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Moon's PHASES.





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Day of
Day of

३६० Day of

3 Fr 4 Sa

63 64 65

7 Tu


D. H. M.

H. M.
H. M.

H. M.
Full Moon...... 4 7 56 eve, 7 44 eve. 7 32 eve. 7 20 eve.

6 50 eve. Third Quarter. 12

4 44 eve.

4 32 eve. 4 20 eve. 4 8 eve. 3 38 eve. New Moon..... 19 7 34 morn. 7 22 morn. 7 10 morn.

6 58 morn. 6 28 morn. First Quarter.. 26 8 49 morn. 8 37 morn. 8 25 morn. 8 13 morn.

7 43 morn. This month, called March from Mars, is full of bluşFor Boreas doth his windy forces muster; (ter, Mars and old Boreas give equal shocks

One sending equal blows, the other equi-knocks. 60

The March blow and bluster is likely to occur about the 3d, 4th, or 61

5th, with snow-storms and rains according to location. In Canada and

northern sections of the United States this week will be the most winter62

like for some time, with similar weather also West and North-west.

Probably snow or sleet at Washington, and very bleak weather. 5 S 2d Sunday in Lent.

6 M 66

Probably cold and stormy weather everywhere through early portion 67 8 of week, with snow and drift in northern and western sections. There is 68 9 Th likely to be a marked "cold dip” toward the 7th and 8th days in Can69 10 Fr

ada, Northern and Middle States. 70 Sa 71

S 3d Sunday in Lent. Cold and stormy generally, with heavy snow72

falls. Cold dips East and West, Lower Provinces (St. John's, N. B., 73

and Halifax), and in all likelihood snow or rains and blustery weather 74 75 16 Th

as far south as Washington, D. C., with abrupt changes of temperature. 76

The 17th and 18th may be particularly stormy days. Cold weather 77 18 Sa in the North-west this week. 78 19 S 4th Sunday in Lent. Blustery and stormy weather and snow79 20 M

falls in many sections west to Chicago and westward, about entry of So l'u week, or 20th and 21st days. 81

W Frequent snowfalls through Province of Quebec. 82

Milder weather on and after the 22d day, with rains and sleet-storms 83

of frequent occurrence in most sections. 84

Wet weather South and East. 85 26 s 5th Sunday in Lent. 86

Snow-storms probable to westward, and high winds through Canada, 87 28 Tu accompanied by heavy snow- and rainfalls, particularly about 28th and 88

29th. 89 30

Th The month, however, will probably close generally mild, with indigo

cations of a calmer period.


13 M
14 Tu
15 W

17 Fr



23 Th 24 Fr 25 Sa

27 M

29 w

31 Fr

STORMY WEATHER.-CHICAGO, ILL., March 2, 1881.—Another severe storm of wind and snow is raging here this evening. Railroads have not recovered from the effects of Sunday and Monday, and will now have another backset.

TORONTO, March 4, 1881. A CONTINUOUS and heavy fall of snow has been in progress during the past twenty hours, and the streets are covered to a depth of about eight inches. In several sections of the city the fire-alarm telegraph-wires and other city wires are down.

DESPATCHES from every part of Ontario report rough, stormy weather, high winds, and deep snow for the past 24 hours, greatly delaying all travel.


Heftiger Wind wahrscheinlich am 3ten, Aten oder 5ten, mit Schnee oder Regen, ienad die Gegend. In Canada und den nördliden Theilen der Vereinigten Staaten, sowie auch im Westen und Nord-Westen, wird diese Woche eine der tältesten des Winters (ciu. Jn Washington, wahrscheinlich Schnee oder Schnee vermengt mit Negen, sehr trübes Wetter Sonntag, Xem inic.

Anfangs der Woche wahrscheinlich faltes und stürmisches Wetter in allen Landestheilen im Westen und Norden Schnee und Regen. Jn Canada und in den nördlicher und mittleren Staaten wahrscheinlich eine Temperatur-Erniedrigung ungefähr am 7ten und 8ten. Sonntag. Oculi.

Ralt und stürmisch, schwere Schneestürme. Im Ofen und Westen, in den unteren Canadischen Provinzen, (St. John, N. B., 1. Halifar,) und, in aller Wahrscheinlichkeit, süblich bis Washington, D. T., Schnee und Regen, mit Windstürme; dabei plößliche Temperatur Veränderungen; 17ten und 18ten werden vielleicht besonders stürmisde Tage sein. Während der Woche, taltes Wetter im Nord. Besten. Sonntag, lätare.

Anfangs der Woche, oder am 20ten und 21ten, stürmisded Wetter in Chicago und im fernen Westen. Häufige Schneefälle in der Provinz Quebec. Um 22ten und später, gelindere Temperatur, abwechselnd Schnee und Regen in den meisten Gegenden. Im Süden nnd Westen, regnerisch. Sonntag, 3 udica.

Schneestürme wahrscheinlich gegen Westen ; in Canada, Luftströmungen begleitet von dweren Schnee und Regengüssen, besonders um den 28ten und 29ten. Der Monat wird wahrscheinlich mit milder Temperatur uud mit Zeichen von annäherndem angenehmen Wetter schließen.

« On

How MARCH GOES OUT.—Mr. Vennor may justly be credited with the storm which closes this year's March weather, for his Almanac

says: the 30th the weather will be blustering, with sleet and snow, possibly, at many points East and West.” There was a sleet-storm nearly all day yesterday, changing to snow at nightfall, and this morning there were from six to eight inches of damp, heavy snow. The trees were more heavily loaded with snow than at any time this season, and presented a beautiful spectacle during the morning.

At the West the storm was very severe. Columbus, Ohio, had more snow than in any previous storm this season, and two feet deep are reported in various parts of this State.-Worcester (Mass.) Paper, April, 1881.

“ To place forecasts of weather, even of the general weather of the coming season, on a sound and certain basis, gain the power of telling a cold spring, a wet summer, or a late harvest, would be to confer an incalculable benefit upon the people of this country, and would throw into utter insignificance most of the topics of dispute or subjects of compromise which are included under the general denomination of public affairs.'”- London Times.


Moon's PHASES.


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D. H. M.

H. M.
H. M.
H. M.

H. M.
Full Moon......

3 I 3 eve. O 51 eve o 39 eve. o 27 eve. II 57 morn. Third Quarter. 11 I 46 morn. I 34 morn. I 22 morn. I 10 morn. O 40 morn. New Moon..... 17 4 54 eve. 4 42 eve.

4 30 eve.

4 18 eve. 3 48 eve. First Quarter.. / 25 2 12 morn. 2 O morn. I 48 morn. I 36 morn. I

6 morn.
Whether this month to Flora or to Ceres
The Romans gave, admits of many queries;
Aperio is “to open;"! this suggestion
Proves 'twas intended for an open question.

Day of
Day of
Day of

3 M
4 Tu





13 Th 14 Fr 15 Sa

91 1 Sa
92 2 S Sunday before Easter.

Generally fine warm weather, with frosty nights, in portions of Can94

ada and Northern New York. 95 5 W Unusual warmth in western sections during week. 96 6 Th Showers probable about 6th and 7th. Cool and unsettled weather 97

7 Fr may occur again, with cool nights and frosts in some sections.
98 8 Sa General signs of an advanced season.
99 98 Easter Sunday.

10 M Fine warm and dry weather, with every prospect of speedy opening
II Tu of navigation in northern sections.
12 W

A colder wind may set in for a day or two. 103

Very little rain so far.

Altogether, a fair, warm to hot week. 105 106 16 S Low Sunday. Change to cloudy and possibly cooler weather, with 107

17 M showers or indications of rain. 108 18 Tu Navigation probably will open on St. Lawrence River this week. 109

Latter portion of week colder, with rain, sleet, and probably snow, in I10

Th northern sections, and particularly in Lower St. Lawrence and New 21 Fr York State, about 20th or 21st.

22 Sa Fine warm to hot and dry weather on and after the 22d. 113 23 S 20 Sunday after Easter. Probable change to warmer and gen114

erally dry weather. Indications of storms, probably with high winds, 115

with cooler and stormy weather in the West. Altogether, a warm and 116 26 W dry week in the majority of sections. 117

Not at all like usual April weather. 118 28 Fr Change to cool and rainy weather after the 28th day. 119 29

Sa 120 30 S 3d Sunday after Easter. Colder weather, with rain- and snow. falls, in some northern portions, probably ushering in a cold and wet May.

19 w




24 M 25 Tu

27 Th

VENNOR predicts, “ There will be fine warm and dry weather during Easter week.” Cut this out, ladies, and paste it in your new Easter bonnets.

VENNOR sets aside the old and widely-accepted auguries bearing upon the weather, and says birds and animals know no more what the weather is going to be than men do. We fear Vennor will live and die without winning the confidence of the goose-bone folks of Kentucky.Boston Post.

The latter part of April and entry of May, 1882, will remind one of winter again, and the spring is likely to be cold and backward generally.


In Theilen von Canada und nördlichem New York, angenehmed Wetter, mit frostige Nächte. Balm-Sonntag. In westlichen Gegenden ungewöhnlich warm. Regengüsse wahrscheinlich am 6ten nnd 7ten. Möglicherweise wiederholtes kaltes und veränderliches Wetter ; in manchen Gegenden kühle, frostige Nächte. Zeichen des annährenden Frühlings überall bemerkbar. Sonntag. Ofterfest.

Schönes Wetter, warm und trođen, mit Aussicht baldiger Eröffnung der Navigation in den nördlichen Landestheilen. Vielleicht falter Wind. Bisher sehr wenig Regen. Im ganzen genommen, eine ziemlich warme Woche. 1ster Sonntag nach Ostern.

Trübes, vielleicht fühleres Wetter, regnerisch. St. Lawrence Fluß wahrscheinlich offen diese Woche. Gegen Ende der Woche, fälter, Negengüsse, Regen mit Schnee vermengt, und wahrscheinlich Schnee in den nördlichen Gegenden, und besonders um unteren St. Lawrence, sowie in New York, ungefähr am 20ten oder 21ten.

Am 22ten, schönes, warmes, trodenes Wetter. 2ter Sonntag nach Ostern.

Wahrscheinlich warmes und trođenes Wetter; Zeichen von Stürme, mit wahrscheinlich starter Wind; im Westen, fühler und stürmisch. Im ganzen, in den meisten Gegenden wird die Woche warm und troden sein, ganz anders als gewöhnlich im April. Nach dem 28ten, kühl und regnerisch.

3ter Sonntag nach Aftern.

Kälteres Wetter, Regengüsse und Schnee, in manchen nördlichen Landestheilen, viel. Leicht einen kalten regnerischen Mai herbeiführend.


A NATURAL BAROMETER. EVERYBODY has admired the delicate and ingenious work of the spider, everybody has watched her movements as she spins her wonderful web, but all do not know that she is the most reliable weather-prophet in the world. Before a wind-storm she shortens the threads that suspend her web, and leaves them in this state as long as the weather remains unsettled. When she lengthens these threads count on fine weather, and in proportion to their length will be its duration. When a spider rests inactive it is a sign of rain; if she works during a rain, be sure it will soon clear up and remain clear for some time. The spider, it is said, changes her web every twenty-four hours, and the part of the day she chooses to do this is always significant. If it occurs a little before sunset, the night will be fine and clear. Hence the old French proverb : “ Araignée du soir, espoir."


THINGS NOT GENERALLY KNOWN.–Caterpillars never produce young; flies, bees, etc. never grow larger after their escape from the cocoon. Most people suppose that the little flies that we see around are the same kind as the larger ones, only younger; but the fact is, that they are the same size as when hatched out from the cocoon.


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D. H. M.

H. M.
H. M.
H. M.

H. M.
Full Moon......

33 47 morn. 3 35 morn. 3 23 morn. 3 II morn. 2 41 morn. Third Quarter. 10

7 51 morn.

7 39 morn. New Moon..... 17

7 27 morn, 7 15 morn. 6 45 morn. 2 25 morn. 2 13 morn. 2 25 morn. 2 13 morn. 1 43 morn. First Quarter.. 24

7 33 eve. 7 21 eve. 7 33 eve. 7 21 eve. 6 51 eve.
May formerly was sacred to Apollo;
The ancients little thought of what would follow-
That May, descending as time onward rolls,
Should e'er by Fate be made the fête of “Poles.”

Day of
Day of
Day of





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4 Th

9 Tu




13 Sa


May will probably enter cold and unsettled, with cold rains and sleet

and snowfalls in sections of Province of Quebec, Northern New York 123


State, and at some western points about 2d and 3d, followed by warmer 124 125

5 Fr weather generally between the 4th and 7th days. 126 6 Sa 127

7 S 4th Sunday after Easter. 128 8 M Probable change again to cool and unsettled weather between 7th and 129

Ioth of month. After roth generally fair and warm weather, with periods 130 W of sultriness and storms, which it would be foolish to attempt to fix to 131

Th date. 132

Fr Warm to hot about 12th and 13th, with strong winds. Bush-fires 133

likely in many sections. 134 14 S Rogation Sunday. 135 15 M A general week of fine summer-like weather, with the usual periods of 136 16 Tu sultriness and storm in a May month. 137 17 W Indications of a change toward the 21st. 138 18 Th Ascension Day. 139

Pretty hot weather up to 19th, with frequent storms of thunder and 140

Sa lightning 141

S Sunday after Ascension. 142

M Cooler and unsettled weather, with high winds generally ; cool to cold 143

rains and backward signs. Stormy weather in western sections probable 144

about 25th and 26th. Warm and sultry weather with strong winds 25 Th through remainder of month. Smoky weather. Altogether a very 146 26 Fr changeable month, with great range of temperature from frost-line to 147

full summer heat. 148 28 S Whitsunday. 149 29 M

Warmer and more unsettled weather in most sections up to close of 150 30


month. There is just a possibility of the cool and unsettled term occur151 31


ring at the close of May instead of between the 21st and 28th, as given here; but I am inclined to place greater faith in the latter view.

19 Fr




23 Tu 24 W


27 Sa

VENNORISMS. VENNOR? The Canadian seer seems to have been forecasting the weather pretty accurately of late. Perhaps he will let us know just how much water we shall have this summer. As a measure of economy, the government might discontinue the Signal Service, and save the expense of “ probabilities” hy hiring the venerable Saturn of Canada to gauge the weather.- Paper Trade Four.

MR. VENNOR: Respected Sir-If you will compromise on-say three feet—and a little higher temperature, call immediately and sign papers.

Yours, truly,

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