Memoirs of Jeanne D'Arc, Surnamed La Pucelle D'Orleans: With the History of Her Times

William Henry Ireland, William Wotherspoon Ireland
R. Triphook, 1824

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Página clxii - Gentle dauphin," she said to the king (for she did not think it right to call him king so long as he was not crowned), "my name is Joan the maid ; the King of Heaven sendeth you word by me that you shall be anointed and crowned in the city of Rheims, and shall be lieutenant of the King of Heaven, who is king of France.
Página lxxiii - Et faictes response se vous voulez faire paix en la cité d'Orléans; et se ainsi ne le faictes, de vos bien grans dommages vous souviengne briefment. Escript ce mardi sepmaine saincte.
Página 1 - Of favour was she counted likesome, of person stronglie made and manlie, of courage great, hardie, and stout withall...
Página lxxiii - ... meilleur droit de Dieu du ciel. Vous, duc de Bedford, la Pucelle vous prie et vous requiert que vous ne vous faictes mie destruire.
Página clxii - During the conflicts which succeeded, the English were almost uniformly discomfited, so that before the expiration of 1451 they were compelled to abandon France, retaining Calais only in their possession. Charles was espoused to Mary, daughter of Louis, the second Duke of Anjou, by whom he had eleven children, four sons and seven daughters, of whom two sons only survived him, namely, Louis and Charles ; he had also three illegitimate children, according to Mezeray. In 1461 Charles died at Meun in...
Página 1 - French estate then deepelie in distresse ; in whome, for planting a credit the rather, first the companie that toward the Dolphin did conduct hir, through places all dangerous, as holden by the English, (where she neuer was afore,) all the waie and by nightertale safelie did she lead...
Página clxii - March 1428, vnto Charles the Dolphin, at Chinon, as he was in verie great care and studie how to wrestle against the English nation, by one...
Página 2 - Unto the Dolphin into his gallerie when first she was brought ; and he, shadowing himselfe behind, setting other gaie lords before him to trie hir cunning, from all the companie, with a salutation, (that indeed marz all the matter.) she pickt him out alone...
Página 12 - Henry VI. whom he caused to be proclaimed at Paris. He defeated the French fleet near Southampton, and made himself master of Cotoi, entered Paris at the head of his army, and beat the duke d'Alenc,on, having thus rendered himself conqueror of France.
Página 1 - Charles the dolphin, at Chinon as he was in verie great care and studie how to wrestle against the English nation, by one Peter Badricourt capteine of...

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