The Great Controversy: The Conflict of the Ages in the Christian Dispensation

Kessinger Publishing, 2005 - 800 páginas
1888. White's intent is to illuminate the controversy between darkness and light, sin and righteousness, wrong and right, death and life. Contents: The Destruction of Jerusalem; Persecution in the First Centuries; The Apostasy; The Waldenses; John Wycliffe; Huss and Jerome; Luther's Separation from Rome; Luther Before the Diet; The Swiss Reformer; Progress of Reform in Germany; Protest of the Princes; The French Reformation; The Netherlands and Scandinavia; Later English Reformers; The Bible and the French Revolution; The Pilgrim Fathers; Heralds of the Morning; An American Reformer; Light Through Darkness; A Great Religious Awakening; A Warning Rejected; Prophecies Fulfilled; What Is the Sanctuary? In the Holy of Holies; God's Law Immutable; A Work of Reform; Modern Revivals; The Investigative Judgment; Why Was Sin Permitted?; Enmity Between Man and Satan; Agency of Evil Spirits; Snares of Satan; The First Great Deception; Spiritualism; Aims of the Papacy; The Impending Conflict; The Scriptures a Safeguard; The Final Warning; The Time of Trouble; God's People Delivered; Desolation of the Earth; and The Controversy Ended.

Acerca del autor (2005)

White was a founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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