Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Wisconsin

Department of Public Instruction, 1947

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Página 30 - To the support and maintenance of common schools in each school district, and the purchase of suitable libraries and apparatus therefor.
Página 64 - The Legislature shall provide by law for the establishment of district schools, which shall be as nearly uniform as practicable, and such schools shall be free and without charge for tuition to all children between the ages of four and twenty years, and no sectarian instruction shall be allowed therein.
Página 18 - SECTION 1. The supervision of public instruction shall be vested in a State Superintendent, and such other officers as the Legislature shall direct.
Página 42 - director" appears in this section it means the director of the bureau. The director is responsible for the services established under the state department of public instruction for children who are crippled, blind, partially seeing, deaf, hard of hearing, defective in speech, cardiopathic, malnourished, otherwise physically handicapped or who are mentally handicapped.
Página 41 - ... common school. All instruction shall be in the English language, except that the board may cause any foreign language to be taught to such pupils as desire it, not to exceed one hour each day. SECTION 2. Four new subsections are added to section 40.22 of the statutes to read: (40.22) (11) CONSERVATION. Every high school and vocational school shall offer adequate instruction in conservation of natural resources. (12) TEACHER TRAINING. The governing boards of the university, state teachers' colleges...
Página 30 - ... and approved by the sections of the division. It recommends that action be taken for attaining these goals in whole, or in large measure, by 1951— the date of the Association's 75th Anniversary. These goals are: 1. To develop programs of library service for school and public libraries everywhere which will contribute constructively and appropriately to an awareness of the world in which children and young people live, to the development of self understanding, and to the practice of democracy...
Página 42 - The direct and outreach services of the Wisconsin School for the Deaf and the Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped are also a responsibility of the division.
Página 25 - ... musical practice, calling for painstaking care and complete accuracy, is as important to child development as other forms of educational training. It has also a social value flowing out of the cooperative work in orchestra, bands and choruses. A distinct enrichment in American life will follow from added devotion on the part of our boys and girls to the beautiful art of music.
Página 42 - bureau" appears in this section it means the bureau for handicapped children. The state superintendent of public instruction shall appoint * * * a person with the status of assistant superintendent to serve as director for the bureau. Wherever the word "director...
Página 31 - The increased amount has provided a noticeable number of outstanding books, particularly in the schools with sufficient enrollments. Recent allotments derived from the Common School Fund Income and apportioned to towns, villages, and cities of the fourth...

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