The Wooster First Reader

Wooster & Company, 1915 - 128 páginas

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Página 82 - SIXTY seconds make a minute, How much good can I do in it ? Sixty minutes make an hour, All the good that's in my power...
Página 117 - Whenever a task is set for you, Don't idly sit and view it ; Nor be content to wish it done, Begin at once to do it.
Página 36 - ... hog, and Jip bit it on the leg. Making Words. ng ing ang spr-ing . ^™ spr-ang ding-dong As Nell came by the pond, she saw a big green frog sitting on a rock. When Jip saw the frog, he ran at him. Nell cried, "Stop! Stop, Jip! Stop, I tell yon !
Página 127 - Blue." 173 This list of more difficult words is given as a drill exercise in enunciation, pronunciation, and spelling, and as an aid to the pupil in consulting the dictionary. The modified long vowels in unaccented syllables are indicated by the modified macron, as in sen'&te, 4 nite'.
Página 3 - new book" is always examined by the child to see whether or not it contains pictures, and it is the pictures that first excite his desire to learn to read the story which they illustrate. We cannot estimate the aid in growth that pictures make to both the knowledge and vocabulary of children.
Página 122 - When work is done, it's time for fun. Now we are off for home to-day, All summer long we'll work and play.

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