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The proud, and all their vain designs, Give us this day our daily bread:
He quickly did confound;

Us into no temptation lead :
He cast the mighty from their seat, But with thy grace preserve us still
The meek and humble crown'd.

From sin, and ev'ry thing that's ill;
The hungry with good things were fill'd,

For thine the kingdom, and the pow'r, The rich with hunger pin'd:

And glory are for evermore.
He sent his servant Israel help,
And call'd his love to mind;

Second Metre.
Which to our fathers heretofore

UR Father, who in heaven art, By oath he did ensure,

U All hallow'd be thy Name; To Abr'am and his chosen seed

Thy kingdom come; thy will be done For ever to endure.

Throughout this earthly frame,

As cheerfully as 'tis by those

Who dwell with thee on high ;
Or, The SONG of Simeon, Luke ii. 29. Lord, let thy bounty day by day
LORD, let thy servant now depart Our daily food supply.
Into thy promis'd rest,

As we forgive our enemies,
Since my expecting eyes have been

Thy pardon, Lord, we crave; With thy salvation blest:

Into temptation lead us not, Which till this time thy favour'd saints But us from evil save. And prophets only knew;

For kingdom, pow'r, and glory, all Long since prepar'd, but now set forth

Belong, O Lord, to thee; In all the people's view.

Thine from eternity they were,
A light to shew the heathen world

And thine shall ever be.
The way to saving grace;
But, O! the light and glory both

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, of Israel's chosen race.

MOD spake these words, O Israel hear, THE CREED.

U What I shall now command; T STEADFASTLY believe in God,

Thy Lord and only God am I, I The Father of all might;

Who with almighty hand Who made this lower world, and all

From Egypt's land, and from the house The glorious worlds of light:

Of bondage set thee free:

And therefore Israel, thou shalt have And I believe in Jesus Christ,

No other God but me.
The everlasting Word;
Th' Almighty Father's only Son,

Thou shalt no graven image make,
And our most gracious Lord.

Nor likeness shalt thou feign, Conceiv'd by th' Holy Ghost, and of

Of any thing that heav'n or earth,

Or wat'ry deeps contain.
The Virgin Mary born;
By Pontins Pilate doom'd to bear

Thou shalt not how thyself to them,

Nor outward worship pay; Most bitter pains and scorn;

Much less shalt thou, in heart, adore, Was crucified, and for a time,

And to an idol prey.
Both dead and buried lay;
Descended into hell; and rose

For I thy God, a jealous God,

The father's sin chastise To life on the third day;

To third and fourth descent, of all Ascended up to heav'n; and there

Who are my enemies :
At God's right hand is plac'd;

But mercy do to thousands shew,
From whence he shall return to judge And bounteously repay
The quick and dead at last.

All those who me sincerely love,
I likewise firmly do believe,

And my commands obey. O Holy Ghost, in thee;

The sacred Name of God thy Lord The holy universal Church,

Thou never shalt profane, And saints' community.

For God will them not guiltless hold Forgiveness of repented sins,

Who take his Name in vain. (Through Christ, our sacrifice,) Remember thou the sabbath day The resurrection of the dead,

To keep with holy care; And life that never dies.

Six days to labour thou shalt take,

To finish each affair:

But God, thy Lord, the seventh day
First Metre.

His sabbath did ordain, UR Father, who in heaven art, In which thou shalt from ev'ry kind

Thy Name be hallow'd in each heart. Of worldly work refrain Thy kingdom come: may we fulfil, Thyself, thy children, servants, then Who dwell on earth, thy heav'nly will, From labour shall be free, With equal cheerfulness and love,

Thy cattle, and the stranger, whom As saints and angels do above.

I Thou tak'st to dwell with thee:

For God thy Lord the solemn space Hail the heav'n-born Prince of Peace! Of six whole days did take,

Hail the Sun of righteousness! The heavens, earth, and sers, and all Light and life to all he brings, Therein contain'd, to make;

Ris'n with healing in his wings. But rested on the seventh day,

Mild he lays his glory by, Which for that cause he blest,

Born that man no more may die: And sanctified it to be kept

Born to raise the sons of earth, A day of holy rest.

Born to give them second birth. Honour thy parents, that thou may'st

Hark, the herald angels, &c. Both long and happy live,

SONG OF THE ANGELS, In that blest land which God, thy Lord,

At the Nativity of our Blessed Saviour, Did for thy dwelling give.

Luke ii. 8-15.
From murder; from adultery;
And theft thou shalt forbear:

W HILE shepherds watch'd their Nor falsely shalt in any case

W flocks by night, Against thy neighbour swear.

All seated on the ground,

The angel of the Lord came down,
Thou shalt not covet house or wife,

And glory shone around.
Or man, or maid of his,
Or ox, or ass, or ought whereof

Fear not, said he, (for mighty dread He rightful owner is.

Had seiz'd their troubled mind, Have mercy therefore on us, Lord,

Glad tidings of great joy I bring And all our hearts incline

To you and all mankind. With diligence and care to keep

To you, in David's town, this day These righteous laws of thine.

Is born of David's line

The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord;

And this shall be the sign:
Morning Service.

The heavenly Babe you there shall find HIGH let us swell our tuneful notes, To human view display'd,

And join th' angelick throng, All meanly wrapt in swathing-bands, For angels no such love have known, And in a manger laid. T'awake a cheerful song.

Thus spake the seraph, and forthwith Good-will to sinful men is shown,

Appear'd a shining throng And peace on earth is given;

Of angels, praising God, and thus For, lo! th' incarnate Saviour comes Address'à their joyful song: With messages from heaven.

All glory be to God on high, Justice and grace, with sweet accord, And to the earth be peace; His rising beams adorn;

Good-will henceforth from Heav'n to men Let heav'n and earth in concert join, Begin, and never cease. To us a child is born.

FOR EASTER DAY. Glory to God in highest strains,

First Hymn. In highest worlds be paid ;

QINCE Christ, our passover, is slain His glory by our lips proclaim'd,

D A sacrifice for all;
And by our lives display'd.

Let all with thankful hearts agree
When shall we reach those blissful realms To keep the festival :
Where Christ exalted reigns ;

Not with the leaven, as of old,
And leam of the celestial choir
Their own immortal strains ?

Of sin and malice fed ;

But with unfeign'd sincerity,
Evening Service.

And truth's unleaven'd bread.
H ARK, the herald angels sing, Christ, being rais'd by pow'r divine,
II Glory to the new-born King,

And rescu'd from the grave, Peace on earth, and mercy mild,

Shall die no more ; death shall on him God and sinners reconcil'd!

No more dominion have. Joyful all ye nations rise,

For that he died, 'twas for our sins Join the triumph of the skies,

He once vouchsaf 'd to die; With th' angelíck host proclaim,

But that he lives, he lives to God Christ is born in Bethlehem.

For all eternity. Hark, the herald angels sing,

So count yourselves as dead to sin, Glory to the new-born King!

But graciously restor'd, Christ, by highest heav'n ador'd,

And made henceforth alive to God,
Christ the everlasting Lord,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Late in time behold him come,
Offspring of a virgin's womb:

Second Hymn.
Veil'd in flesh the Godhead he,

CHRIST from the dead is rais'd, and Hail th' incarnate Deity:

U made Pleas'd as man with man appear,

The firstfruits of the tomb; Jesus our Immanuel here.

For as by man came death, by man Hark, the herald angels, &c.

Did resurrection come.

For as in Adam all mankind

Blessing and honour, glory, pow'r, Did guilt and death derive,

By all in earth and heav'n, So by the righteousness of Christ

To him that sits upon the throne, Shall all be made alive.

And to the Lamb be giv'n.
If then ye risen are with Christ,

Seek only how to get
The things that are above, where Christ

Revelation, Chap. xix.
At God's right hand doth sit.

LL ye who faithful servants are

A of our Almighty King,
Third Hymn.

Both high and low, and small and great, TESUS Christ is risen to-day,

His praise devoutly sing! Our triumphant holy day;

Let us rejoice and render thanks Who did once, upon the cross,

To his most holy Name; Suffer to redeem our loss. Hallelujah.

H. Rejoice, rejoice! for now is come Hymns of praise then let us sing

The marriage of the Lamb. Unto Christ our heavenly King :

His bride herself has ready made, Who endur'd the cross and grave,

How pure and white her dress! Sinners to redeem and save. Hallelujah. Which is her saints' integrity, But the pain which he endur'd

And spotless holiness. Our salvation hath procur'd;

O therefore bless'd is every one, Now above the sky he's King,

Who to the marriage feast, Where the angels ever sing. Hallelujah.

And holy supper of the Lamb,
FOUR HYMNS FOR THE HOLY Is made a welcome guest !


The Thanksgiving in the Church CommuW Y God, and is thy table spread,

nion Service. W And doth thy cup with love o'erflow?

To God be glory, peace on earth, Thither be all thy children led,

11 To all mankind good-will; And let them all thy sweetness know,

| We bless, we praise, we worship thee,

And glorify thee still. Hail, sacred feast, which Jesus makes,

Rich banquet of his flesh and blood! And thanks for thy great glory give, Thrice happy he who here partakes

That fills our souls with light; That sacred stream, that heav'nly food. O Lord! God! heav'nly King ! the God

And Father of all might. Why are its dainties all in vain

Before unwilling hearts display'd ? And thou, begotten Son of God,
Was not for you the victim slain?

Before all time begun;
Are you forbid the children's bread ? O Jesu Christ! God, Lamb of God!
O! let thy table honour'd be,

The Father's only Son!
And furnish'd well with joyful guests; Have mercy, thou that tak'st the sins
And may each soul salvation see,

Of all the world away!
That here its sacred pledges tastes ! Have mercy, Saviour of mankind,

And hear us when we pray !
Let crowds approach, with hearts pre-

O thou, who sitt'st at God's right hand, With hearts inflam'd let all attend; Upon the Father's throne, Nor, when we leave our Father's board, Have mercy on us, Thou, Christ, The pleasure or the profit end.

Who art the Holy One! Revive thy dying churches, Lord, Thou, Lord,,who with the Holy Ghost,

And bid our drooping graces live; Whom earth and heav'n adore,
And more, that energy afford,

In glory of the Father art
A Saviour's blood alone can give. Most high for evermore.

THE LAMENTATION OF A Out of the Revelation of St. John.

SINNER. THOU, God, all glory, honour, pow'r, LORD, turn not thy face from me, 1 Art worthy to receive;

O Who lie in woeful state,
Since all things by thy pow'r were made, Lamenting all my sinful life
And by thy bounty live.

Before thy mercy-gate;
And worthy is the Lamb, all pow'r, A gate which opens wide to those
Honour, and wealth to gain,

That do lament their sin:
Glory and strength; who for our sins Shut not that gate against me, Lord,
A sacrifice was slain.

But let me enter in.
All worthy thou, who hast redeem'd And call me not to strict account,
And ransom'd us to God,

How I have sojourn'd here;
From ev'ry nation, ev'ry coast,

For then my guilty conscience knows By thy most precious blood.

How vile I shall appear.

I need not to confess my life

| Let all thy converse be sincere, To thee, who best canst tell

Thy conscience as the noon-day clear; What I have been, and what I am ; For God's all-seeing eye surveys I know thou know'st it well.

Thy secret thoughts, thy works and ways. The circumstances of my crimes,

Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart, Their number and their kind,

And with the angels bear thy part; Thou know'st them all; and more, much Who all night long unwearied sing

Than I can call to mind : (more High glory to th' eternal King!
Therefore, with tears, I come to beg

Of my offended God,
For pardon, like a child that dreads

LORY to thee, my God, this night, His angry parent's rod.

T For all the blessings of the light; So come I to thy mercy-gate,

Keep me, o keep me, King of kings, Where merey doth abound,

Beneath thy own almighty wings! Imploring pardon for my sin,

Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear Son, To heal my deadly wound.

The ill that I this day have done; O Lord, I need not to repeat

That, with the world, myself, and thee, The confort I would have:

1, ere I sleep, at peace may be. Thou know'st, O Lord, before I ask, Teach me to live, that I may dread The blessing I do crave.

The grave as little as my bed; Mercy, good Lord, mercy I ask,

Teach me to die, that so I may This is the total sum;

Rise glorious at the awful day. For mercy, Lord, is all my suit;

O let my soul on thee repose! Lord, let thy mercy come!

And may sweet sleep mine eyelids close;

Sleep, that shall me more vig'rous make, FOR THE MORNING. To serve my God, when I awake. A WAKE, my soul, and with the sun If in the night I sleepless lie, 1 Thy daily stage of duty run;

My soul with heavenly thoughts supply; Shake off dull sloth, and early rise Let no ill dreams disturb my rest, To pay thy morning sacrifice.

No powers of darkness me molest. Redeem thy niispent moments past, Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; And live this day as if the last;

Praise him, all creatures here below; Thy talents to improve take care;

Praise him above, angelick host, For the great day thyself prepare. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


ALL Psalms of this Version in the Common Measure of Eights and Sixes, that A is, where the first and third Lines of the single Stanza consist of eight Syllables each, the second and fourth Lines of six Syllables each, may be sung to any of the most usual Tunes, namely, York Tune, Windsor Tune, St. David's, Litchfield, Canterbury, Martyr's, St. Mary's alias Hackney, St. Anne's Tune, &c.

As the Old 25th Psalm, may be sung the New 25, 31, 51, 67, 130, 142.
As the Old 113, the 37, 46, 50, 63, 76, 91, 110, 113, 120.
As the Old 148, the 136, 148.

As the Old 104, the 149. The Psalms in this Version of four Lines in a single Stanza, and eight Syllables in each Line, (if Psalms of praise or cheerfulness) may properly be sung as the Old 100th Psalm, or to the Tune of the Old 125th Psalm, Second Metre.

The Penitential or Mournful Psalms, in the same Measure, may be sung as the Old 51st Psalm.

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Psalm GAINST all those that strive 35 Lord, not to us, we claim no share 115 (1 As pants the hart for cooling 42 Let David, Lord, a constant place 132 At length, by certain proofs, 'tis plain 73 | Lord, hear my pray'r, and to my cry 143 B

M Behold, O God, how heathen hosts 79 My God, my God, why leav'st thou me 22 Bless God, my soul; thou, Lord

My crafty foe, with flatt'ring art 36 Bless God, ye servants that attend 134 My soul for help on God relies 62 D

My soul, inspir'd with sacred love 103 Defend me, Lord, from shame

My soul with grateful thoughts of love 116 Do thou, O God, in mercy help Deliver me, O Lord my God

| No change of times shall ever shock 18 F For thee, O God, our constant praise 65 O Lord, that art my righteous Judge From my youth up, may Israel say 129 | O Lord my God, since I have plac'd From lowest depths of woe

1300 thou, to whom all creatures bow For ever bless'd be God the Lord 144 O Lord, my rock, to thee I cry

O Lord, our fathers oft have told God is our refuge in distress

O all ye people, clap your hands

O God, who hast our troops dispers'd Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth

O God, my gracious God, to thee 63 God in the great assembly stands

O Lord, to my relief draw near 70 God's temple crowns the holy mount 87

O Israel's Shepherd, Joseph's Guide

O God of hosts, the mighty Lord How blest is he who ne'er consents O Lord, the saviour and defence How many, Lord, of late are grown O God, to whom revenge belongs How long wilt thou forget me, Lord 13 | 0 come, loud anthems let us sing 95 He's bless'd whose sins have pardon Of mercy's never-failing spring 101 Happy the man whose tender care 41 | O render thanks, and bless the Lord 105 Have mercy, Lord, on me

51 O render thanks to God above 106 Hear, O my people; to my law

O God, my heart is fully bent

108 Hold not thy peace, O Lord our God O God, whose former mercies make 109 He that has God his guardian made O praise the Lord, for he is good 118 How good and pleasant must it be 920 'twas a joyful sound to hear

122 How blest are they who always keep 119 On thee, who dwell'st above the skies 123 Had not the Lord, may Israel say

O Lord, I am not proud of heart 131 How vast must their advantage be 133 | O praise the Lord with one consent 135

O praise the Lord, and thou, my soul 146

O praise the Lord with hymns of joy 147 Judge me, O Lord, for I the paths

O praise ye the Lord

149 I'll celebrate thy praises, Lord

O praise the Lord in that blest place 150 I waited meekly for the Lord

40 Just Judge of heav'n, against my foes

In vain, man of lawless might 52 Protect me from my cruel foes

16 In thee I put my steadfast trust

71 Praise ye the Lord; our God to praise 111 In Judah the Almighty's known 76 Preserve me, Lord, from crafty foes 140 Jehovah reigns, let all the earth 97

R Jehovah reigns, let therefore all

Resolv'd to watch o'er all my ways In deep distress I oft have cried

39 S

Since I have plac'd my trust in God 11 Lord, hear the voice of my complaint 5 Lord, who's the happy man that may

Since godly men decay, O Lord 19 Let all the just to God with joy

Sure wicked fools must needs suppose 14

Speak, 0 ye judges of the earth 58 Let all the list'ning world attend Lord, save me, for thy glorious Name 54

Save me, o God, from waves that roll 69 Lord, hear my cry, regard my pray'r 61

Sing to the Lord a new-made song Lord, hear the voice of my complaint 64

Sing to the Lord a new-made song 98 Let all the lands with shouts of joy 66

T Let God, the God of battle, rise 68 Thy dreadful anger, Lord, restrain Lord, let thy just decrees the king 72 To celebrate thy praise, O Lord Lord, thou hast granted to thy land 85 Thy presence why withdraw'st thou 10


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