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This is a practical treatise showing the prevailing errors in the ventilation of churches, halls, schools, and other public buildings, and pointing out how the faults can be remedied. The information bearing upon the effects of wind action, and the intermittent air currents in public buildings, was obtained by experiments, or elucidated in the course of the author's practical experience, and these, together with the studies in the physics of ventilation set forth, cannot fail to be of value to architects and builders, as well as to ihe managers and caretakers of public buildings.

The author has endeavdured to 'cofnpress much practical matter into the smallest, compass, and the scientific and technical information regarding the composition of the atmosphere, its impurities, etc., has been omitted because it can be obtained in any book on physics.

Portions of the treatise have been compiled especially to enable caretakers to make the best use of the ventilating appliances which they have to control, and as there is no book on the subject, and great need for such information, it is hoped the matter provided will prove useful and instructive.

The illustrations are not intended to be complete drawings of the buildings in question, but are only given to show the air currents and other information in reference to the air supply.

London, 19o3.



i. Waves formed by the Air falling from a high Dome 2. Waves in Air moving horizontally .

Air Movements in Theatres, etc.

Open Tube Ventilator with Mouth cut slantwise

Open Tube Ventilator with Mouth cut level .

Plan of Streets with Houses, Churches C, C1, C2, C3.
Science School .

Plan of a Town Hall

Plan of a Board School

Plan of a Hospital

Window Ventilator .

Window Sash Ventilation

12. Section of a Church .

13. Section of a Church .
Plan and Section of a Public Hall
Plan and Section of a Chapel .
Plan and Section of a Church .
Plan and Section of a Lecture Hall

18. Plan and Section of a Large Church

19. Section of a Large Chapel

20. Plan and Section of a Chapel or Hall

21. Plan and Section of a Public School

22. Ventilator Tube, showing Valve

23. Hall with Valve of Ventilator near the Ceiling

24. Window with Ventilator opening outwards

25. Window with Sashes opening outwards .

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