Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board of Agriculture, Volumen53

Vols. for 1889-1894, 1906-1912 issued with the Annual report of the Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station; vols. for 1895-1905 issued with the Annual report of the Hatch Environment Station of the Massachnusetts Agricultural College.

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Página 118 - ... unfavorable for normal plant development. A very dry summer affects the normal growth of vegetation, and if a warm and unusually wet fall follows such a period the plant will go into the winter resting stage under abnormal conditions, and may therefore possess little power of resistance to cold. Some of the conditions which underlie winterkilling are as follows: — Severe cold, causing frost to penetrate to a great depth. Sudden and severe cold following a prolonged warm spell in the fall, in...
Página 176 - ... portray in rather great detail the steps which made possible a successful research and then attempt to show the dividends which are accruing and which for years will accrue from such work. Beginning in the spring of 1918, the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station, in cooperation with the Bureau of Plant Industry of the United States Department of Agriculture, undertook a cooperative research on the transmission of the so-called mosaic disease of the potato. The disease had been definitely recognized...
Página 148 - Havelock breaking their way thro' the fell mutineers! Surely the pibroch of Europe is ringing again in our ears ! All on a sudden the garrison utter a jubilant shout, Havelock's glorious Highlanders answer with conquering cheers...
Página 148 - Sick from the hospital echo them, women and children come out, Blessing the wholesome white faces of Havelock's good fusileers, Kissing the war-harden'd hand of the Highlander wet with their tears ! Dance to the pibroch ! — saved ! we are saved ! — is it you? is it you ? Saved by the valor of Havelock, saved by the blessing of Heaven ! ' Hold it for fifteen days ! ' we have held it for eighty-seven ! And ever aloft on the palace roof the old banner of England blew.
Página 10 - June 30, 1902; that we have found the same well kept and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the Treasurer of the United States are shown to have been...
Página 154 - EVENING SESSION. The evening session was called to order at 8 o'clock by...
Página 189 - ... not been heavily manured and had not been limed for more than twenty years. When the experiment was begun, all plots were limed at the rate of 2,000 pounds of ground limestone per acre. The plots also receive annually an application of minerals (acid phosphate and muriate of potash) at the rate of 400 pounds of acid phosphate and 200 pounds of muriate of potash per acre. No nitrogenous fertilizers are used. Tests made of samples of soils collected from these plots in the spring of 1913 show a...
Página xix - ... the cultivated pansy has been observed in several localities in Massachusetts, which has been found to be caused by a hitherto undescribed fungus. In at least one instance the disease has shown itself to be a very destructive one, and a consideration of its economic importance will be found in the annual report of the Hatch Experiment Station of the Massachusetts Agricultural College for 1898.
Página 23 - Muriate of potash, •23,14* 19,449 23,729 20,344 nitrate, carbonate and silicate. Each is applied annually to the same plot, and all are used in such amounts as to furnish equal potash to each plot. In the quantities employed the different salts supply annually actual potash at the rate of 165 pounds per acre. All plots are equally manured with materials furnishing fairly liberal amounts of nitrogen and phosphoric acid.
Página 54 - Great Eastern Grass and Oats Fertilizer. The American Agricultural Chemical Co. (Pacific Guano Co., branch), Boston, Mass. : • — • Pacific High-grade General. Pacific Potato Special. Soluble Pacific Guano. Pacific Nobsque Guano, The American Agricultural Chemical Co. (Packers' Union Fertilizer Co., branch), Rutland, Vt.

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