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1887 jul: 1 - 120.2.

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American Carriers, Shall they transport the Prod-
ucts of American Industry?.
.John Totul.


American Literature, Early.


Among the Apaches....

A. G. Tassin.

.311, 374

Annexation of Mexico, The..
Henry S. Brooks


Are the French Capable of Self-Government ?. .F. I. Vassault..

Autumn Days in Ventura.

.Ninetta Eames..

Illustrations.- Bells at Ramona's; South Porch at Ramona's; Orange Orchard at Santa Paula; Oil
Wells at Santa Paula; Saticoy Bean Field; Magnolia; Canary Seed; Artesian Well at Hueneme;
Berylwood. Photographs by J.C. Brewster. Grape Arbor at Camulos; Berylwood; Laguna.
Maime Williams. Señorita Belle; On the Grade; Dorothy; A Saticoy Pumpkin; Grain Wag-

Albert Hooper. Fountain at Camulos; Church at Saticoy; Light-house and Wharf at
Huenene. Geo. E. Lyon.

Basket of Eggs, A...

M. F. Ray..

Biography, Recent.

..93, 212

Bison, Hunting the.

.Dagmar Mariager..

Book Reviews:

Allen's Korean Tales, 666.-American Literature, A Library of, (Stedman and Hutchinson,) 549.

-American Resorts, 335.-Authors' Birthdays, 560.

Bacon, Delia, (Theodore Bacon,) 212.-Balzac's Bureaucracy; Louis Lambert; The Magic Skin;
Seraphita, 207.- Beginnings of New England, (Jolin Fiske,) 661.-- Benjamin Franklin, ( Morse,)
663. - Biography, Recent, 93. 212.--Björnson's Ovind, 666. - Broken Lights, (Frances Power Cobbe,)
336.--Broken Lives, 100.- Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, Famous Women Series, 215. – Brown,
John, (Von Holst,) 560.-Bureaucracy. (Balzac,) 207.-Burgoyne's Invasion of 1777, 560.
California, A Popular History of, 336.--California, '46 to'88, (Jacob Wright Harlan,) 103.-Califor-
nia Fruits, (Edward J. Wickson,) 661.--California, Sixty Years in, (William Heath Davis,) 103.
- Catalogue of the Barton Collection, 559.-Centennial of a Revolution, The, 335.-Church His-
tory, (Kurtz,) 447.-Cobbe's (Frances Power,) Broken Lights; Religious Duty; 336.-Columbia,
the Gem of the Ocean, 662.-Constitutional History and Government of the United States,
(Judson S. Landon,) 330.-Country Cousin, The, 99.--Cressy (Bret Harte,) 102.-Crusade of Rich-

ard I, 560.

Dangerous Catspaw, A, (Murray,) 99.-Davis's (William Heath) Sixty Years in California, 103.-

Delia Bacon, (Theodore Bacon,) 212.- Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction, 224.-Dream-

thorp, (Alexander Smith,) 336.

Eating for Strength, 112.- Ebers's Margery, 210.- Elizabeth Barrett Browning, (Famous Women

Series), 215.-Emergency Notes, 336 - Emerson in Concord, (Edward Waldo Emerson,) 447.-

Essays on Practical Politics, (Theodore Roosevelt,) 335.
Fiction, Recent, 98, 205.-- Fighting Phil, (Headley.) 96.-Fireside Saints and Other Papers, (Doug.

las Jerroold,) 336.-Fiske's Beginnings of New England, 664.-Franklin, Benjamin, (Morse,) 663.

-From Lady Washington to Mrs. Cleveland, 96.
George Washington, (Lodge,) 664 --George Washington, (Scudder,) 96.-Girl Graduate, A, (Celia
Parker Woolley,) 101.--Good Company Series: Leigh Hunt's Wishing Cap Papers; Jerrold's
Fireside Saints, etc.; Smith's Dreamthorp; Steele's The Lover and Other Papers; Miss Cobbe's
Broken Lights, and Religious Duty, 335. Guardians, The, 98.

Hansa Towns, The, (Helen Zimmern, 559.-Hardy's (Arthur Sherburne) Passe Rose, 210.--Har-

lan's (Jacob Wright) California '46 to '88, 103.- Harte's (Bret) Cressy, 102; Hermia Suydam, 100.

Holmes Birthay Book, 336.-Hours with the Living Men and Women of the Revolution, (Los-

sing,) 96.-Howard's (Blanche Willis) The Open Door, 206.– Fiowells' The Sleeping Car and Oth-

er Farces, 205.--Hutchinson's (Miss) and Stedman's A Library of American Literature, 549.

Ideals of the Republic, The, (Knickerbocker Nuggets,/ 112.-Immanent God, (A. W. Jackson,)

224. - Impressions of Russia, (Georg Brandes,) 417.-Indoor Studies, (John Burrouglis,) 661.-

Ivan Ilyitch, (Tolstoï,) 221.

Jacobi's (Dr. Mary Putnam) Primary Education, 331.-Jesus Brought Back, 223. --John Brown,
(Von Holst,) 360.-Johns Hopkins Studies: Introduction to Local Constitutional History (How-
ard); Leverinore's (C. H.) The Town and City Government of New Haven; Andrews' (C. M.)
The River Towns of Connecticut, 328.
Korean Tales, (H. N. Allen,)666.-Knickerbocker Nuggets: The Wit and Wisdom of Sydney Smith;

The Ideals of the Republic, 112.-Kurtz's Church History, 447.

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