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So that the apostles advantage was great in that they had two paths to walk in, when as the prophets had but one : for the prophets in their time did see that God would be. come flesh, and the apostles did see that God is become flesh so that their advantage was great. Thirdly, the commis-, sion of the spirit hath advantage above them both in this, respect, in that the worship of the spirit is spiritual, without any outward ordinances, so that the spirit of faith, or revelation, can walk through the path of the law, and can find that God was there, but he is not there now. Secondly, this commission of the spirit can walk through the worship of the apostles, and do find that God was there, but he is not there now. Thirdly, so that God is walking now in the third path, or third record on earth, even the commission of the spirit, and there is no assurance for any man to find God but there ; for there is the knowledge of the true God, and the true interpretation of the scriptures, so that this commission of the spirit it hath a great advantage of the other two aforesaid, in that the knowledge of the spirit is a higher knowledge than that of the prophets and apostles, and the interpretation of scripture, more abundant than either prophet or apostle, and more especially the interpretation of heavenly visions.

For this the seed of faith may mind, that heavenly visions are hard to utter by those men that see them, but it is more hard for a man to interpret that which he never saw ; for any man's reason would tell him, that it was more easy for Pharoah and Belteshaazzar to tell their dreams and visions on their heads, than it was for Joseph and Daniel to interpret their dreams. Yet this gift was given them of God so to do. So likewise God hath given us, the chosen Witnesses of the Spirit, more knowledge in the scriptures, than all the men in the world at this day; and not only so, but God hath given me the gift of revelation and interpretation of many visions and revelations in the scriptures of truth, and more especially in this book of the Revelation of St. John. Which book doth consist of little else but heavenly revelation, and spiritual visions ; which if the seed of faith do but mind they


will find in this treatise all the most considerable revelations and visions, and mystical sayings in the book of John's Revelation opened and interpreted.

So that whoever doth truly understand the interpretation of them may receive much satisfaction, as to discourse in the scripture language with any learned man in the world, that speaks the English tongue. And not only so, but much satisfaction will arise from the true understanding of it, to their eternal peace, joy and glory hereafter.

And though I had thoughts, as aforesaid, to write no more books after the Interpretation of the eleventh of the Revelation, yet I have written two since ; one the Quakers did extort out of me by their writing unto me; but this clie revelation in opening many places of this book of the Revelation of John, it came so powerfully upon me, that I thought it was better to break covenant with myself, than to bury those heavenly mysteries, and divine secrets with myself.

And being importuned by some to let it be publick, I did apply myself the more serious unto it, so that I am now glad I did perfect the thing, for now others will have it as well as myself, so that I make no question but many will receive benefit by it, which shall last to the end of their lives ; and not only so, but the knowledge and benefit of this book of the Interpretation of all the chief mysterious sayings, and visions in the book of John's Revelation, it shall remain in some to the end of the world, and happy will those be in whom it doth remain, and miserable will those be who despise and reject it, though I be laid in the dust, so I shall leave the issue to my God, my King, and my Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, God and Man, in one singular person, who is distinct of himself from angels, and men, and conclude this epistle.

Written by LODOWICK MUGGLETON, one of the last Witnesses of the Spirit, unto the High and Mighty God, ihe Man Christ Jesus in Glory.



HAP. I. What is meant by him that is, which was, and which

is to come ; and of the seven spirits, or seven blessings of the seven churches of Asia. Chap. II. What is meant by eating of the tree of life; and of not being

hurt by the second death; and of the hidden manna ; and what is

meant by ruling with a rod of iron. Chap. III. What is meant by not blotting a man's name out of the

book of life: and by being a pillar in the temple of God; and by

him that overcometh. Chap. IV. - What is meant by the seven spirits of God; and how

those seven spirits are but one spirit. Chap. V. What is meant by the throne of God, and that there is

a kingdom above the stars, as there is here below, Chap. VI. How Jesus Christ is calld by the spirit the Alpha and

Omega; and how God was in a two-fold condition, and so made capable to sufter the pains of death.



Chap. VII. The resemblance and likeness of the seven churches of

Europe, unto the seven churches of Asia ; how their ministry doth

differ; and how their reward will differ also.
Chap. VIII. A further interpretation of the throne of God in hea.

ven ; and of the seven lamps burning with fire; and of the seven

spirits of God.

Chap. IX. What is meant by the sea of glass in heaven ; and of the

four beasts full of eyes; and how Christ is call'd David's lord, and

David's son ; and the difference of the four beasts in their forms,

yet all but men.

Chap. X. The interpretation of the six wings the four beasts had

apiece; and what is meant by their being full of eyes before and be.

hind; and of their giving 'thanks, praise, honour, and glory to

Christ, as he is the Creator.

Chap. XI. The difference of the power of God as he was the

Creator, ard his power as he is a Redeemer, there being a two-fold

state and condition in God; what is meant by the book of life, and

the seals on the back side.

Chap. XII. How John wept, because he could see none in heaven,

nor in earth, that could open the book of life; how the lion of the

tribe of Judah doth prevail to open the book, as he is the Redeem,

er, and not as he is the Creator ; and what is meant by the seven


Chap. XIII. A further interpretation of the seven horns; and what

is meant by ten days tribulation; and by the seven eyes; how Christ

opened the book of life, as he is a Son.
Chap. XIV. The interpretation of the song of Moses, and of the

Lamb; why Moses's song may be called an old song,
of the Lamb a new song; and what is meant by the golden vials

and harps.
Chap. XV. The interpretation of the white horse; and he that sat

upon him; and in what manncr he went forth to conquer ; and

what the bow in his hand signifies.
Chap. XVI.

What is meant by the red horce; and he that sat
Chap. XVII. The interpretation of the black horse ; and him that

sat thereon ; and what is meant by not hurting the oil and the

wine ; and what is meant by the oil and the wine.
Chap. XVIII. The interpretation of the pale horse ; and him that

sits thereon ; and what is meant by hell that followeth him.
Chap. XIX. What is meant by being slain under the altar ; and
how their blood cried unto God for vengeance,


and the song

Chap. XX. How the heavens may be said to be rolled up like a

scrole ; and whers the place of the reproba es shall be.

Chap. XXI. What is meant by the fuur angels who had power

over the winds; and what by the sealing of the servants of Gud

in their foreheads.

Chap. XXII. What is meant by the first and second angels sound-

ing; and of the mountain burning with fire; and what is meant

by the third part of creatures that died in the sea.
Chap. XXIII. What is meant by the star that fell from heaven;

and how it burned like a lamp.
Chap. XXIV. What is meant by the rivers and fountains of waters

being made bitter; and how those that drank of them died,
Chap. XXV. What is meant by the sun being smitten, that she

could not shine, but a third part of her only; and what is meant
by the moon and stars being smitten; and how a third part of

them did not shine, nor give light in the night.

Chap. XXVI. What is incant by the star that fell from heaven

unto this earth ; what is meant by the bottomless pit, and the key

that openeth it, and of the smoke that did arise out of the bottom-

Chap. XXVII. What is meant by the smoke of the pit; and by

the locusts that came out of it ; how the saints are called green


and trees.

Chap. XXVIII. What the four angels were; and how men's
heads may be said to be like lions heads; and what is meant by

fire, smoke, and brimstone that issued out of their mouths.
Chap. XXIX. What the serpent is; and how they may be said to

be the tail; and how they may be said to have stings; and how

they do hurt.

Chap. XXX. How the Papist, Episcopal, Presbytery, and Inde-

pendent ministry do resemble the angels of the churches of Ephesus,
Smyrna, Pergamos, and Thyatira ; and what judments did follow,

Clap. XXXI. How the ministry of the Baptist, Ranter, and

Quaker do resemble the angels of the churches of Sardis, Phila-

delphia, and Loadicea; and how plagues do follow at, and in the

sounding of their ministry.

Chap. XXXII. The interpretation and difference between the

dragon's ten horns, and the beast's ten horns; and how they may

bith be said to have seven heads apiece.
Chap. XXXIII. No true faith upon earth, but in the time of a
commission from God.


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