What Christ, Thomas Paine and Allan Kardec Want You to Know and Religion Doesn't

iUniverse, 2003 M07 1 - 228 páginas
Throughout human history, religion has supposedly tried to help man live a better life. However, religion often does not want people to know the truth about the great spiritual messages. Jesus Christ, in his Parables, left a great message for mankind that is ignored by organized religion. This book answers the questions most people are afraid to ask.

You can learn:

  • ·
  • Why Christ's Parables have been ignored by religion. ·
  • Why the Parables teach us the greatest religious lessons. ·
  • What lessons the Parables hold for people in the modern world. ·
  • What Thomas Paine really understood about religion and Christ's message and why his works have been ignored. ·
  • Why Allan Kardec's message of Spiritualism can help you find happiness in your life. ·
  • Why you do not need to fear hell.

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