cookery are guarded secrets of its to so forlorn a tome? I counted out the patrons. The coziest seat is open to the few soldi that the hag at the stall deafternoon sun—and there is a keen chill manded, tucked the volume under my to the shadow at this season—and com- arm, and, shamefaced for my weakness, mands a prospect of the Bell Tower. It set off for my caffè at such a pace that, is but a step to a busy thoroughfare, al- for the only time in my life, I omitted to though a world removed from the rush stop in passing and gaze at the Gate and restlessness of the crowd. And the Beautiful that glorifies il mio bel San Giocoffee is very good.

vanni. Slinking into my accustomed I had come there one afternoon from place like a school-boy caught in a truthe neighborhood of Santa Maria Novella, ancy, I read in the volume leisurely. the region where the malign sprite that It was part verse, part prose. I turned besets spendthrifts spreads his most sub- the pages haphazard, conning the lines tle lures. Niellos, inlays, enamels, carved not without a sense of dim reminiscence, woods, brass sanctuary lamps, old tapes- and presently skipped along to the prose. tries, brocades, were . laid alike in vain The crabbed and well-nigh obliterated before me. I even shut my heart to a character puzzled me at first. With most fascinating old watch, with an elab- neither title, punctuation, nor division orately chased hunting-case, a painted into parts, the faint letters but slowly dial, and, in the back, a sweet-toned gong spelled a sense. At length the import of whereon a manikin of silver struck the the words dawned on me. I caught my hours with a tiny silver hammer. And, breath and turned the leaf quickly as if avoiding Scylla in the Via del Giglio, I needful of further proof of what I had fell into Charybdis opposite to San Lo- just read. The confirming words swam renzo.

before my eyes. I let the book drop open The trap for my ensnaring was a torn, upon the table and strove to collect my battered, vellum-bound manuscript. The

The dazed wits. I had found the letters of title-page and a good fourth part of the Boccaccio to Fiammetta ! text gone, the pages stained here and I cannot tell how long I remained thus stupefied. An old gentleman came into with the street paving, and led me up long the caffè quietly and seated himself at Aights of ill-lighted stairs. At the top of the table with me. I became aware of the house he ushered me into a room his presence suddenly, adding new fear to spacious even for an Italian apartment. my first amazement. I whipped the book The long wall opposite the doorway was under my coat and glared at the intruder covered with a magnificent tapestry. The until he looked up with a polite smile and other walls were lined with book-shelves asked :

to half their height. Above were pictures, “ Signor è virtuoso ?.

framed drawings and autographs, and a " Ah, no," I answered. “ The power miscellany of literary curios. The light is weak, and great alone the pleasure.'” streamed straight through the deep

He nodded recognition of the quotation embrasured windows-the sun was now and went on in his low, well-modulated sunk so low—and fell on a fountain in the voice :

middle of the room that plashed with “ But you read sometiiing of interest ?” soothing murmur on a small rockery.

“Only a fragmentary manuscript that I “It is fed from a running brook in picked up near the Medicean Palace,” I Arden," said my guide. And taking up said, with as careless a tone as I could a stone 'from the rockery, he continued : command; “I have not yet examined it “Such were the volumes of sermons the carefully."

good duke found there." The old man sipped his cappuccino si- I glanced up at the old man. His hair lently, and after a few moments looked up was grizzled but by no means white, his again. He must have had an eye com- beard of patriarchal length, and his compelling as the Ancient Mariner's, for piexion browned from exposure to wind knowing that I hoped vainly for a refusal and weather. His features were Oriental -I felt obliged to ask:

and his expression one of fine intelli“Would it interest you to look at it ?” gence. In his carriage, to be sure, there

At the first glimpse of the shriveled was a slight stoop, but his step was vigorbinding his expression softened as though ous and swift. His speech and manner he looked on a familiar sight, and he took were those of an accomplished man of the the book in his lank hand and caressed world. 'Feature, accent, nor address the pages with loving touch.

afforded a certain indication of either race “Ah, yes,” he said; "you will count or age. this a fortunate day. I also have not “On these shelves,” he said, going been without good luck in my time; and if toward the window wall, “ are the volumes you delight in such things, I have some I alluded to. These are Raphael's huntrifles at home-nella casa—that I can at dred sonnets ; this is the essay of the some time show you. Or if you have initial canti of the Divina Commedia now a little leisure ...?"

which the poet made in Latin before he I could not choose but hear, and I fol- trusted his genius to the vital Tuscan. lowed him out into the broad Cathedral And this, since you speak English, may Square.

interest you even more. It is Pepys's Afterward it all seemed to me confused romance • Love a Cheate. I pieced it as a remembered dream. I know not together from the scraps he made of the what streets we walked through. We manuscript. It was delicate work, for, you seemed to take a roundabout way. He see, he has written on both sides of the proke silence once only that I remember— paper.” in the Piazza dell'Annunziata. There, I handled the volume with eagerness, , pointing with a sweep of the hand at the trying to imagine how the lively Clerk of deai bambini that grace the facade of the the Acts persuaded himself to mutilate it Spedale degli Innocenti, he said:

that January night when he made all things “I always come by this way to look at even and clear in the world. He read it them. As I, they keep ever of one age.” over first, and found he “liked it well, and

We came at length into the Via Torta, wondered a little at myself at the vein at which preserves the curve of the walls the time I wrote it, doubting I cannot of the ancient amphitheater. There he do so well now if I would try.” Bound turned abruptly, pushing open a door flush into the volume were the songs " Beauty

Retire," “ It is Decreed,” " Gaze not on kindness. From this work some extracts
Swans,” and “Great, Good, and Just.” have been printed, but the volume itself is
The first two, my guide explained, were still in the manuscript. It is :
probably early copies of the originals in

BLOSSOMS OF THE SOUL. the Pepysian Library; but the others, the

A Wreath of Verse ; Original. only copies extant. • All the books on this wall," said the

By GIFTED HOPKINS. venerable collector, “are reputed lost. A youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown.-Gray. Those on the adjoining shelves are inter- I keep • Thoughts on the Universe,' by esting for a different reason.”

his friend Byles Gridley, near to it. He put into my hands another manu- “ These are principally dramatic works. script, written in Latin, in a delicate This, The Faithful Fool, A Comedy, seventeenth-century hand on the finest as it was performed by Her Majesty's paper. It was entitled : Utraque manus Servants. By a Person of Quality. Lonin benedicendo clericus inferioribus neces- don, 1712,' is blotted with ink, as you saria est.

see, and has many era: ures and interpola“ The thesis of Aramis !" I exclaimed. tions, stage directions for the most part,

“Even so," answered the librarian. in the author's autograph. There were “ These are the books not written them- nine copies sold, I believe, before Colonel selves but written about in other books. Esmond had the rest of the impression Here, for example, are some choice speci- burned. This prompt copy he took with mens of English divinity. The sermons him to Virginia. And with it is 'Carpeof Parson Adam and those of the Rev. zan,'a tragedy by his American grandson, Charles Honeyman, published at the George Warrington. In the same volume request of his congregation. And that is the drama adapted from the French by sweet tract, · The Washerwoman of Finch- Nicholas Nickleby, and the pamphlet of ley Common,' by Lady Emily Sheepshanks, sixty-four pages on the character of the sister-in-law to Sir Pitt Crawley, the Nurse's deceased husband in “Romeo and younger. This is a monograph on mo- Juliet ’ by Mr. Curdle, containing on the nogamy by the Rev. Dr. Primrose; and fly-leaf the invitation to Nicholas to read these, Ned Softley's poems with an intro- Shakespeare with him for three hours duction by Addison, charming for its veiled every morning before breakfast. irony. Here, also, are the

of " Around the corner are books whose Reginald Bunthorne and the lyrics of associations give them an added value. Archibald Grosvenor.

This little gem, . On the Malleability of “Here are the novels of David Copper- Fire,' is the treatise Dr. Gulliver picked field, and beside them · The Cantatrice' up in the Academy of Lagoda. And the and “The Man of Two Minds,' by Diana quarto yonder on the second shelf is Warwick. Of “Walter Lorraine,' Pen- Shallow's · Book of Songs and Sonnets.' dennis's first novel, I was fortunate to get It cost me only four shillings, although he the copy that belonged to his uncle the valued it at more than forty. Next to the Major. Calf elegant, and the pages not right is the Book of Riddles' he lent to all cut, you observe. This is · The Pil- Mistress Shortcake upon Allhallowmas, grim's Scrip,' by Sir Austin Feveral, a a fortnight afore Michaelmas. The colpresentation copy to Diaper Sandoe. The lection of tales of chivalry below was brochure at your hand is the famous paper made by the Knight of La Mancha. entitled “Speculations on the Sources of “ Over this book Mrs. Battle sometimes Hampstead Ponds, with Some Observa- unbent her mind after a hand at whist. tions on the Theory of Tittlebats,' com- And this book of verses is said to be so municated by the immortal Pickwick at excellent that, in addition to its charm, a an early meeting of the club that bears jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and One his name. These are the poems of Miles singing in the Wilderness were enough Coverdale, and these the collected works to transform it into Paradise for the of Miss Bunion, Heartstrings,' “The Astronomer-Poet. Brutus read in this Deadly Nightshade, Passion Flowers,' book the night before Philippi. The leaf and • The Orphan of Gozo,' cut up by is turned down where he left reading. Mr. Rigby in the Quarterly with his usual And this ancient jest-book is that Polonius


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gave his daughter to read, that show of goldsmith's daughter and a protegée of such an exercise might color her loneli- Hans Sachs. The file of the Gazette de ness. It contains the original version Hollande was given me by the Flying of Squire Hardcastle's story, · The Old Dutchman. Grouse in the Gunroom.'

Pray give a moment's attention to the “ The set in uniform binding is Colonel pictures. The angel in the style of Giotto Newcome's traveling library: Boswell's was drawn by Dante on the first anniverJohnson, Cæsar and Tacitus, both with sary of Beatrice's death. I had it from translations, the Spectator, Don Quixote, the poet's last patron, Guido da Polenta, and Sir Charles Grandison.

the uncle of Francesca da Rimini. That “ Just to your right—there—the water is her Galleotto' just below; beside stained volume. It is Prospero's Book Dante's ' Æneid.' of Magic, the only volume remaining of “ The architectural drawing is the the library he thought dukedom large design for the facade of the Duomo here enough. The next folio, in Nostradamus's in Florence that Andrea del Sarto erected handwriting, is the work on necromancy during the fêtes upon the arrival of Leo X. that once belonged to the learned Dr. in 1515. The other drawings have merely Faust; and the third is the Book of a personal interest. I sometimes sit as Michael Scott. The cover is still stained model to my friends. That sketch of me with the blood of William of Deloraine. is by Titian-simply a study for the more

“The Gibbon, in eight volumes, red and finished work opposite. gold, purple ribbon in every volume to “ The bust that so resembles Praxiteles's keep the place where you left off, is (of Faun is by an American who some time course) the copy read aloud to Mr. Boffin since lived at Rome-Kenyon. It is a by Silas Wegg.

portrait of the then Count of Monte Beni. “ Here is an odd work, inspired equally “ These are principally modern English by Apollo and by Ceres : ' Le Poète-Rotis- paintings. This, a charming 'Oberon and seur.' 'Tis written by one Ragueneau, Titania,' by J. J. Ridley ; it comes from at one time candle-snuffer of Molière's the Earl of Kew's collection. This is theater. The critical preface by Cyrano de Bagot's · Moon Dial,' and these, soldierBergerac is a masterpiece. The adjacent sketches by Heldar. He unfortunately volumes are the poems of Lucien de became blind, you know, just as he began Rubempré.

to do better work. “In this corner are mostly modern “ Will the light allow you to examine works. Sardonyx,' Josslyn's clever tale; this autograph? It is almost faded out, Sherlock Holmes on Tobacco-Ashes, a and never

was more than a scribbled typical recent scientific monograph, com- memorandum. If I bring it nearer to the pact, concise, and comprehensive. For window-o. A man can smile and the contrast, I have put it beside an old- smile and be a villain.' Most interestfashioned bit of historical writing, · The ing, is it not? It lay hidden in the History of the Punjaub,' by Colonel Sir Danish archives for years, and then passed William Dobbin, C.B.'

to the University Council at Wittenberg, “ These legal commentaries are the where I found it when I studied there. ones turned over by Bellario and Portia. “ This goblet, parcel-gilt, comes from The bond that involved the famous suit the Dolphin chamber of the Boar's Head is inserted in the first of those volumes. Tavern in Eastcheap. 'Twas upon it For that little book, which then lay in his Falstaff swore upon Wednesday in Whitchamber window, Benedict sent a boy to sun week, when the Prince broke Sir fetch it to the orchard. That is a copy John's head for liking his father to a singof the works of Walther von der Vogel. ing-man of Windsor, as Mistress Quickly weide, long owned by the family Von Sto!- was washing the wound, to marry her and zing, a noble Franconian house. The last make her my lady his wife. The salver, of the race settled in Nuremberg, where by the Florentine, Benvenuto Cellini, is he married Fräulein Evchen Pogner, a that whereon Rowena's muffins were

served by a kneeling page, she having I The collector has doubtless added by this time T. Sandys's books " On Women" and " The Wandering chosen this breakfast cate since royaı Child," which had not yet been written when I saw this

Alfred baked these cakes; at least so it strange library.

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