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Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education

1. NAME.- This organization shall be called the SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION.

2. MEMBERS. - Members of the Society shall be those who occupy, or have occupied, responsible positions in the work of engineering instruction, together with such other persons as may be recommended by the Council.

Honorary Members of the Society shall be such persons as may be recommended by unanimous vote of the Council after a letter ballot. In taking this ballot, the Secretary is directed to close the polls one month after the names of the candidates are sent out. Councilors not heard from will be counted in favor of the candidate. Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote, shall not be eligible to office, and shall not be required to pay any fees or dues.

Life Members of the Society shall be those members not in arrears who have paid Fifty Dollars into the Treasury of the Society at one time.

The name of each candidate for membership shall be proposed in writing to the Council by two members to whom he is personally known. Such name, if approved by the Council, shall be voted on by the Society at the annual meeting; or, during the period between annual meetings, the Secretary may at any time submit to the council the names of candidates with the names of their sponsors. An affirmative letter ballot of three-fourths of those whose vote reaches the Secretary within one month of the time of sending out the names of candidates will suffice to elect. Such elections shall be credited to the previous annual meeting, and dues will date from that time.

3. OFFICERS. - There shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer, each to hold office for one year. They shall be chosen by vote of the members at the annual meeting.

4. COUNCIL.- The Council of this Society shall consist of twenty-one elective members, one-third of whom shall retire annually. The officers and the Past Presidents of the Society shall be members of the Council ex officiis.

Any member of this Society shall be eligible to election to the Council, provided that not more than one elective member shall be from any one college.

Members of the Council shall be elected by ballot by the Society, at its annual meeting.

The Council shall constitute a general executive body of the Society, pass on proposals for membership, elect candidates ad interim, attend to all business of the Society, receive and report on propositions for amendments to the constitution, and shall have power to fill temporary vacancies in the offices.

5. NOMINATING COMMITTEE. - The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Past Presidents and the seven elective members of the Council retiring the following year, provided, however, that if, of this committee, the number in attendance at any meeting be less than five, the President shall make appointments so as to form a committee of five.

6. FEES AND DUES.— The admission fee, which shall also include the first year's dues, shall be three dollars, and the annual dues thereafter three dollars, payable at the time of the annual meeting. Those in arrears more than one year shall not be entitled to vote, nor to receive copies of the Proceedings, and such members shall be notified thereof by the Secretary one month previous to the annual meeting. Any member who shall be in arrears more than two years and shall have been duly notified by the Secretary, shall be thereby dropped from the roll, excepting such arrearages shall be paid previous to the next ensuing annual meeting; and no such member shall be restored until he has paid his arrears.

7. MEETINGS.—There shall be a regular meeting occurring at the time and place of the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or of some one of the National Engineering Societies, or otherwise as the Council may determine.

8. PUBLICATIONS.— The Proceedings of the Society, and such papers or abstracts as may be approved by the Council, shall be published as soon as possible after each annual meeting.

9. AMENDMENTS.—This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any regular meeting, the amendment having been approved by a two-thirds vote of the Council, taken by letter ballot.


First. The officers of the Society shall constitute a committee to arrange the time and place of the annual meeting, and also to prepare a program for the same.

Second. The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall constitute an Executive Committee, which shall have charge of all matters relating to the business affairs of the Society not otherwise provided for.

Third. The reading of papers shall be limited to fifteen minutes each, and abstracts of the same of about three hundred words or less shall be printed when practicable and distributed in advance to the members.

Fourth. The time occupied by each person in the discussion of any paper shall not exceed five minutes.

PUBLICATIONS. The publications of the Society can be obtained from the Secretary. The current issues are distributed gratuitously to members in good standing. The price of the bound volumes of the Proceedings is $2.50 to non-members, $2.00 to public libraries, and $1.50 to members for their libraries.

Reprints of papers may be ordered when the paper is in type form, and either with or without covers, at a price depending upon the number of pages and copies desired.


MONDAY, JULY 1, 1907.

AFTERNOON SESSION, 1:30 O'CLOCK. The fifteenth annual meeting of the SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION was held in the lecture room of the Physics Building of the Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio, July 1 to 3, 1907.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Dugald C. Jackson, who presided throughout the convention. President Chas. S. Howe of the Case School of Applied Science spoke words of welcome.

The report of the Secretary, William T. Magruder, was read and accepted.


Gentlemen:Your secretary wishes to congratulate the membership on the prosperous growth and healthy condition of our Society. Viewed from any position we have reason to be greatly encouraged.

At the Ithaca Meeting, the secretary reported 400 members. Nineteen were then added by election by the Society. The ten following persons were elected to membership by letterballot of the Council in February, 1907 Messrs. Murray C. Beebe, Harry Y. Benedict, Frederick A. Goetze, Bernard R. Green, Edward V. Huntington, Franklin A. Ray, Leon H.

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