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à conscience to think of making her his wife! (A general laugh. MARTHA unmasks, and discovers herself, and the COUNTESS, Rosano, NICOLINO, &c. come forward.)

Bal. Mercy on me!- The Countess !

Steph. The Countess ! Then I must congratulate her; though I wish I was fifty miles off! Madam, however whimsical appearances may be, yet give me leave to assure you, that I am so surprised and overjoyed, and overcome, at your unexpected appearance, that I can neither contain nor express myself.

Bal. I must make a speech myself. (Aside.) And give me leave to assure your ladyship, that though our appearance here is, as Signor Stephano observes, a little whimsical, yet that I rejoice with sincerity in your safety; and I am so happy to find my friend Nicolino is innocent

Coun. That you would, no doubt, give your consent to his marrying your daughter, though he had not obtained the reward of a thousand ducats, and I had not made him a promise of adding five hundred more to it.

Bal. Fifteen hundred ducats! (Aside.) Well, well; as my friend is innocent, I will give my consent. Now he is rid of his poverty, I know of no fault he has, but his youth.

Coun. That, you know, is one on the right side, which he will always be mending. But a truce to raillery. While I laugh at your follies, let me recollect that I am indebted to you both for my safety; and that, had not the one been his friend, and the other his judge, I should never have owed my deliverance to a poor fisherman who, being now per fectly cleared before one tribunal, hopes to be honourably acquitted by another.


From the perils we have past,

Fresh delight we borrow;
Joy has still a keener taste,
· When it springs from sorrow.

Hope, that dawns from deep despair,

Gives a warmer feeling;
Brighter morning's blushes are,

From night's shadows stealing.


Printed by Strahan and Spottiswoode,

Printers-Street, London.

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