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Commutation of quarters: For commutation of quarters for officers Commutation of

quarters. on duty without troops where there are no public quarters, four thousand dollars; in all, for pay of the Marine Corps, six hundred and seventy-four thousand and eighty dollars and twenty cents. · PROVISIONS, MARINE CORPS: For one thousand non-commissioned Provisions. officers, musicians, and privates, and for amount required to be transferred to the paymaster, Marine Corps, on account of rations to retired men, twenty men at fifty-eight dollars and forty cents per annum; in all, sixty two thousand one hundred and eighty-five dollars and five cents.

CLOTHING, MARINE CORPS: For two thousand non-commissioned Clothing. officers, musicians, and privates, sixty-five thousand dollars.

FOR FUEL, MARINE CORPS: For heating barracks and quarters, Fuel for ranges and stoves for cooking, fuel for enlisted men, and for sales to officers, eighteen thousand dollars.

MILITARY STORES, MARINE CORPS: For pay of chief armorer, at Military stores. three dollars per day, nine hundred and thirty-nine dollars; three mechanics, at two dollars and fifty cents each per day, two thousand three hundred and forty-seven dollars and fifty cents; in all, three thousand two hundred and eighty-six dollars and fifty cents.

For purchase of military equipments, such as cartridge-boxes, bayo- Equipments. net-scabbards, 'haversacks, blanket-bags, canteens, musket-slings, swords, drums, trumpets, flags, waist-belts, waist-plates, cartridgebelts, and spare parts for repairing muskets, five thousand dollars. For purchase of ammunition, one thousand dollars. .

Ammunition. Purchase and repair of instruments for band, purchase of music Band, etc. and musical accessories, five hundred dollars; purchase of tents and camp-equipage, one thousand dollars; in all, ten thousand seven hundred and eighty-six dollars and fifty cents.

TRANSPORTATION AND RECRUITING, MARINE CORPS: For trans- Transportation and portation of troops, and the expense of recruiting service, ten thousand recruiting. dollars.

FOR REPAIR OF BARRACKS: At Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Bos- Repair of barracks. ton, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York; League Island, Pennsylvania; Annapolis, Maryland; headquarters and navy-yard, Washington, District of Columbia; Norfolk, Virginia; Pensacola, Florida; and Mare Island, California; and per diem to enlisted men employed, under the direction of the Quartermaster's Department, on the repair of barracks and other public buildings, nine thousand dollars.

Rent of buildings used for manufacture of clothing, storing sup- Rent. plies, and offices of assistant quartermasters, Philadelphia, Pennsyl. vania, and San Francisco, California, one thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars.

FORAGE, MARINE CORPS: For forage in kind for four horses of the Forage. Quartermaster's Department, and the authorized number of officers' horses, three thousand five hundred dollars.

CONTINGENT, MARINE CORPS: For freight, ferriage, toll, cartage, Contingent. funeral expenses of marines, stationery, telegraphing, rent of telephone, purchase and repair of type-writers, apprehension of deserters, repair of gas and water fixtures, office and barrack furniture, mess utensils for enlisted men, such as bowls, plates, spoons, knives, forks, packing-boxes, wrapping-paper, oil-cloth, crash, rope, twine, camphor and carbolized paper, carpenters' tools, tools for police purposes, iron safe, purchase and repair of public wagons, purchase and repair of harness, purchase of public horses, services of veterinary surgeons and medicine for public horses, purchase and repair of hose, repair of fire extinguishers, purchase of fire hand-grenades, purchase and repair of carts and wheel-barrows, purchase and repair of cooking-stoves, ranges, stoves where there are no grates, purchase of ice, towels, and soap for offices, postage-stamps for foreign postage, purchase of newspapers and periodicals, improving parade

grounds, repair of pumps and wharves, laying drain and water pipes, introducing gas, and for gas and oil for marine barracks maintained at the various navy-yards and stations, water at the marine barracks, Boston, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York; Annapolis, Maryland; Mare Island, California; also straw for bedding for enlisted men at the various posts, furniture for Government houses and repair of same, and for all emergencies and extraordinary expenses arising at home and abroad, but impossible to anticipate or classify; in all, twenty-six thousand three hundred and twenty-two dollars and two

cents. Hire of quarters. HIRE OF QUARTERS, MARINE CORPS: For hire of quarters for

officers serving with troops where there are no public quarters belonging to the Government, and where there are not sufficient quarters possessed by the United States to accommodate them, four thousand five hundred dollars.

For hire of quarters for seven enlisted men employed as clerks and messengers in commandant's, adjutant and inspector's, paymaster and quartermaster's offices, Washington, District of Columbia, and assistant quartermaster's offices, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and San Francisco, California, twenty-one dollars per month each, one thousand seven hundred dollars.

For hire of quarters for three enlisted men employed as above, at ten dollars each per month, three hundred and sixty dollars; in all,

six thousand five hundred and sixty dollars. Barracks, Norfolk, Towards the erection of barracks at Norfolk, Virginia, thirty thou

sand dollars.

Total for the Marine Corps : Nine hundred and seventeen thousand two hundred and thirteen dollars and seventy-seven cents.


Increase of the


Two steel cruisers CONSTRUCTION: That for the purpose of further increasing the authorized.

naval establishment of the United States, the President is hereby authorized to have constructed, by contract, two steel cruisers of about three thousand tons displacement each, at a cost, exclusive of armament, and excluding any premiums that may be paid for increased speed, of not more than eleven hundred thousand dollars each; one steel cruiser of about five thousand three hundred tons displacement, to cost, exclusive of armament, and excluding any premium

that may be paid for increased speed, not more than eighteen hunOne armored cruiser. dred thousand dollars; one armored cruiser of about seven thousand

five hundred tons displacement, to cost, exclusive of armament, not Three gun-boats. more than three million five hundred thousand dollars; and three gun

boats, or cruisers, neither of which shall exceed two thousand tons in displacement nor seven hundred thousand dollars in cost, excluding any premium that may be paid for increased speed and the cost

of armament; said three gun-boats, or cruisers, to be built either To be of steel. wholly of steel or with steel frames. The contracts for the construc

tion of said first three cruisers shall contain provisions to the effect that the contractor guarantees that when completed and tested for speed, under conditions to be prescribed by the Navy Department, the two vessels first herein before provided for, shall each exhibit a

maximum speed of at least nineteen knots per hour; and the vessel Guaranties of speed. of five thousand three hundred tons displacement, a maximum speed

of at least twenty knots per hour; and in the case of each vessel,

for every quarter knot of speed so exhibited above said guarantee Premiums for in the contractor shall receive a premium over and above the concreased speed.

tract price of fifty thousand dollars; and for every quarter knot that such vessel fails of reaching said guaranteed speed, there shall be deducted from the contract price the sum of fifty thousand dollars. And in the contract fur the construction of the three lastmentioned vessels such provisions forincreased speed and the premium



for the same shall be made as in the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy may be deemed advisable. In the construction of all of said vessels all the provisions of the act of August third, eighteen „Terms of vol. 24, p.

215, to be observed. hundred and eighty-six, entitled “An act to increase the naval establishment” as to material for said vessels, their engines, boilers, and machinery, the contracts under which they are built, the notice of, and proposals for the same, the plans, drawings, specifications therefor, and the method of executing said contracts, shall be observed and followed, and said vessels shall be built in compliance with the terms of said act, save that in all their parts said vessels shall be of domestic manufacture. If the Secretary of the Navy Domestic manufact shall be unable to contract at reasonable prices for the building of any of said vessels, then he may build such vessel or vessels in such navy-yards as he may designate.

CONSTRUCTION AND STEAM MACHINERY : Towards the construc- Machinery, boilers, tion and completion of the new vessels heretofore and herein author- et ized by Congress with their engines, boilers, and machinery, and for the payment of premiums for increased speed or horse-power under contracts now existing and to be made under this act, three million five hundred thousand dollars.

ARMAMENT: Towards the armor and armament of domestic manu. Armament. facture of new ships heretofore and herein authorized, two million dollars; in all, five million five hundred thousand dollars.

STEEL PRACTICE VESSEL: For the construction of one steel prac. Steel practice vessel tice vessel of eight hundred tons, for the use of the United States authorized. Naval Academy at Annapolis, except when in emergencies it may be used for other purposes, to be built by contract in accordance with the terms of the “Act to increase the naval establishment,” Vol. 24, p. 215, approved August third, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, two hun. dred and sixty thousand dollars.

Approved September 7, 1888.

CHAP. 999.-An act declaring that certain water reserve lands in the State of September 10, 1888. Wisconsin are and have been subject to the provisions of the act of Congress entitled "An act granting to railroads the right of way through the public lands of the United States," approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-five.

water reserve lands in amended.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all lands in, Right of way through the State of Wisconsin described in and withdrawn from sale by the water sier proclamations of the President of the United States issued March twenty-second, eighteen hundred and eighty, April fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, and November twenty-eighth, eighteen Post, p. 654. hundred and eighty-one, for the reason that said lands would be required for or subject to flowage in the construction of dams, reservoirs, and other works proposed to be erected for the improvement of the navigation of the Mississippi River and certain of its tributaries, be, and the same are hereby, declared to be, and to have been at all times heretofore, subject to the provisions of a certain act of Congress, entitled “An act granting to railroads the right of way through the public lands of the United States," approved March Vol. 18, p. 482. third, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, as fully, effectually, and to the same extent as though said lands had not been described in said proclamations, or withdrawn from sale thereby, but had remained with the body of public lands subject to private entry and sale : Provided, however, That any and all parts of said lands ac- Proviso. quired by any railroad company under said act of Congress shall at all times he subject to the right of flowage which at any time may Right of flowage.. become necessary in the construction or maintenance of dams, reservoirs, or other works which may be constructed or erected by or

under the authority of the United States for the improvement of the navigation of the Mississippi River or its tributaries : Provided

further, That the railroad companies availing themselves of this Filing maps of loca- act shall, in addition to filing the maps now required by law to be tion.

filed, also file maps of definite location of their proposed lines of railroad, over said water reserve lands, in the office of the Secretary of War, and until the approval of said maps by the Secretary of

War no right to occupy said lands shall vest in such companies; Not to interfere with and no location shall be permitted which takes for right of way or reservoir project.

stations lands needed for the use of the present reservoir system, or in the construction of dams or other works, or any proposed or probable extension of the same, or which will obstruct or increase the cost of the present or prospective reservoir system; or shall any railroad company be permitted to take material for construction from any of said ieservoir lands outside the right of way granted herein.

Approved, September 10, 1888.


September 10, 1888. CHAP. 1000.-An act granting the Leavenworth Rapid Transit Railway Company

- the right to construct and operate its railroad through a portion of the military reservation at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Leavenworth Rapid United States of America in Congress assembled, That license and Transit Railway Com. pany granted right of authority are hereby granted to the Leavenworth Rapid Transit way through Fort Railway Company to construct and operate its railroad, from its Leavenworth Reservation.

present terminus at the south boundary of the military reservation at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, into and through said military reservation to a point and terminus near the military prison, and at its said terminus near said military prison to construct a depot and such side-tracks, turn-tables, and other facilities as may be necessary for the convenient operation of its said railroad; and for the purpose aforesaid, the use of a strip of land fifty feet wide for its right of way extending from the south boundary-line of said military reservation to said terminal point near said military prison, and the use of a tract of land not exceeding two acres in area for said depot, side

tracks, and terminal facilities, are hereby granted to said railway Proriso.

company: Provided, That the route of said railroad through said military reservation and the location of the depot grounds and the plans of the depot and all other buildings to be erected by said rail

road company on said military reservation shall be submitted to and Subject to approval shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary of War; and said of Secretary of War.

company, its successors and assigns, shall occupy and use said right of way and depot grounds subject to removal therefrom, and the revocation of the license and authority herein given, whenever the public service, in the judgment of the Secretary of War, may require such revocation and removal.

Approved, September 10, 1888.

September 10, 1888. CHAP. 1001.-An act amendatory of an act authorizing the construction of a

- bridge over the Mississippi River at Saint Louis, Missouri, approved February third, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Bridge at Saint Louis, United States of America in Congress assembled, That section eleven **V01. 24, ch. 91, p. 377, of the act entitled “An act authorizing the construction of a bridge

over the Mississippi River at Saint Louis, Missouri," approved February third, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, be, and the same is


hereby, amended by striking out the words “stockholder or” wherever they occur in said section, so as to make said section read as follows: "SEC. 11. That whereas a principal reason for giving authority to Pooling of earnings

forbidden. build the bridge herein contemplated is to secure reasonable rates and tolls for corporations and individuals for passing over the same, the Saint Louis Merchants' Bridge Company, or its successors or. assigns, shall not agree or consent to the consolidation of this bridge company with any other bridge company across the Mississippi River, or to the pooling of the earnings of this bridge company with the earnings of any other bridge company on said river, nor shall any No person to be di.

rector or manager of person who is or may be a director or manager of any other bridge both bridges. over said river be a director or manager of the bridge herein provided for: Provided, That if this provision of this act shall at any provision to forfait time be violated in any of these particulars, such violation shall, without legal proceeding, at once forfeit the privilege hereby granted, and said bridge shall become the property of the United States, and the Secretary of War shall take possession of the same in the name and for the use of the United States."

SEC. 2. The right to amend or repeal this act is hereby expressly Amendment. reserved.

Approved, September 10, 1888.

CHAP. 1006.-An act empowering and directing the Commissioner of Navigation n September 11, 1888. to register and enroll as American vessels certain sailing vessels of foreign construction, repaired in the port of Cleveland, Ohio and named the Josephine and M. C. Upper, respectively.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commis-,

M. C. Upper and

Josephine. sioner of Navigation be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered American registers to cause to be enrolled and registered as American vessels the sail. . ing vessels known as the M. C. Upper and Josephine, respectively, of foreign construction, but repaired in the port of Cleveland, Ohio, in accordance with the application for registration thereof, now on file in the office of said Commissioner.

Approved, September 11, 1888.

CHAP. 1007.-An act to provide for an American register for the steamer Sagi. September 11, 1888. naw, of New York.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commis- Saginaw.

American register to. sioner of Navigation is hereby authorized and directed to cause the foreign-built steamer Benison, owned at the port of New York, State of New York, by W. P. Clyde, an American citizen, and rebuilt by him in the United States, to be registered as a vessel of the United States under the name of Saginaw.

SEC. 2. That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and hereby is, au- Inspection. thorized and directed to authorize and direct the inspection of said steain-vessel, steam-boiler, steam-pipes, and the appurtenances of said boiler, and cause to be granted the proper and usual certificate issued to steam-vessels of the merchant marine, without reference to the fact that said steam-boiler, steam-pipes, and appurtenances were not constructed pursuant to the laws of the United States, and were not constructed of iron stamped pursuant to said laws; and the tests to be applied on the inspection of said boiler, steam-pipes, and appurtenances will be the same in all respects as to strength and safety as are required in the inspection of boilers constructed in the United

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