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of an helmet. He shall take holi- | as out of a stone bow, and the ness for an invincible shield. His water of the sea shall rage against severe wrath shall he sharpen for them, and the floods shall cruelly a sword, and the world shall fight drown them. Yea, a mighty wind with him against the unwise. Then shall stand up against them, and shall the right aiming thunderbolts like a storm shall blow them ago abroad; and from the clouds, way: thus iniquity shall lay waste as from a well drawn bow, shall the whole earth, and ill dealing they fly to the mark. And hail- shall overthrow the thrones of the stones full of wrath shall be cast | mighty.

Second Lesson, Acts XXII. to ver. 22.

EVENING. Wisdom VI. LEAR therefore, o ye kings, | known unto them. Whoso seeketh IT and understand; learn, ye her early shall have no great trathat be judges of the ends of the vail : for he shall find her sitting earth. Give ear, ye that rule the at his doors. To think therefore people, and glory in the mul- upon her is perfection of wisdom : titude of nations. For power is and whoso watcheth for her shall given you of the Lord, and so- quickly be without care. For she vereignty from the Highest, who goeth about seeking such as are shall try your works, and search worthy of her, sheweth herself out your counsels. Because, being favourably unto them in the ministers of his kingdom, ye have ways, and meeteth them in every not judged aright, nor kept the thought. For the very true beginlaw, nor walked after the counsel | ning of her is the desire of disciof God; horribly and speedily shall pline; and the care of discipline he come upon you : for a sharp is love; and love is the keeping judgment shall be to them that of her laws; and the giving heed be in high places. For mercy will unto her laws is the assurance of soon pardon the meanest : but incorruption; and incorruption mighty men shall be mightily maketh us near unto God: theretormented. For he which is Lord fore the desire of wisdom bringover all shall fear no man's per eth to a kingdom. If your delight son, neither shall he stand in awe be then in thrones and sceptres, of any man's greatness : for heo ye kings of the people, honour hath made the small and great, wisdom, that ye may reign for and careth for all alike. But a evermore. As for wisdom, what sore trial shall come upon the she is, and how she came up, I mighty. Unto you therefore, O will tell you, and will not hide kings, do I speak, that ye may mysteries from you: but will seek learn wisdom, and not fall away. her out from the beginning of her For they that keep holiness holily nativity, and bring the knowledge shall be judged holy: and they of her into light, and will not that have learned such things pass over the truth. Neither will shall find what to answer. Where I go with consuming envy; for fore set your affection upon my such a man shall have no fellowwords; desire them, and ye shall ship with wisdom. But the mulbe instructed. Wisdom is glorious, I titude of the wise is the welfare and never fadeth away: yea, she of the world: and a wise king is is easily seen of them that love the upholding of the people. Reher, and found of such as seek ceive therefore instruction through her. She preventeth them that my words, and it shall do you desire her, in making herself first good.

Second Lesson, Acts XXVI.

he that or who card is? For thie

GOD of my fathers, and Lord | vens, and from the throne of thy

of mercy, who hast made all glory, that being present she may things with thy word, and ordain- labour with me, that I may know ed man through thy wisdom, that what is pleasing unto thee. For he should have dominion over the she knoweth and understandeth creatures which thou hast made, all things, and she shall lead me and order the world according to soberly in my doings, and preequity and righteousness, and ex serve me in her power. So shall ecute judgment with an upright my works be acceptable, and then heart: give me wisdom, that sit shall I judge thy people righteteth by thy throne; and reject | ously, and be worthy to sit in my me not from among thy children: 1 father's seat. For what man is for I thy servant and son of thine | he that can know the counsel of handmaid am a feeble person, and God? or who can think what of a short time, and too young the will of the Lord is? For the for the understanding of judgment thoughts of mortal men are miand laws. For though a man be serable, and our devices are but never so perfect among the chil uncertain. For the corruptible dren of men, yet if thy wisdom be body presseth down the soul, and not with him, he shall be nothing the earthy tabernacle weigheth regarded. Thou hast chosen me down the mind that museth upon to be a king of thy people, and many things. And hardly do we a judge of thy sons and daugh guess aright at things that are ters: thou hast commanded me upon earth, and with labour do to build a temple upon thy holy we find the things that are before mount, and an altar in the city us: but the things that are in heawherein thou dwellest, a resem ven who hath searched out? And blance of the holy tabernacle, thy counsel who hath known, exwhich thou hast prepared from cept thou give wisdom, and send the beginning. And wisdom was thy Holy Spirit from above? For with thee: which knoweth thy so the ways of them which lived works, and was present when on the earth were reformed, and thou madest the world, and knew men were taught the things that what was acceptable in thy sight, are pleasing unto thee, and were and right in thy commandments. saved through wisdom. O send her out of thy holy hea

EVENING. Wisdom XII. POR thine incorruptible Spirit | idolatrous crew, and the parents, T is in all things. Therefore chas- that killed with their own hands tenest thou them by little and lit souls destitute of help: that the tle that offend, and warnest them land, which thou esteemedst above by putting them in remembrance all other, might receive a worthy wherein they have offended, that colony of God's children. Neverleaving their wickedness they may theless even those thou sparedst believe on thee, O Lord. For it as men, and didst send wasps, was thy will to destroy by the forerunners of thine host, to dehands of our fathers both those stroy them by little and little. old inhabitants of thy holy land, Not that thou wast unable to whom thou hatedst for doing most bring the ungodly under the hand odious works of witchcrafts, and of the righteous in battle, or to wicked sacrifices; and also those destroy them at once with cruel merciless murderers of children, beasts, or with one rough word: and devourers of man's flesh, and but executing thy judgments upthe feasts of blood, with their on them by little and little, thou priests out of the midst of their l gavest them place of repentance,

Neie to set his hou hast punt righ: 1

not being ignorant that they were thou givest repentance for sins. a naughty generation, and that For if thou didst punish the enetheir malice was bred in them, mies of thy children, and the conand that their cogitation would demned to death, with such delinever be changed. For it was a beration, giving them time and cursed seed from the beginning; | place, whereby they might be deneither didst thou for fear of any livered from their malice : with man give them pardon for those how great circumspection didst things wherein they sinned. For thou judge thine own sons, unto who shall say, What hast thou whose fathers thou hast sworn, done? or who shall withstand thy and made covenants of good projudgment? or who shall accuse mises? Therefore, whereas thou thee for the nations that perish, dost chasten us, thou scourgest whom thou hast made? or who our enemies a thousand times shall come to stand against thee, more, to the intent that, when we to be revenged for the unrighte- judge, we should carefully think ous men? For neither is there of thy goodness, and when we any God but thou that careth for ourselves are judged, we should all, to whom thou mightest shew look for mercy. Wherefore, wherethat thy judgment is not unright. as men have lived dissolutely and Neither shall king or tyrant be unrighteously, thou hast tormentable to set his face against thee ed them with their own abomina

any whom thou hast punished. tions. For they went astray very Forsomuch then as thou art righ far in the ways of error, and held teous thyself, thou orderest all them for gods, which even among things righteously : thinking it the beasts of their enemies were not agreeable with thy power to despised, being deceived, as chilcondemn him that hath not de dren of no understanding. Thereserved to be punished. For thy fore unto them, as to children power is the beginning of righte without the use of reason, thou ousness, and because thou art the didst send a judgment to mock Lord of all, it maketh thee to be them. But they that would not gracious unto all. For when men be reformed by that correction, will not believe that thou art of wherein he dallied with them, a full power, thou shewest thy shall feel a judgment worthy of strength, and among them that God. For, look, for what things know it thou makest their bold- they grudged, when they were ness manifest. But thou, master punished, that is, for them whom ing thy power, judgest with equi- they thought to be gods; [now] ty, and orderest us with great fa- being punished in them, when vour: for thou mayest use power they saw it, they acknowledged when thou wilt. But by such him to be the true God, whom works hast thou taught thy peo- before they denied to know; and ple that the just man should be therefore came extreme damnamerciful, and hast made thy chil- tion upon themes dren to be of a good hope that

MORNING. Wisdom XIX. As for the ungodly, wrath came for their contentment. And punA upon them without mercy ishments came upon the sinners unto the end : for he knew before not without former signs by the what they would do ; how that force of thunders : for they sufferhaving given them leave to de ed justly according to their own part, and sent them hastily away, wickedness, insomuch as they they would repent and pursue used a more hard and hateful them. For whilst they were yet behaviour toward strangers. For mourning and making lamenta the Sodomites did not receive tion at the graves of the dead, those, whom they knew not when they added another foolish device, they came : but these brought and pursued them as fugitives, friends into bondage, that had whom they had intreated to be well deserved of them. And not gone. For the destiny, whereof only so, but peradventure some they were worthy, drew them un- | respect shall be had of those, beto this end, and made them for- cause they used strangers not get the things that had already friendly : but these very grieyhappened, that they might fulfil ously afflicted them, whom they the punishment which was want had received with feastings, and ing to their torments: and that were already made partakers of thy people might pass a wonder the same laws with them. Thereful way : but they might find a fore even with blindness were strange death. For the whole these stricken, as those were at creature in his proper kind was the doors of the righteous man: fashioned again anew, serving the when, being compassed about with peculiar commandments that were horrible great darkness, every one given unto them, that thy chil sought the passage of his own dren might be kept without hurt: doors. For the elements were as namely, a cloud shadowing the changed in themselves by a kind camp; and where water stood be of harmony, like as in a psaltery fore, dry land appeared; and out notes change the name of the of the Red sea a way without tune, and yet are always sounds; impediment; and out of the vio which may well be perceived by lent stream a green field: where the sight of the things that have through all the people went that been done. For earthly things were defended with thy hand, were turned into watery, and the seeing thy marvellous strange things, that before swam in the wonders. For they went at large water, now went upon the ground. like horses, and leaped like lambs, The fire had power in the water, praising thee, O Lord, who hadst forgetting his own virtue: and the delivered the Tor they were yet | water forgat his own quenching mindful of the sgs that were nature. On the other side, the done while they sojourned in the flames wasted not the flesh of the strange land, how the ground corruptible living things, though brought forth flies instead of cat they walked therein; neither melttle, and how the river cast up ed they the icy kind of heavenly a multitude of frogs instead of meat, that was of nature apt to fishes. But afterwards they saw melt. For in all things, O Lord, a new generation of fowls, when, thou didst magnify thy people, and being led with their appetite, they glorify them, neither didst thou asked delicate meats. For quails | lightly regard them: but didst ascame up unto them from the sea sist them in every time and place. EVENING. Ecclesiasticus I. ALL wisdom cometh from the with things desirable, and the A Lord, and is with him for garners with her increase. The ever. Who can number the sand fear of the Lord is a crown of of the sea, and the drops of rain, wisdom, making peace and perand the days of eternity? Who fect health to flourish; both which can find out the height of hea are the gifts of God: and it enven, and the breadth of the earth, largeth their rejoicing that love and the deep, and wisdom? Wis him. Wisdom raineth down skill dom hath been created before all and knowledge of understanding, things, and the understanding of and exalteth them to honour that prudence from everlasting. The | hold her fast. The root of wisword of God most high is the dom is to fear the Lord, and the fountain of wisdom; and her ways branches thereof are long life. are everlasting commandments. The fear of the Lord driveth away To whom hath the root of wis sins: and where it is present, it dom been revealed ? or who hath | turneth away wrath. A furious known her wise counsels? (Unto man cannot be justified; for the whom hath the knowledge of wis sway of his fury shall be his dedom been made manifest? and struction. A patient man will bear who hath understood her great for a time, and afterward joy shall experience?] There is one wise spring up unto him. He will hide and greatly to be feared, the Lord | his words for a time, and the lips sitting upon his throne. He cre of many shall declare his wisdom. ated her, and saw her, and num The parables of knowledge are in bered her, and poured her out! the treasures of wisdom: but godupon all his works. She is with liness is an abomination to a sinall flesh according to his gift, and ner. If thou desire wisdom, keep he hath given her to them that the commandments, and the Lord love him. The fear of the Lord shall give her unto thee. For the is honour, and glory, and glad fear of the Lord is wisdom and ness, and a crown of rejoicing. instruction: and faith and meek

The fear of the Lord maketh a ness are his delight. Distrust not merry heart, and giveth joy, and the fear of the Lord when thou gladness, and a long life. Whoso art poor: and come not unto him feareth the Lord, it shall go well with a double heart. Be not an

hypocrite in the sight of men, and find favour in the day of his take good heed what thou speakdeath. To fear the Lord is the est. Exalt not thyself, lest thou beginning of wisdom: and it was fall, and bring dishonour upon created with the faithful in the thy soul, and so God discover thy womb. She hath built an ever- secrets, and cast hee down in lasting foundation with men, and the midst of the regation, beshe shall continue with their seed. | cause thou camest not in truth To fear the Lord is fulness of | to the fear of the Lord, but thy wisdom, and filleth men with her heart is full of deceit. fruits. She filleth all their house

feareth that the laste a day of his est. Omalt bring God discover thing

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