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Governor's House.
Gonsalvo as returning from the pursuit of the In-

dians, with Attendants.
Gons. It is in vain — My rage is idly spent,
Wild as the wind that o'er the desert sweeps.
My heedless boy! Oh, should this Indian scape me,
It may go hard with thee — (Enter a Messenger.)

He's here. Gons.

The Indian ?
Raym. (Entering.) Stand by, and let me pass.
Gon. Then all is well.
Raym. You see I keep my word, sir,

Gons. You may have heard
My son, another Spanish gentleman,
And their attendant, by your savage tribes,
Have been most basely seiz'd,

Raym. What, by the Creeks?
Gons. Yes, and are now detain'd

Raym. As prisoners, sir ?
Seiz'd without provocation, and unarm’d.

Gons. Ay, as they hunted

Raym. 'Tis a grievous fault,
In savage Indians most unpardonable :

Had they been Spaniards, who to serve their turn,
Had kidnapp'd an unciviliz'd Creek,
Whilst they held out to him the right hand of friend-

Something might have been said:- but for rudeCreeks,
Excuse me whilst I hang my head and blush,
That they should so forget humanity. -

Gon. I understand your sneer; but mark me, sir,
If they but scratch my boy - observe me well,
If they draw from him but one drop of blood;
Thou shalt be rack'd and tortur'd, till thy groans
Have reach'd the topmost note of agony.

Raym. Gnats and musquitoes.

Mark me well,
Thou shalt be years in dying.

PEREZ. (Entering.) Where's the governor,
Gon. Ha! what bringest thou? out with thy horrid

It cannot be more dismal than thy looks;
Nor can my cheek grow paler with the news,
Than thine is in the bearing it. Proceed

Per. Thy son and Florio,
Gons. They are dead go on.'
Per. I hope not so. ...
Gons. . -- And yet thou fear'st it, speak."
Per. We were made prisoners.


Gons. Psha! what follow'd ? quick

Per. They bound and led us deep into the wood,
Where, after a short council of their chiefs,
We were brought forth —

Gon. Proceed, I am prepard;

Per. Deep in the earth, the fatal stakes were driv'n, And their wild shouts promiscuous fill’d the air; When starting from the rest, a chief advanc’d, They call'd him Telico. — Raym. Why, then, 'tis done.

Per. On meheglar'd, and roar'd“Unloose his bonds.".
Then “Get thee quick to horse, and look not back,
Or death will overtake thee: tell your master
That for our captive chief, his son shall die;
Go tell him," (and he whirled a lighted brand,
With savage exultation in the air)
o Tell him that Telico, I, lit the fire.”
Hoping they might suspend their damned rights,
I sprung upon my steed and spurr'd him hard ;
But, as I bore the tidings fleetly on, -
The savage war-song burst upon mine ear;
And oft between
Gons. Proceed, I know the worst.
Per. The shriek of agony -

Gons. Then they are dead -
Go ring the alarum - summon all the troops.

Hold, 'tis too late I rave - It cannot be —
'Twill but redeem their half-consumed bones.
Merciless devils ! -- Men! No, they are devils —
Without a cause to murder in cold blood !
Yet thou art in my gripe, and I will plague thee.

Raym. Will that revive them ? will my flowing Rlood their empty veins replenish? will my groans, (If I should groan) erect the ear of death ?

Gons. Bear him to prison.

You may extinguish life,
But cannot give it e'en unto the worm,
Which your poor malice tramples on. [Exit guarded.

Gons. (After a pause.) Abdallah, I do but call, and thou art quick as thoughts To do thy master's bidding. - I have mark'd ... Thy forward zeal, and will reward thee. – What, If I should give thee liberty (He falls at the Gover

nor's feet.),

Nay, rise.
Abd. What, make me free?
Gons. I do not jest; once more
I'll put thine honest service to the proof,
And having done the thing, thou’rt free as air.

Abd. Name it, that I may fly. What is it? Quick!
Gons. To kill this Indian.
Abd. (After a struggle.) My liberty ?


For ever.

Murder him ? (Aside.) Shall I go back to my own country, sir ?

Gons. Ay.

Abd. Once more behold the spot Where I was born; and when I die, be buried Where all my father's sleep. And yet, to kill him

(Aside.) Gons. Are you resolved ? Abd.

Well -- how ? Gons.

When he's asleep A single blow dispatches him.

Abd. I'll do it.
Gone. Or you may drug his cup.
Abd. That will be better.

Quick, then, to thy task;
And when it shall be whisperd in mine ear
That thou hast thrown his carcase in the sea,
I am no more thy master.

I'll about it. [Exit.

Yet what avails it me when he is gone? .
I am at most a miserable man;
A tree that put two blooming branches forth,
Of which the nobler is for ever wither'd,
And that which livés grows crooked and perverse,

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