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Of the Qualifications required to a pro

fitable hearing of God's Word...

Preached on the Gospel for Sexagefima

Sunday, at Grays-Inn, 1689.

LUKE VIII. 8. He that bath Ears to bear, let him Hear.

A HE Words are a kind of. Pro

verbial Expression, with which
our Blessed Saviour
very * frequently con- * Mar. xi. 15.
cludes his Discourses

Kurres ---xiii. 9, 43.

Mar. vii. 16. to his Disciples, the Luk. xiv. 35,

more to engage them fc. to a juft Attention to and Confideration of that Holy Gospel, which he delivered unto them: And the Import whereof we cannot beta ter learn, than from that excellent Parable to which they are here subjoin'd.

A Sower


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