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HAVING at last arrived at the end of his labours on this work, the editor desires to thank the Government Printer and his able staff for the assistance, courtesy, and consideration extended to him in the very difficult matter of the printing of a catalogue requiring for its proper execution such variety and such

unusual forms of type, and so much patient correction of proofs.

It has been found impossible to issue with the work the classified biographical list which was to have formed Appendix B, but it is hoped to

issue it eventually as a separate publication.

The use of dots (. . .) and square brackets [ ] having escaped notice in the preface, the editor would now explain that three dots are used to indicate an omission in the quotation of a title-page or other matter ; and that square brackets are used to enclose matter of various kinds added by the cataloguer, i.e., (1) Matter added to titles by way of elucidation ; (2) little-used forenames of authors or other persons, as in the case of Charles [John Huffam] Dickens; (3) titles composed, in default of a title-page, by the cataloguer; (4) the author's name, in the case of some anonymous works; (5) both the author's name and the title of the book when the work in question is one which the

Library does not possess.


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