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Have found a passage herè, why not the living,
If you would trust me ?
Raym. Lead, I'll follow thee.

(ABDALLAH gives him a dagger.).
Abd. Take this, it is a better pledge than words.
If I prove false you know to sheath it right.
Tarry a moment here, I'll bring a light. (Exit.

Raym. If this should be an after plot of murder,
The first act having fail'd — yet why bring light
To do a deed of darkness, or why arm
My arm with vengeance if his thoughts are evil ?

(ABDALLAH enters with a torch.) Abd. Now, are you ready? Raym. Down, I'll follow thee.

(As they descend.) Abd. The way is dark and narrow. Raym. Quick, proceed. I will not shrink.


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Soene 1st. – A Wood; on one side the habitation of


Raym. No further, yonder is my hut: return
To tell Gonsalvo you have done the deed,
And with to-morrow's sun, salute me here.
Farewell !-at sunrise

I'll be here before :
I shall not sleep for thinking that to-morrow
Will make me free.

Raym. Why what a heart must that Gonsalvo have?
Who from thy body would erase God's image,
And fix the weight of murder on thy soul.
Now will I gently steal upon my love,
And wake to wand'ring rapture all her senses.
How, there are two? the other sleeps whilst Zoa
Hangs in such carnest contemplation o'er her
As she would read her dreams: and see, she weeps,
As if in pity: 'tis not so, for now
In scorn she brushes off the struggling tears,
And with a frown upbraids them.
What can this mean? there is some horrid mischief

In her quick motions and disordered looks,
I'll watch the working on't. [Enters the hut.

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Scene 2d. The inside of the hut,

ALMANŻA asleep, Zoa (as listening.) Zoa.

Now, all is still: Yon moon approves the deed, else in the clouds That float around she'd hide her conscious head : No hour so meet as midnight's breathless pause, No altar like the couch she would defile, Nay now perhaps, in her adulterous dreams, She thinks on Raymond. - I will wake her first, Halloo her name, that startling from her sleep She may confess herself, and leave no doubt That this is her true image.—Hoa, Almanza! Al

manza, hoa ! Alm. Who calls ?

(Starting up.) Zoa.

'Tis I; awake, And take such greeting as the wife of Raymond Should give to Raymond's friend.

(She lifts her hatchet to strike.) Raym. (Holding her hand.) Woman, art mad ? Alm. Would she have killed me ?

Ay, I am not mad, It is the governor's daughter, is it not ?

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Alm. It is, indeed.
Raym. Amazement !

Nay, 'tis she,
Your prison comforter, look not so strange,
“ It is a place well suited to her sex;"
And when she could not bless thee with herself,
You had this painted likeness of her still
To soothe the pangs of absence.

Raym. (Snatches the picture.) What is this?
Zoa. The thing you gave to Telico.

'Tis false; I never saw it, by my soul, till now.

Zoa. You gave't him not?
Raym. Never.

Alm. It is the picture which I gave to Florio.
When he departed for the chace to-day,
He wore it round his neck.

Zoa. Nay, are you sure?

Alm. Very, for when at distance he took leave, He press’d it to his heart, and rais’d it thence To meet his lips, which bow'd to do it homage: Then sprung upon his steed and hurried off. Zoa. (After a pause.) I will not live then.

(Snatching up the hatchet.) Alm.

Nay, 'twas madness, all Your senses were disordered.

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Talk not of it,
The bare suggestion now is freezing horror.
The perpetration-no, I will not live,
Cover me, night, with thy obscurest hell,
Nor let the rising of another sun
Shine full upon my shame; nay, let me go,
Yet 'tis not done. There is no blood upon you,
I feel your pulses play-your eye beams life.
I hear you softly breathe too,-all is well:
I did but lift my hand.

Alm. No more of that.
Zoa. I would weep, lady, but my burning shame
Consumes my tears; nay, I would not ask forgiveness,
If that could be-but at a deed like this,
Mercy would snatch th' uplifted sword from justice,
And without shrinking, strike !

No more of this, You have my full forgiveness. (They embrace.) Zoa.

- Ay, but Raymond,
What shall I say to you?

Why, nothing now.
Had I the time I'd chide you, but the night
Teams with more horrid prodigies than this.
Come, I will lead you where a deeper wonder
Shall swallow up the sense of what has past,
In horrible amazement. Come.


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