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Of liberty, and thro' the peopled earth,
Unbar the dungeons of captivity.

[Exeunt. Scene, the Governor's House.

Gonsalvo and ABDALLAH.
Gons. My daughter not return'd ?

. She's coming, sir. Gons. Say, I would speak with her. (Exit AB

DALLAH.) 'Tis now unlucky
I ever promised her to Florio ;
I was too sudden in my resolution:
The wise make no resolves — for still to-morrow
Laughs at the cunning purpose of to-day,
And man's the slave of circumstance. (Enter ALMANZA.)

Well, girl,
What think you of our Indian prisoner ?
Could you not love him ?

Yes, my father,
As I love all men, charitably love him;
But never with that fulness of the heart,
Which can love only one — He has a wife, sir,
Gons. Hè may divorce her.

Why then he shall not. Gons. How ?

Alm. Be not angry, sir. I have been ever
A most obedient child; from memory's dawn'*

* This speech is transferred from The Curfew.

I've hung with silent awe upon your lips,
And in my heart your counsels treasured up;
Next to the hallow'd precepts of my God:
But with a new delight my bosom throbb’d,
When first you talk'd of Florio. — You said, sir,
He was a handsome, youth - I thought so too
A brave one; my heart beat with fearful joy.
You said he was not rich, I heav'd a sigh
And turn’d my head; but whilst the struggling tear
Stood in my eye, you swore that fortune's gifts
Were mean compar'd with nature's - Then, my father,
You bad me learn to love him.

Once indeed
I had a foolish dream of such a thing.

Alm. Oh, but I dream so still.

'Tis time to wake then.

Well, sir, why break you in with that pale face?
There lives a wild impatience in your looks,
To utter horrid tidings — Speak !

Your son!
Gons. Well; what of him? Is he made pris'ner,

speak; Orfallen from his horse ? the worst, and quickly.

Gasp. Near to the line which parts us from the


We rous'd a stag, which soon o'erleapt the boundary.
Hot in pursuit, disdaining to be foil'd,
Your son press'd boldly on, and bade us follow.
Young Florio gave his willing steed the rein,
And Perez and myself spurr'd panting after,
I being far the hindermost. - Soon the rest
Became entangled in a reedy swamp,
Where, whilst they plung'd to extricate themselves,
A swarm of Indians with an hideous yell
Sprang from the woods, and made them prisoners.

Gons. And thou didst fly, didst basely fly, to save Thy coward life.

Gasp. Perhaps to save my master's :
I thought my flight, for they were arın’d and many,
Might do him service : nor without much peril
Did I achieve my purpose; for their arrows,
Like swarming adders, hiss’d around to sting me.
Gons. Well, well; their chief is in my power.

Confusion !
Should he have left the prison.

'Tis even so;
He left it, sir, with me.

He has escap'd then. Alm. No, I would pledge my soul upon his honour. Gons. Summon the soldiers ! Pedro, which way

went he?

Did no one mark him? Quick! a guard! You, Gaspro,
Must guide us to the Indians. Beat the drum
Upon the ramparts. I'll not trust his honour:
No, nor the mercy of these savages.
Saddle another horse for Gaspro. Come,
We'll hunt them to their hiding-place. Away!

[Exeunt all but ALMANZA.
Alm. Florio a prisoner with the Creeks! Alas!
There is no time to pause then. I can find
The path which Raymond took : and to disguise
The better both my quality and country,
I?ll paint my face: and to have borrow'd plumes,
I'll buy the dress of the poor Indian girl
That waits upon me. Thus apparell’d, boldly,
Should I miss Raymond, I will seek out Zoa.
Courage, my heart! My body is but small;
Yet feel I here within a braver spirit
Than these frail limbs will vouch for. Then, adieu !
My unkind father: yet I leave you not
Till your affection has forsaken me.


Scene, the Creeks. FERNANDEZ, FLORIO, and

PEREZ, bound.

Fern. Peace, Florio.

Flor. Every man, you know, is allowed to make his own funeral oration. You, sir, I presume, (to TELICO) are master of the ceremonies to this Indian auto da fe.

Tel. Well !

Flor. Now, though I have been always very strongly of opinion that I should die one time or other, I can't say that I feel completely reconciled to this mode of making my exit.

Fern. Can't you be quiet ?

Flor. In the first place, my constitution is always extremely incommoded by excessive heat: then I've such a natural aversion to pain, that I shall disgrace your entertainment, and roar most confoundedly: therefore, sir, if you would administer water to us instead of fire, or at all events give us a little of both; or if you would do us the favour to dispatch us in a gentlemanly christian-like manner, by breaking us on the wheel, or hanging, or à la Turque, by the bowstring, or impaling us alive, we shall feel the obligation as long as we remain in this world; and do all the good offices we can for you in the next. Tel. Unloose that man.

(Pointing to PEREZ, whom they unbind.) Flor'. So, Perez is to be cook'd first. Well, it's

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