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Página 8 - No contract or order, or any interest therein, shall be transferred by the party to whom such contract or order is given to any other party, and any such transfer shall cause the annulment of the contract or order transferred, so far as the United States are concerned. All rights of action, however, for any breach of such contract by the contracting parties, are reserved to the United States.
Página 2 - Payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and each of us, our, and each of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators jointly and severally, firmly by these Presents.
Página 4 - June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and seven, shall not exceed ten thousand dollars; and that the Secretary of War shall each year, in the annual estimates, report to Congress the number of persons so employed, their duties, and the amount paid to each.
Página 5 - It shall be the duty of the heads of the several Executive Departments...
Página 4 - ... expenses of expresses to and from the frontier posts and armies in the field ; of escorts to paymasters and other disbursing officers, and to trains where military...
Página 4 - Chief clerk, two thousand dollars; four clerks of class four; two clerks of class three; three clerks of class two; three clerks of class one; one clerk, at one thousand dollars: one assistant messenger; and two laborers; in all, twenty-three thousand two hundred and forty dollars.
Página 3 - States, one-half thereof to be presently applied to the liquidation of the interest paid and to be paid by the United States upon the bonds so issued by it as aforesaid, to each of said corporations severally, and the other half thereof to be turned into the sinking fund hereinafter provided, for the uses therein mentioned.
Página 5 - Government bonds (to be adjusted in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Court in cases decided under such landgrant acts), but in no case shall more than fifty per centum of the full amount of...
Página 3 - ... repeated his call, and if there be no other possible means of preventing his escape, the sentinel will fire upon him. The following will more fully explain the important duties of a sentinel in this connection: (CIRCULAR.) • WAR DEPARTMENT, ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE, Washington, November I, 1887.
Página 15 - An act making appropriations to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and for prior years, and for other purposes.

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