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have never been so large; the atmosphere has never been so clear and bracing; and the pleasure of our meetings has never been so unbroken. We submit the following Resolution for the Society's adoption.

1. Resolved, that the hearty thanks of this Society are due and are hereby given to the Board of Trustees of the Case School of Applied Science for the use of this beautiful and convenient Rockefeller Laboratory of Physics, and above all for the most enjoyable banquet and evening at the University Club.

2. To the President and Faculty of the Case School of Applied Science, we give thanks for the thoughtful attention to all our wants while on the College Campus.

3. We are especially grateful to the Ladies of the Faculty for the delightful reception on Tuesday, and the charming automobile ride on Wednesday morning given to the wives and lady friends of our members. Such courtesies encourage the attendance of the ladies and enhance the attractions of our meetings. Respectfully submitted,


An illustrated paper descriptive of “Some Classroom Experiments in Mechanics” was next presented by James E. Boyd, Professor of Mechanics, Ohio State University. It was followed by one by Edward R. Maurer, Professor of Mechanics, University of Wisconsin, on “Some Questions Relating to the Course in Mechanics." The secretary then read a paper by Walter Rautenstrauch, Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University, on “The Teaching of Applied Mechanics to Engineering Students." These papers were discussed by Professors W. Kent, C. M. Woodward, and Benjamin.

A paper on “The Engineering Experiment Station at Iowa State College” was read by George W. Bissell, Ex-Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State College. In the absence of the author, the secretary read a paper by L. P. Breckenridge, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Engineering Experiment Station of the University of Illinois, on “The Engineering Experiment Station of the University of Illinois.” These papers were discussed by Professors Wood, Turneaure, Franklin, W. G. Raymond, and Bissell.

On motion of Professor Franklin, the recommendation contained in Professor Breckenridge's paper was referred to the Joint Committee on Engineering Education for recommendation.

EVENING SESSION, 8:00 O'CLOCK. The first paper of the evening was by Charles H. Benjamin, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Case School of Applied Science, and was entitled “Looseleaf Notes for Laboratory Use.” It was discussed by

." Professors J. D. Hoffman, C. R. Jones, and Brackett.

A course in “ The Teaching of Elementary Machine Design” was then described by James D. Hoffman, Associate Professor of Engineering Design, Purdue University, and discussed by Professors Benjamin, Bissell, Wood, and Magruder, with closure by the author.

The next paper presented was entitled “Some Examination Data,” by Rosser D. Bohannan, Professor of Mathematics, Ohio State University. In the absence of Professor Bohannan, his paper was read by the Secretary.



In the absence of Professor Henry H. Norris, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, the Secretary read his paper, entitled “The Technical and Pedagogic Values of Examinations." The discussion on these two papers was conducted by Professors Jacoby, Benjamin, Brackett, Magruder, C. S. Howe, W. Kent, Higbee and D. C. Jackson.

In the absence of Otis E. Randall, Professor of Mechanics and Mechanical Drawing, Brown University, the Secretary read his paper on “Descriptive Geometry-Its Importance in the Engineering Curriculum, and the Methods of Teaching It.” The discussion on this paper was by Professors Fuller, W. Kent, Williston, Benjamin, C. S. Howe, Higbee, J. D. Hoffman, Magruder and Jacoby.

In the absence of William H. Schuerman, Professor of Civil Engineering, and Dean of the Engineering Department, Vanderbilt University, the Secretary read his paper, entitled “The Honor System of Examinations.” It was discussed by Professors Benjamin, W. Kent, C. R. Jones, Wood, D. C. Jackson, C. S. Howe, Williston and Magruder.

In the absence of their authors, the following papers were presented and read by title:

(a) A Calculation Blunder Common to many Trigonometries used in Engineering Colleges.”

(6) “A Neglected Opportunity to Teach Consistent Measurement in Trigonometry,” by Rosser D. Bohannan, Professor of Mathematics, Ohio State University.

“Athletics for Engineering Students,” by Charles L. Thornburg, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Lehigh University.

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“What Should be Included in a Course in Engineering Jurisprudence," by Arthur H. Blanchard, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Brown University.

On motion, the meeting adjourned sine die at 11:30 P. M.

The record shows that thirty-nine papers were presented and read, and ten papers were read by title in the absence of their authors, making a total of forty-nine papers presented at the meeting.

The following members were present and registered at the meeting: C. A. Adams, Jr., F. H. Bass, C. H. Benjamin, G. W. Bissell, J. E. Boyd, B. B. Brackett, M. Brooks, A. T. Bruegel, F. C. Caldwell, G. R. Chatburn, C. B. Connelley, F. H. Constant, M. E. Cooley, C. L. Crandall, H. B. Dates, C. S. Denison, C. R. · Dooley, R. G. Dukes, Henry T. Eddy, F. L. Emory, F. H. Eno, E. F. Fermier, F. A. Fish, T. M. Focke, A. H. Ford, W. S. Franklin, H. A. Gehring, F. A. Goetze, L. M. Haupt, F. G. Higbee, J. D. Hoffman, C. S. Howe, D. C. Jackson, H. S. Jacoby, B. Jones, Jr., C. R. Jones, E. B. Kay, W. Kent, C. P. Linville, C. F. Mabery, A. B. MacDaniel, J. E. Magnusson, W. T. Magruder, A. Marston, E. R. Maurer, D. C. Miller, F. H. Neff, E. L. Ohle, A. A. Radtke, W. G. Raymond, C. E. Reid, C. Russ Richards, W. B. Russell, A. R. Sawyer, J. W. Shuster, H. H. Stoek, A. N. Talbot, J. A. Thaler, F. E. Turneaure, S. M. Turrill, J. B. Webb, A. G. Wessling, J. M. White, W. 0. Wiley, S. N. Williams, A. L. Williston, D. T. Wilson, A. J. Wood, C. M. Woodward (69).

The following guests were present and registered:

H. S. Carhart, A. N. Clark, T. H. Carter, C. S. Gingrich, A. M. Kenyon, J. H. Leete (6).

Total registration, 75.

Messrs. W. E. Downton, W. R. Warner and a number of the citizens of Cleveland also were present at one or more of the different sessions.

The following persons were elected to membership in the Society: John R. Allen, William A. Anthony, William S. Ayars, Earle J. Babcock, Frederick W. Ballard, Alburto Bement, George H. Benzenberg, Philander Betts, Frederick L. Bishop, Adolph Black, Rosser D. Bohannan, James E. Boyd, Milan R. Bump, Elwyn F. Chandler, Octave Chanute, Harry E. Clifford, Harry T. Clifton, Clifford B. Connelley, Arthur D. Dean, Channing R. Dooley, Richard G. Dukes, Louis E. Endsley, William D. Ennis, Frank H. Eno, Frederick H. Evans, Howard P. Fairfield, Theodore M. Focke, G. Harwood Frost, Franklin DeR. Furman, Harry 0. Garman, George I. Gavett, Herbert A. Gehring, William B. Gregory, Frederick A. Halsey, Eugene E. Haskell, Lewis M. Haupt, William S. Hazleton, William W. Henley, Angus S. Hibbard, Arthur H. Hoffman, James D. Hoffman, John W. Hughes, Alexander L. Jenkins, John W. Johnson, Horace Judd, Charles Kirchoff, Carl D. Knight, William A. Knight, Charles T. Knipp, Frederick L. Kortright, Edward J. Kunze, Byron J. Lambert,

, Charles C. Leeds, Nathaniel W. Lord, William C. McNown, Charles F. Mabery, Allen B. MacDaniel, C. Edward Magnusson, Louis A. Martin, Jr., Joseph F. Merrill, Dayton C. Miller, David A. Molitor, Lewis E. Moore, Clyde T. Morris, Charles E. Morrison,

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