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determined to make love to the first woman he meets, what bave you to do but, if you should like him, to fall in love with the first man you meet.

Alm. Will you be my lover then ?
Flor. With the greatest pleasure.
Alm. But will you be my husband too ?

Flor. Husband! Pray, madam, how long do marriages last in your country ?

Alm. No longer than affection.

Flor. Why that in most European states would be a very reasonable time: pray how long is it here?

Alm. Only till death.

Flor. Umph—that is rather an unreasonable time; but if you and I should marry, will it be necessary we should like together so long?

Alm. Oh, no! by no means.

Flor. I'll be passionately fond of you whilst I stay in this part of the country.

Alm. I shall expect no more.

Flor. And you will be content to take me upon those terms?

Alm. Most gladly.

Flor. Upon my soul the women here understand common sense.

(Aside.) Alm. But you must leave me now. Flor. Leave you ?

Alm. Yes, immediately.
Flor. But when shall I see you again ?
Alm. To-night, perhaps; if not, early to-morrow.
Flor. Nay, let it be to-night.
Alm. Well, well, but leave me now.

Flor. This is confoundedly tantalizing. (Aside.) Farewell, I forget your name tho'.

Alm. Abacoa.

Flor. Abacoa: a very pretty name. We must part in the European fashion. (Kisses her.) Who would suppose her to be a Catabaw by the taste of her lips.

(Exit. Alm. alone. This may produce excellent sport, but now to rest. I'll dream of some device to punish him for thus letting me seduce him from myself.


Scene, a Prison.

RAYMOND sleeping.--ABDALLAH enters with a dagger,

and listens. Abd. Soundly he sleeps : the blow were easy now, yet should I strike amiss and wake him. Ha !

[He retires. RAYMOND starts from his sleep. Raym. Away; I will not go: unlock my hand,

For thou art death. Am I awake? amazement !
'Twas but an apparition, one of those
That rouse the sleeping faculties of man,
To mock his waking apprehension.
I have beheld in my distemper'd rest
Forms of all shape and colour, but a thing
So grossly palpable to sight as that:
Never brush'd off oblivion from my lids.
What lurking friend art thou ? (Seeing ABDALLAH.)

It is Abdallah,
The slave who waits on you. Pray now employ me,
Do you want nothing ? Let me fetch you drink.

Raym. 'Tis strange you should intrude your offices, And, like a worm, crawl to be trod upon.

Abd. What can I do?

If you will be a slave
I would have drink: my tongue cleaves to my palate,
A glass of water, and I'll thank thee, fellow.
Abd. Now then, or never.

(Aside.) Raym.

How the rogue bestirs him.
(ABDALLAH returns, and brings poison in wine.)
Raym. That is not water.

No, 'tis wine, 'twill cheer Thy sinking heart, and make it dance with joy.

Raym. I will have none on't, 'tis the damned juice That makes fools ideots, and the quick-brain'd mad.

Your European poison, well no matter. (Takes the
What is the reason that you tremble thus ? cup.)
And your teeth chatter, and the sweat starts from thee,
Your knees each other smite, your eyes draw inward,
Your woolly locks uncurl and stand erect.
What ails thee fellow ?

Abd. (Trembling.) Nothing.

Then 'tis so. (Aside.)
What's in the cup? It is a damned draught,
And I will pledge thee.

(ABDALLAH falls prostrate.)

Poison, on my life.
(ABDALLAH kneels in a supplicating posture.)
Raym. Kneel not to me.

Oh, yes ! till you forgive me. Raym. Who set you on? the governor? 'twas he, He promis'd thee reward ?

Abd. Yes, great reward, my liberty.
Raym. Poor fellow!

Abd. He told me I should see again my country,
That I should die at home, and lay my bones
Beneath the tree I planted.

I forgive thee.
To have escap'd from thy condition,
And be a man again, I might have done
Deeds borrible to think on. I forgive thee.

Come, give me drink, I do not fear thee now.
See that it be pure water from the spring.

(ABDALLAH goes out.) This governor to steal man's birthright from him, And bribe him with't to shed his fellow's blood.

(ABDALLAH returns.)
Ay, this looks well—thy tread is firm and even,
Thou bear’st thyself erect, thine hand is steady:
There's honest gratulation in thine eye:
Here is no poison. Each proud look and gesture
Pourtrays the noble image of a man,
Who holds the cup of comfort to his fellow.
Pleasure may dance in her full cup of wine,
Health sparkles here. (Drinks.) But will the go-

vernor Forgive thee too ? Abd.

If you would trust me.
Raym. Well. (ABDALLAH opens a trap door.)
Where does that lead ?

Abd. Out on the shore.
Those who have died here -

Raym. Or been murder'd ?
Abd. Ay, their bodies this way have been carried

And thrown at midnight in the sea. The dead

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