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treated of evaporation in connection with the diffusion of gases and have discussed many other subjects allied to the gaseous theory. But I had to omit much, since the work would have demanded too much time. With the present limitation to the old range it has cost very much trouble and very much time to work up the literature of the subject, that has grown mightily in these more than twenty years.

The first German edition of this book has already had a large sale in England and America. The present English translation will contribute to a still wider dissemination of the book, and will win new friends to the kinetic theory. This I confidently hope, now that by reading the proofs I have seen the loving care with which Mr. Baynes has worked at the translation. By numerous suggestions, too, he has enabled me to remove some errors and to make corrections and additions. For this I here express to him my warmest thanks.


BRESLAU : September 1899


HAVING found the first edition of this book of great use, I have willingly undertaken the preparation of an English translation of this greatly enlarged and improved second edition. I have embodied in it all the additional matter contained in the Addenda to the German text, as also certain modifications and additions communicated to me by Professor Meyer, who, by reading the proofs, has ensured their accuracy.

It has been no part of my intention to add any commentary upon the book, but I have appended a few footnotes that seemed advisable, and I have added an Index which I hope will prove useful.


OXFORD: October 1899

Addenda and Corrigenda P. 46, 1. 13: Add Planck (Münchener Sitzungsber. 1894, xxiv. p. 391; Wied.

Ann. 1895, lv. p. 220) has attempted to meet Boltzmann's objection (see also Wied. Ann. 1894, liii. p. 955) by a change in the form of Kirchhoff's proof, but Boltzmann (Münch. Sitzungsber. 1895, xxv. p. 25; Wied. Ann. 1895, lv. p. 223) considers that even this amended proof is not

perfect. Phys. Soc. Abstracts, 1895, i. pp. 96, 313. 106, 4th formula : For a = a read ap = a. ., 139, 1. 21: For Staigmuller read Staigmüller.

232, formula for ni Add the exponent i after -.

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