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Tamperature, Montreal.

Cold and cloudy with snow; wintry-like.

Heavy falls of snow around Three Rivers,. 43 29
Warmer, cloudy and wet.

44 5 37
3. Cloudy to fair, with cold wind ; ground frozen.
4. Ground white with snow at Montreal and other

47° 8 33°5 5. Snow at Toronto, and wintry weather every

where. “ Severe snow storm, Vienna,

28 0 5 1907 6. Cold, brilliant weather ; six inches of snow at

Barrie, Ont. ; light fall of snow at Belle-

35 0 0 23° 7. Snowing at Ottawa, Toronto, and many other points..

23 8. Wintry weather ; hard frosts.


o 24 9. Bright, wintry weather ; skating. Very

stormy weather reported in eastern and
northern Europe. ...

40 0 2 2607 10. Cloudy and warmer weather ; snow at Ottawa (2 inches.)..

39 II. Ground white again with snow, Montreal ; rain. 35 3 32 12. Fair to cloudy ; cold wind..


4 33 13. Fair to cloudy, with snow furries..

9 28 14. Very fine weather ; cold night..

4 26 15. Fine weather ; sharp frost...

26 16. Fair to cloudy and cold..

44 o 28 17. White hoar frost ; cloudy and showery.

3 28 18. Cloudy and wet weather everywhere.

3 32 19. Overcast and raw....


33 Cold and overcast ; sleet and rain.

Warm weather, with white mist ; unusual

3 33
Wet and cold ; snowing at Ottawa in evening.
Storm of wind at Quebec and Montreal...


9 33 23. Cloudy to fair ; wet afternoon and evening.

32 24. Slight fall of snow during night ; fair day. 25. Cloudy, with snow at Montreal.

340 7 230 26. Ground well covered with snow ; no sleighing yet. ..

360 o 25 ° 7 27. Snow still on ground ; sleighing for some time

at Upper Ottawa ; cloudy, raw and wet at

32 I 26 28. Cloudy and raw ; boats laid up for winter.... 9 31 7 29. Cloudy and cold, with snow flurries, Marquis

of Lorne and Princess Louise arrived at

380 o 310 3 30. St. Andrew's Day ; cloudy and cold. Therm.

10 ° below zero at Fort Pelly, Man....... 370 o 2600 (A cold dip occurs, three times out of five, on St. Andrew's Day, or ist of Dec.)

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OF 1877.



NOVEMBER, 1877. 1. Weather clear and seasonable ; wind from W. to S. W.; ther

mometer 380. 2. Raining heavily all day; wind from S. E. to S. W.; thermometer

41 3. Cool, cloudy and dull ; 'tine in the afternoon; wind W.; thermo

; meter 39o. 4. Cloudy and cool; wind W.; thermometer 320; sharp shock of

earthquake felt at Montreal during night, lasted fully 15

seconds. 5. Regular Fall day; intermittent rain; snow and sleet towards night;

Wind from $. E. to N E.; thermometer 36°. 6. Clear and cold; wind W.; thermometer 21 0. 7. Clear and fine; wind from S W. to W.; thermometer 33 8. Morning fine; afternoon cloudy; rain fell and continued all night;

wind variable; thermometer 38°. 9. Cloudy, hazy and dull; light rain falling at times; wind from N. E.

to N.; thermometer 40 0 . 10. Bright and fair ; wind from N. E. to E.; thermometer 220. II. Cloudy and dull; indications of snow; wind N. W.; thermometer 12. Cloudy, rather mild; wind S. W.; therniometer 35°. 13. Fine, clear and seasonable; wind variable; thermometer 270. 14. Morning cloudy; fair in the afternoon; hazy in the evening; wind

from W. to S. W.; thermometer 33°. 15. Mild, wet and disagreeable; wind S.; thermometer 46; streets in

a filthy state. 16. Cloudy, with frequent showers of rain; wind S. W.; thermometer 17. Foggy, hazy and cloudy; wind from S. W. to S. E.; thermometer 18. Cloudy and showery throughout the day; wind W. thermometer

410 19. Light snow fell during morning; asternoon cloudy; wind N.W.;

thermometer 28. 20. Cloudy and cold; wind N.W.; thermometer 26 °.

Clear, bright and cold; wind N.E.; thermometer 21°. 22. Cloudy; rain fell in afternoon; wind S.; thermometer 310. 23. Morning foggy; rain fell during day; evening toggy; wind E.N.E.;

thermometer 37 °. 24. Cool, cloudy and dull; wind N. E.; thermometer 35°; streets a

sea of melted snow and mud. 25. Damp and dull; light rains falling most of day; wind E.; thermo

meter 37°.





Publis Agents, New York,

26. Cloudy and mild; wind N. E.; thermometer 41 ; harbors all

clear and ready for winter. 27. Rain fell last night; to-day mild and cloudy; wind S. W.; ther

mometer 50 0. 28. Raining again last night; to-day the weather is cloudy and damp;

wind W.; thermometer 43 29. Dull and cloudy, with occasional flurries of snow and rain; wind

variable; thermometer 37°; river free from ice; water gradu

ally rising. 30. Cold and cloudy; wind W.; thermometer 29.



From the last few years old-fashioned winters would almost appear to be things of the past, the frosts and snows with which the month of December has been associated with in Montreal having been substituted by rain and balmy breezes The December of 1877 was a very remarkableone in this respect, the snow-fall being singularly meagre, while it was January before the ice "took” on the river.

A single newspaper, dated Dec. 17th contained the following different items: “Winnipeg.-The weather continues warm No snow has fallen yet ; and sickness is very prevalent amongst

children, on account of the unseasonable weather.' “Hamilton.—The weather was so remarkably fine yesterday that several robins were seen on the mountain and flying through the city.” Montreal.—The mildness of the weather yesterday and to-day surpasses anything of the kind for years back at this

The ice that had formed on the bays along the shores on both sides of the river has disappeared, and the Longueuil ferry boat is running regularly, and likely to continue, to all appearance, for some days longer. This time last year the people were crossing on the ice-bridge, and the Longueuil ferry boat went into winter quarters on the roth December.”

“Halifax.—The weather continues very mild in the city ; no sleighing yet, while in the country east and west they have plenty of

On the line of railway from Amherst to Truro there are fifteen inches of snow.” Two days later the Hamilton correspondent to the Galt Reformer stated that “ some of the farmers attending court 0:1 Thursday report that on their way to the city they saw a number of people in the fields ploughing away as unconcernedly as if it were the middle of June. As the month grew on apace propositions for excursions on Christmas came from all parts of the country, and Mr. Vennor's name was bandied about at a great rate. On the 20th the WITNESS had the following, which contains the opinion expressed by numerous papers in as many different ways : “Mr. Vennor some days ago said he expected there would be a cold snap between the 15th an! 20th insts Sure enough, the cold snap came on the 16th and 17th, and caused many to hope that his forecast for another warm period before Christmas would not be experienced, but on the 19th and 20th the weather again grew warm, and a vigorous thaw has opened our horribly muddy streets.



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Christmas day of 1877 was probably celebrated in Montreal as it never had been before. Wheels took the place of runners in drives ; skaters looked wistfully at the rolling waters of the mighty St. Lawrence, and sought the glassy surface of some frog pond, or the fringe of ice along the shore instead of some more extended field ; lacrosse men for the first time engaged in a contest at so late a date ; most unique of all, a steainboat glided quietly and as easily as on the warmest day in the year to her dock, and conveyed a party of excursionists upon a trip down the river. A flower in full bloom was discovered in a garden, and a day or two later a ploughing match took place in the County of Simcoe. On the 20th the Meaford Monitor said : “Don't suppose the very oldest inhabitant remembers so mild a December as this one in which ploughing has been carried on right up to Christmas. Mr. Gifford has done, with one team, fifty acres of ploughing since harvest.”

In Europe the weather during the holidays was, as a whole, ex: ceptionally fine. In London there was a slight fall of snow on Christmas night, the first of the season, which was followed on the 27th by a hard frost, with clear weather, while severe cold with heavy snow was the rule throughout the north of the island. In Paris sleet and rain fell the greater part of Christmas day.

In the United States the weather was that of Canada. The Cincinnati Commercial of Dec. 28th reports that "travellers and despatches from various localities in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota say that the oldest inhabitants have never seen anything like the present terrible embargo of mud that prevails in every city, town and county roads, alleys and lanes. In the smaller cities and towns where there are no extensive means of clearing the mud from the streets, all commercial operations of any magnitude have been suspended. The farmer rarely ventures to town even in a light weight waggon, and, when driven out to purchase sustenance, he goes on horseback, and takes a day for a trip of a few miles. There is no abatement of the nuisance, and cattle, hogs, grain, and produce of all kinds are kept from market to the detriment of all hands. Never before in thirty years has the Upper Mississippi been open to navigation in the holiday

Thus the old year closed, and the new year opened on a similar scene.





Fair and clear ; wind N.; thermometer 180. 24 Cloudy and cold ; wind N. W.; thermometer 100. 3. Light furries of snow in the morning ; cloudy all day ; wind

S. W.; thermometer 270. 4. Mild and cloudy ; wind from S. W. to S. E.; thermometer 35°.

Most all of the river vessels have left for winter quarters. 5. Cloudy and hazy ; afternoon raining ; wind S. Thermometer 39° 6. Cloudy ; raining in the afternoon; wind from S. W. to N. W.;

thermometer 37o. 7. Cloudy and cold ; wind S. W.; thermometer 16. 8. Light snow falling ; afternoon cloudy; wind S. W.; ther.

mometer 31 °


Publishers' Agents, New York,

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9. Cloudy and dull; indications of snow; wind N. W. Ther

mometer 21 O. Cloudy; wind E.; thermometer 19o. Ice in basins gradually

increasing Soft snow falling all day ; very disagreeable ; wind S. S. E.;

thermometer 30°. 12. Morning cloudy; noon fair ; evening cloudy : wind W.; ther

mometer 33 13. Soft snow falling all day; wind from S. to W.; thermometer 34°. 14. Clear and cold ; afternoon cloudy and growing milder ; wind W.

Thermometer 14°. 15. Mild and dull; wind S. W.; thermometer 380. 16. Mild and very fine ; wind variable ; thermometer 400. 17. Mild and cloudy ; wind W.; thermometer 36o. Sleighs have

altogether disappeared from the streets. 18. Fair and clear ; wind N. E.; thermometer 15; Longueuil ferry

still running. No ice on river. 19. Rain and sleet falling throughout day; wind S.; thermometer 31 °.

Streets very slippery, making walking a difficult task. 20. Light rain last night ; to-day the weather is mild and cloudy ;

wind N. E.; thermometer 360. Water in river slowly rising. 21. Cloudy, indications of snow ; wind N. E.; thermometer 18°. 22. Cloudy, with occasional Aurries of snow; wind N.; ther

mometer 24 23. Until 9 a. m. a cold wet fog hung over the city; wind variable;

thermometer 210 24. Foggy, damp and cold day; thermometer 25 25. Morning foggy ; afternoon cloudy and dull; indications of snow

wind N.; thermometer 24°. Longueuil steamer still running ;

aquatic sports on river. 26. Morning foggy; afternoon mild and pleasant ; light airs from

N. and E.; thermometer 26°. 27. Morning foggy ; afternoon fair ; wind N. E.; thermometer 270. 28. Morning foggy; afternoon pleasant ; wind N. E. to N. W.;

thermometer 23°. 29. Morning foggy; afternoon falr ; wind N. E. ; thermometer 240. 30. Cloudy and dull; indications of snow; wind N. E.; ther.

mometer 200 31. Cloudy; small quantities of ice gathering on shore; the river still

free and Longueuil ferry running.; thermometer 16°.

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The great hail and rain storm period of the month of August, 1878, was preceded by a protracted heated term. This hot wave seems to have settled in all its severity upon the heads of the inhabitants of St. Louis, Mo., U. S. In that city the heat was intensely oppresive, and not a breath of air was stirring. Only the most important business was attended to, and the people who were thus forced upon the streets

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