Journal of the Franklin Institute

Pergamon Press, 1875

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Página 230 - The course of the Stevens Institute is of four years' duration, and covers all that appertains to the profession of a Mechanical Engineer. By means of workshops provided with excellent machinery, Physical Laboratories whose appointments are without an equal, and with the finest Cabinets of Instruments, every opportunity for the acquisition of thorough and practical knowledge is afforded.
Página 68 - Plane Trigonometry. Candidates for admission to the higher classes must be prepared to pass a satisfactory examination in all the studies previously pursued by the classes which they propose to enter. Advanced students and men of science desiring to avail themselves of the appliances of the laboratories of the Stevens Institute, to carry on special investigations, may apply to the President.
Página 303 - ... and to prepare tables which will exhibit the strength and value of said materials for constructive and mechanical purposes, and to provide for the building of a suitable machine for establishing such tests.
Página 64 - If, as is probable, the saturation of iron with hydrogen takes place whenever oxidation goes on in water, then the iron of boilers and ships may at times be changed in character and rendered brittle in the same manner as Mr Johnson's wire, and this, whether it can be prevented or not, is at least an important point to know, and would repay a further investigation of the subject.
Página 310 - The building stands nearly due east and west, and is lighted almost entirely by side light from the north and south sides. Louvre ventilators are introduced over the central nave and each of the avenues. Skylights are introduced over the central aisles. Small balconies or galleries of observation have been provided in the four central towers of the building at the heights of the different stories. These will form attractive places from which excellent views of the whole interior may be obtained.
Página 309 - ... feet in length, with one on either side of 100 feet by 416 feet, and aisles between of 48 feet. The intersections of these avenues and transepts in the central portion of the building result in dividing the ground floor into nine open spaces, free from supporting columns, and covering...
Página 69 - The meeting was called to order at the usual hour, with the President, Mr. Coleman Sellers, in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The Actuary submitted the minutes of the Board of Managers, and reported that at...
Página 304 - BUILDING is in the form of a parallelogram, extending east and west 1,880 feet in length, and north and south 464 feet in width. The larger portion of the...

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