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Dur. Excellent ! You shall keep her there, till I can lay my vessel alongside; and when I fire a signal gun, bring her on board immediately.

1st Sailor. The thing's done.

Dur. Be resolute my lads, and remember the reward.

2d Sailor. All the trinkets ?
Dur. All, all!
2d Sailor. Rings and necklace ?
Dur. Every thing.
1st Sailor. Along, comrade.

Dur. Yet hold-should you have an opportunity, you may spread a report that you saw her carried to the castle-away! 2d Sailor. We'll give a good account of her.

[Exeunt Sailors.

Durazzo solus.

Now, scornful beauty, 'Twill be my turn to triumph-shame on manhood; I've been a whining captive at her feet, I blush to think how long; but still her lip Has swell’d with scorn, her eye has been averted. Once more I'll try to soften her to love: If she relent, 'tis well ! if not, there is But one way left. .

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No more a captive at her feet.
I'll waste in sighs the precious hour,
But since my flame thou wilt not greet,
Proud beauty, thou shalt feel my power;
Amid thy rifled charms I'll prove
The full revenge of slighted love. .

Scene, the Sea Shore. . The two Sailors enter with the COUNTESS. 1st Sailor. No struggling, lady! 'tis vain. Coun. Do you mean to murder me? 2d. Sailor. If you make the least noise. Coun. What have I done, or how offended you ?

1st Sailor. Peace, I say. No one shall hurt you, The handkerchief, Soto. (To his messmate.).

2d Sailor. You have got it.

1st Sailor. No, no, you have it.
2d Sailor. Here!
Coun. What horrible plot is this?

1st Sailor. No more, lady, or we shall make you dumb for ever. (They bind her eyes.) i m

Coun. Whither are you carrying me?
2d Sailor. You'll know that soon enough!
Coun. 'Tis towards the sea.
1st Sailor. Peace, I say! .
Coun. Heav'n protect me!

2d Sailor. You shall have a protector soon. (They put her into a boat.) Push away, comrade; I'll look after the lady.


Scene, Nicolino's Cottage.

Martha, and BALTHAZAR following her. Bal. Why will you not listen to me, Mrs. Martha?

Mar. Fye for shame! To have the conscience to talk love to me, and yet forbid your daughter to marry my brother, because, forsooth, he's a christian.

Bal. Yesh—but I do not offer to marry you. It is matrimony makes the sin. There is no harm in a jew loving a christian, but to marry her, oh! that ish the abomination.

AIR 5th.

When a jew neets a fair christian ereatare,
Young and plump with a delicate skin,
To love is the first law of nature,
But to marry-oh! that is the sin.

For once in my life

I was blest with a wife,
And so dearly we loved, so like sister and brother,
I swore when she died I would ne'er have another.

But grieving I've heard is a folly
While there's ought to give joy left behind,
So no longer I'll be melancholy,
She is easy- and I am resign'd.

What joy did I feel,

When the bells rang a peal, At our wedding, and when for her death they were

tolling, I thought in the sound there was something con

soling. Well, what do you say to my song, don't you think there is argument and reason in it? (NICOLINO singing without.) Hey, why is'nt that Nicolino? What the devil brings him home so early? Remember this


visit was to him in the way of business. You understand me.

NICOLINO enters. Nic. Hah! Master Balthazar, you here? The very man I wanted to light upon.

Bal. That ish fortunate, for I was on the look out for you.

Nic. Indeed! What this visit was intended for me?

Bal. Oh yesh! It was intended for you.

Nic. What you call'd when you did'nt expect to find me at home? Well, that's fashionable however! You were'nt, I see, content to leave your card.

Bal. “Oh, no! I had too much politeness for that.

Nic. Here, girl, go and hang them to dry, and get my dinner ; I've a little business with my friend Balthazar and must be private. [Exit Martha.

Bal. Business with me, and what ish dat? Have you picked up any old china, or rings, or trinkets ?

Nic. Why yes, I have picked up a bit of a trinket. What think you of that, master Jew? (Shewing a Diamond Necklace.) What think you of that? I thought it would make your eye sparkle.

. Bal. Bless me! let me see it. Diamonds as I live. (Aside.) How did you get this ? Nie. How? Why, caught it in my net.

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