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Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Headache,

Toothache, &c.

Millions of bottles sold annually under a guarantee—if no relief, money refunded. No money has ever been called for under this guarantee. It costs nothing unless it does service.

Prof. LOW'S

Pleasant Worm Syrup.

This is the only Worm Syrup that is both pleasant to take and invariably effective. If any worms exist, this Syrup, if administered, will certainly expel them.


Sole Proprietors.



The Bicycle, as a permanent, practical roadvehicle, is an acknowledged fact, and the thousands in daily use are constantly increasing in numbers. It combines speed and endurance that no horse can equal, and for pleasure or health is far superior to any other out-door sport. The Columbias are carefully finished in every particular, easy-riding, staunch and durable, and are confidently guaranteed as the best value for the money to be attained in a Bicycle. The art of riding is easily acquired, and the exercise is recommended by the medical profession as a means of renewing the health and strength as it brings into action nearly every muscle of the body. Send 3c. stamp for 24-page illustrated

catalogue, containing price list and full information. THE POPE M'F'G CO. 597 Washington Street, BOSTON.

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S. S. BARNES, Supt., Norfolk, Va.

F. D. KELLOGG, Crisfield, Md.

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HIS Hotel, which is famed in the annals of Montreal

and well-known to all American travellers is, for

situation, the best in the city, being next to the G. P. O., near to Banks, Public Buildings, Law Court, Railroad and Telegraph Offices. It has been recently retaken by Mr. Henry Hogan its former proprietor, who has thoroughly renovated it, added all the modern improvements and newly furnished it. In point of convenience and management the St. Lawrence Hall is eclipsed by no Hotel on this Continent. The manager, Mr. Samuel Montgomery, a gentleman well known to the travelling community, is eminently competent to carry out the idea of the Proprietor which is to make this Hotel the favorite resort to visitors in future as it has been heretofore.

Rates $2.50 and $3.00 per day.




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Portrait Prof. Henry G. Vennor


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3 Publishers' Remarks

4 A Balloon in a Thunder-Storm Almanacs Atmospheric Conditions during Cyclones. A Natural Barometer A Very Hot Summer .

65 A Wet Moon.

73 “ A Wet Spell"

Balloon in a Thunder-Storm, A
Calendar for January, 10; February, 12; March, 14; April, 16;

May, 18; June, 20; July, 22; August, 24; September, 26;
October, 28; November, 30; December

32 Cold Snaps; “ Polar Waves"

23 Comet-Some Statistics

53 Comet in Shakespeare, The .

54 Course of Storms, The .

47 Cycles of Time ... Difference between a Cyclone and a Tornado

71 Droughts and Rains :

64 Earthquakes

46 Entry of the Winter of 1880–81, The.

IT Extraordinary Figures

67 Extraordinary Weather in Britain

69 Forecast for the Autumn and Winter of 1881, General (October, 7; November, 8; December, 8)

7 For Northern Sections in the United States and Canada .

9 General Impressions .

9 General Forecast for the Autumn and Winter of 1881

7 Globular Lightning

49 Great Comet of 1881 .

52 Hail and Hail-storms

45 Heat and Dry Weather in Europe .

69 Historical Weather-Periods .

42 Historical Eclipses

77 Highest Shade Temperature in 1880

79 Hoar-Frost.

79 Hot-Weather Records

78 How the Calendar was Made

38 How Man and the Animals are Affected by the Weather Changes . 63 Influence of the Moon upon the Weather .

72 Insects as Weather-Prophets .

51 Laws governing Rainfalls . Morning and Evening Stars . Moon and the Weather, The

75 Our Post-bag


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