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Página 340 - Where is then the blessedness ye spake of? for I bear you record, that if it had been possible, ye would have plucked out your own eyes, and have given them to me.
Página 197 - The— knights — are — dust.— Their— good —swords— rust.— Their — souls— are — with —the— saints— we— trust.
Página 198 - The changing spirits' rise and fall; We know that these were felt by him, For these are felt by all. He suffered — but his pangs are o'er; Enjoyed— but his delights are fled ; Had friends — his friends are now no more ; And foes — his foes are dead. He loved — but whom he loved the grave Hath lost in its unconscious womb : O she was fair!
Página 241 - Scots, who would not consent to grant them upon any other terms, than that when any difficulty should arise, they should choose a king from the female royal race rather than from the male ; which custom, as is well known, has been observed among the Picts to this day.
Página 197 - ONCE, in the flight of ages past, There lived a Man ; — and WHO WAS HE ? — Mortal ! howe'er thy lot be cast, That Man resembled thee.
Página 234 - Britons their liberty, which they have now enjoyed for about forty-six years. Among the many English that then either fell by the sword, or were made slaves, or escaped by flight out of the country of the Picts, the most reverend man of God...
Página 54 - ... tumor is near the cortical substance of the cerebrum ; pain in the back of the head shows that it is in the posterior cranial fossa ; and severe psychical disturbance either indicates numerous tumors in the cortical substance of both hemispheres, or that there is secondary meningitis or hydrocephalus. It appears to me that too little attention has been paid to the fact that the intelligence which is at first intact is very much impaired in the later stages of tumors encroaching on the posterior...
Página 198 - The clouds and sunbeams, o'er his eye That once their shades and glory threw, Have left in yonder silent sky No vestige where they flew. The annals of...
Página 240 - Britain, whether indigenous or immigrants, is a question involved in the obscurity usual among barbarians. Their temperament of body is various, whence deductions are formed of their different origin. Thus, the ruddy hair and large limbs of the Caledonians point out a German derivation.
Página 133 - In the place or square of the temple, a great annual festival was held at the summer solstice. The multitude, assembled from all parts of the empire, and presided over by the Inca, awaited in breathless solemnity the first rays of their deity to strike the golden image in the temple, when the whole prostrated themselves in adoration. Sacrifices, similar to those of the Jews, were offered on the occasion, and bread and wine were partaken of in a manner strikingly resembling the Christian communion.

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