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VOSSKUEHLEB, JOSEPH H... Assistant Professor of Machine De-
Madison, Wis.

sign, University of Wisconsin...... 1902 VOTEY, J. WILLIAM

Professor of Civil Engineering and
Burlington, Vt.

Dean of Engineering Department,
University of Vermont...

1902 WADDELL, J. A. L.

Consulting Bridge Engineer, Waddell 608 New Nelson Bldg., and Harrington

1893 Kansas City, Mo. WADSWORTH, JOEL E. ..... Resident Engineer, American Bridge 22 Morsemere Place, Co.

1895 Yonkers, N. Y. WADSWORTH, M. EDWARD Dean of School of Mines and MetalState College, Pa. lurgy and Professor of Mining and

Geology, Pennsylvania State College. 1895 WAIT, JOHN CASSAN...

Attorney-at-Law, Wait & Foster..... 1907 3607 Broadway,

New York, N. Y.
WALDO, CLARENCE A. Head Professor of Mathematics,
Lafayette, Ind.
Purdue University..


Professor of Hydraulic and Sanitary State College, Pa. Engineering, Pennsylvania State Col. lege

1895 WALLACE, JACOB H. Instructor in Engineering Drawing, Boulder, Colo. University of Colorado....

1905 WALLACE, JOHN F. Consulting Engineer ..

1903 355 Dearborn St.,

Chicago, Ill.
WARD, KENNETH B. Assistant in Civil Engineering,
Columbus, Ohio.
Ohio State University...

WATERBURY, LESLIE A. Professor of Civil Engineering,
Tucson, Ariz.
University of Arizona..

1906 WEBB, J. BURKITT.. Consulting Engineer in Mathematics, Hoboken, N. J. Mechanics and Physics....

1906 WEBBER, Roy I.

Assistant Professor of Structural EnState College, Pa. gineering, Pennsylvania State College

1907 WESSLING, ALBERT G. Assistant Engineer, Bullock Electric 549 Milton St.,

Mfg. Co., Electrical Department,
Cincinnati, Ohio. Allis-Chalmers Co.




WHIPPLE, GEORGE C. ..... Consulting Engineer, Firm of Hazen
220 Broadway,
and Whipple....

1896 New York, N. Y. WHITE, JAMES M.

Professor of Architectural Engineer-
Champaign, mi.

ing and Supervising Architect, Uni.
versity of Illinois....

1900 WILEY, WILLIAN 0. ...... Publisher of Scientific Books, Secre

43 and 45 E. 19th St., tary, John Wiley and Sons... 1904

New York, N. Y.
WILLABD, ABTHUB C. .... Assistant Professor of Mechanical

1813 13th St., N. W., Engineering, George Washington
Washington, D. C. University

1907 WILLIAMS, FRANK B. Professor of Engineering Mathematics, Schenectady, N. Y. Union University

1901 WILLIAMS, GARDNER S... Professor of Civil, Hydraulic and

1503 Washtenaw Ave., Sanitary Engineering, University of
Ann Arbor, Mich. Michigan

1907 WILLIAMS, JOSEPH D...... Instructor in Civil Engineering, 206 West St.,

Worcester Polytechnic Institute.... 1907 Worcester, Mass. WILLIAMS, SYLVESTER N.

Professor of Civil Engineering, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Cornell College .....

1893 WILLISTON, ARTHUB L. Director, Department of Science and Brooklyn, N. Y.

Technology, Pratt Institute..... 1897 WILMORE, JOHN J.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Auburn, Ala.

Alabama Polytechnic Institute...... 1894 WILSON, DELONZA T. .... Assistant Professor of Mathematics Cleveland, Ohio.

and Astronomy, Case School of Ap-
plied Science

1907 WITHROW, JAMES R. Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State University .....

1907 WOLCOTT, EDSON RAY..... With Rankin Chemical Reduction Joliet, III. Company


Assistant Professor of Experimental State College, Pa. Engineering, Pennsylvania State College

1898 WOODBRIDGE, SAMUEL H. Associate Professor of Heating and Boston, Mass.

Ventilation, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology..





WOODWARD, CALVIN M. Professor of Mathematics and Applied
St. Louis, Mo.

Mechanics and Dean of the School
of Engineering and Architecture,
Washington University

1894 WOODWARD, ROBERT 8. President, Carnegie Institution, Wash. 1513 Sixteenth St., ington, D. C.

1894 Washington, D. C. WRENTMORE, CLARENCE G. . Assistant Professor of Civil Engineer933 Forest Ave.,

ing, University of Michigan.... 1904 Ann Arbor, Mich. YOUNG, GILBERT A.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical 409 University Ave., Engineering, Purdue University.... 1907

W. Lafayette, Ind.

Professor of Mining, Colorado School
Golden, Colo.
of Mines

1903 ZELENY, ANTHONY.. Assistant Professor of Physics, 321 Church St., S. E., University of Minnesota...

1907 Minneapolis, Minn. ZIMMERMAN, OLIVER B. Mechanical Engineer and Chief DraftsCharles City, Iowa. man, Hart-Parr Co.


Professor of Mathematics,
Ann Arbor, Mich. University of Michigan..


Names in italics are those of persons not engaged in teaching.

Alabama.-Auburn; B. H. Crenshaw; G. N. Mitcham; C. C. Thach;

J. J. Wilmore. (4.) Montevallo; T. W. Palmer. (1.) Talladega; H. H. Kyser. (1.) University; E. B. Kay; E. J. McCaust

land. (2.) Arizona.-Tucson; W. W. Henley; L. A. Waterbury. (2.) Arkansas.-Fayetteville; W.M. Gladson; J. J. Knoch; A. A. Steel. (3.) California.-Berkeley; S. B. Christy; C. Derleth, Jr.; H. W. Reynolds.

(3.) Pasadena; H. T. Clifton. (1.) Stanford University;

W. F. Durand; L. M. Hoskins; C. D. Marx; H. J. Ryan. (4.) Colorado.-Boulder; H. S. Evans; J. A. Hunter; D. R. Jenkins; M. S.

Ketchum; J. H. Wallace. (5.) Colorado Springs; F. Cajori. (1.)
Golden; V. C. Alderson; C. R. Burger; L. E. Young. (3.) Ft.

Collins; L. S. Carpenter; J. W. Lawrence. (2.)
Connecticut.-New Haven; S. E. Barney, Jr.; A. J. DuBois. (2.)
Delaware.- Newark; F. H. Robinson. (1.)
District of Columbia.-Washington; (Carnegie Institution.) R. S.

Woodward. (1.) (George Washington Univ.) A. C. Willard. (1.) (City.) P. Betts; B. R. Green; J. F. Hayford; E. Mead;

D. A. Molitor. (5.) Florida.-Gainesville; J. R. Benton. (1.) Lake City; N. H. Cox. (1.) Georgia.-Athens; A. H. Patterson. (1.) Dahlonega; J. F. O'Byrne.

(1.) Illinois.-Champaign; I. O. Baker; H. F. Moore; L. G. Parker; E. J.

Townsend; J. M. White. (Univ. of Ill.) Chicago; (Armour Inst.) R. Burnham; C. E. Freeman; L. C. Monin; A. A. Radtke; H. M. Raymond. (5.) (Lewis Inst.); A. Moseley. (1.) (University.) C. Kinsley. (1.) (City.) B. J. Arnold; 0. Bates; A. Bement; W. H. Bixby; G. M. Brill; W. M. Camp; 0. Chanute; A. 8. Hibbard; G. F. Horton; G. H. Rowe; R. L. Short; W. D. Taylor; J. F. Wallace. (13.) Decatur; H. E. Smith. (1.) Evanston; A. W. Harris. (1.) Joliet; E. R. Wolcott. (1.) Kankakee; F. G. Frink. (1.) Peoria; F. L. Bishop; F. H. Evans. (2.) Urbana; L. P. Breckenridge; J. P. Brooks; M. Brooks; F. O. Dufour; J. H. Gill; G. A. Goodenough; W. F. M. Goss; C. T. Knipp; 0. A. Leutwiler; N. C.

Ricker; E. C. Schmidt; A. N. Talbot; J. C. Thorpe. (13+5=18.) Indiana.-Lafayette; C. H. Benjamin; S. Coulter; L. E. Endsley; J.

W. Esterline; H. O. Garman; E. L. Hancock; W. K. Hatt; J. D.
Hoffman; C. H. Lawrance; L. V. Ludy; C. P. Matthews; H. T.
Plumb; J. H. Ransom; W. P. Turner; C. A. Waldo; G. A. Young.



(16.) (City.) M. Price. (1.) Richmond; W. C. McNown. (1.)

Terre Haute; T. Gray; M. A. Howe; C. L. Mees. (3.) Iowa.-Ames; S. W. Beyer; F. A. Fish; A. H. Hoffman; A. Marston; W. H. Meeker; L. B. Spinney. (6.) Charles City; O. B. Zimmer.

(1.) Iowa City; A. H. Ford; F. G. Higbee; B. J. Lambert; C. S. Magowan; E. L. Ohle; W. G. Raymond. (6.) Mt. Vernon;

S. N. Williams. (1.) Kansas.-Lawrence; F. O. Marvin; F. Strong. (2.) Kentucky.--Lexington; F. P. Anderson. (1.) Louisiana.—Baton Rouge; A. M. Herget. (1.) Breaux Bridge; A.

C. Love. (1.) New Orleans; D. S. Anderson; W. H. Creighton;

W. B. Gregory; H. F. Rugan. (4.) Maine.-Orono; H. S. Boardman. (1.) Massachusetts.-Amherst; J. E. Ostrander. (1.) Boston; (Mass.

Inst.) C. L. Adams; C. F. Allen; C. B. Breed; A. E. Burton; H. W. Hayward; H. O. Hofman; D. C. Jackson; W. H. James; G. Lanza; D. Porter; R. H. Richards; A. G. Robbins; W. T. Sedgwick; G. F. Swain; H. P. Talbot; H. W. Tyler; S. H. Woodbridge. (17+421.) (Y. M. C. A.) A. D. Dean. (1.) (City.) H. K. Barrows; J. P. Munroe. (2.) Brookline; W. E. Mott. (M. I. T.) Cambridge; C. A. Adams, Jr.; I. N. Hollis; E. V. Huntington; L. J. Johnson; F. L. Kennedy; H. L. Smyth. (6.) Dorchester; J. H. Hawes. (1.) E. Bridgewater; C. A. Chandler. (1.) Newton Centre; H. E. Clifford. (M. I. T.) Newtonville; L. E. Moore. (M. I. T.) Stoneham; C. H. Chase. (T. C.) Taunton; C. F. Parks. (M. I. T.) Tufts College; G. C. Anthony; C. D. Bray. (2+1=3.) Watertown; W. B. Snow. (1.) Worcester; C. M. Allen; E. A. Engler; H. P. Fairfield; A. W. French; H. C. Ives; C. D. Knight; J. O. Phelon; A. S. Richey;

A. L. Smith; H. B. Smith; J. D. Williams. (11.) Michigan.-Ann Arbor; J. R. Allen; M. E. Cooley; C. S. Denison;

W. S. Hazelton; W. L. Miggett; H. C. Sadler; G. S. Williams; C. G. Wrentmore; A. Ziwet. (9.) Calumet; J. MacNaughton. (1.) East Lansing; G. W. Bissell; A. R. Sawyer; H. K. Vedder. (3.) Houghton; L. S. Austin; G. L. Christensen; D. Copeland; F. W. Denton; J. Fisher, Jr.; E. D. Grant; 0. P. Hood; F. W. McNair; F. W. Sperr. (9.) Ishpeming; M. M. Duncan. (1.) Lapeer; F. Morley. (1.) Marquette; J.M. Longyear. (1.)

Vulcan; W. Kelly. (1.)
Minnesota.–Minneapolis; F. H. Bass; W. E. Brooke; F. H. Constant;

Henry T. Eddy; J. J. Flather; G. B. Frankforter; B. F. Groat;
A. E. Haynes; F. S. Jones; W. H. Kavanaugh; G. D. Shepardson;

C. F. Shoop; F. W. Springer; A. Zeleny. (14.)
Mississippi.-University; H. L. Drane; A. Hume; J. W. Johnson. (3.)

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