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August, 1909. 1 AUSTRIA-MEXICO. Special arrangement in force for exchange of

money orders, including Austrian offices in the Levant. L'Union

Postale, 34:203. 1 FOURTH LATIN-AMERICAN MEDICAL CONGRESS opened at Rio de

Janeiro. At the same time the International Exposition of
Hygiene was opened at the same place. Next meeting will be at

Lima. B. A. R., October; Diario Oficial, Mexico, October 18. 3 LUXEMBURG. Ratification of the International Convention relative

to Civil Procedure, concluded at The Hague July 17, 1905.

Monit., August 25; B. Usuel, August 3. 3 TWENTIETH EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS opens at Cologne. Mém. dipl.,

August 8. 6 BRAZIL. Decree declaring that the provisions of the Brazilian law

of September 24, 1904, requiring the publication in the Diario Oficial of the certificate of registration and description of national and foreign trade-marks are inapplicable to trade-marks deposited at the International Bureau at Berne, under the Madrid conven

tion of 1891. B. A. R., November, 1909. 7 GREAT BRITAIN UNITED STATES. Denunciation of the agreement

of November 19, 1907, respecting (1) Commercial Travellers' Samples entering the United Kingdom ; (2) Import Duties on British Works of Art entering the United States. Effective

February 7, 1910. See May 1, 1909. Treaty ser., 1909, No. 23. 10 BRAZIL-ECUADOR. Decree by President of Brazil approving the

treaty signed at Rio de Janeiro May 10, 1907, on Commerce and River Navigation between these countries. Diario Oficial (Bra

zil), September 17, 1909. 11 COSTA RICA-MEXICO. The President of Costa Rica approved the

postal convention signed June 29, 1909. Text in La Gaceta, San

José, August 19, 1909. 12 FRANCE,SPAIN. Ratifications exchanged at Paris of declaration

made at Bayonne, April 6, 1908, relative to fisheries in the Bidassoa. Decree August 19 putting it in force. J. O., August 20; Gaceta de Madrid, August 21. This is a modification of the convention of February 18, 1886, and the additional protocol of

January 19, 1888. 17 CHINA. Hankau-Szechuan Railway loan definitely settled at

Peking. Loan to be increased to $30,000,000 and British, French,

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August, 1909.

German, and American groups each to take one-quarter. Times,

August 18. 17 UNITED STATES—VENEZUELA. Decree of President Gomez appror

ing protocol for settlement of certain claims, including that of A. F. Jaurett, signed at Caracas February 13, 1909. Gaceta


held at Bergen. The report of the British delegates is embodied in Cd., 4916; Times, October 29; Mém. dipl., August 22. The

first conference was held at Berlin, October 11-16, 1897. 20 FRANCE-MEXICO. In pursuance of a compromise signed at Mexico,

March 2, 1909, these governments request the King of Italy to decide a question arising as to the sovereignty over Clipperton

Island. Mém. dipl., August 22. 21 UNITED STATES— VENEZUELA. Protocol of settlement of the claim

of the United States and Venezuela Company (“Crichfield

case") signed at Caracas. U.S. Treaty ser., 5311. 10-23 SERVIA. Adherence to the additional act of Brussels of Decem

ber 14, 1900, modifying the international convention signed at Paris March 20, 1883, for the protection of industrial property.

J. O., September 21. 23 FIFTH INTERNATIONAL DENTAL CONGRESS opened at Berlin. The

former congresses met (1) at Paris in 1889; (2) at Chicago in 1893; (3) at Paris in 1900; (4) at St. Louis in 1904. Times,

August 24. 27 PERU. Decree fixing January 1, 1910, as the date for the recep

tion in Peruvian consulates abroad of applications for the registry of trade-marks, to meet the needs of companies who desire protec.

tion but have no representatives at Lima. B. A. R., November. 27-28 FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE MEDICAL Press met

at Vienna. Mém. dipl., September 5. The earlier congresses met (1) at Paris, 1900; (2) at Madrid, 1903; (3) at Lisbon, 1906. A special international conference growing out of the first congress met at Monaco in 1902. Annuaire de la Vie Int., 1908–


pest. Closed September 4. Next congress meets at London, 1913. Times, September 1; Mém. dipl., September 5. Former conAugust, 1909.

gresses as follows: (1) Paris, 1867; (2) Florence, 1869; (3) Vienna, 1873; (4) Brussels, 1875; (5) Geneva, 1877; (6) Amsterdam, 1879; (7) London, 1881; (8) Copenhagen, 1884; (9) Washington, 1887; (10) Berlin, 1890; (11) Rome, 1894; (12) Moscow, 1897; (13) Paris, 1900; (14) Madrid, 1903; (15) Lis

bon, 1906. Annuaire de la Vie Int., 1908–1909. 30 Sixth INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF TRADE UNIONS opened. Times,

August 31. 30 BELGIUM-HONDURAS. Ratification by Belgium of the convention

of January 1, 1909, relative to exchange of packages by post.

B. Usuel, August 30. 31 GERMANY-VENEZUELA. Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navi

gation signed at Caracas January 26, 1909, was promulgated by President of Venezuela. (See January 25.) Treaty to last ten years and thereafter unless previous notification is given by one of the contracting parties. B. A. R., November, 1909.

September, 1909. 1 PERSIA. A proclamation was issued granting a general amnesty,

with certain exceptions. Times, September 2. 3 BRAZIL-SALVADOR. Treaty of arbitration signed. Terms identical

with those of treaties already signed by Brazil and Honduras,

Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. B. A. R., November, 1909. 4 CHINA-JAPAN. Convention dealing with Chientao and five other

questions regarding Manchuria signed at Peking. Q. dipl.,

13:376; Times, September 6 and 9 (full text); Mém. dipl. 4 BRAZIL-PERU. Decree by President of Brazil approving the accord

regarding the navigation of the Japura or Caqueta river, concluded at Lima April 15, 1908. Diario Oficial (Brazil), Septem

ber 17. 5-11 FIFTH INTERNATIONAL ESPERANTO CONGRESS held its sessions at

Barcelona. The first congress met at Boulogne, 1905; the second at Geneva, 1906; the third at Cambridge, England, 1907; the fourth at Dresden, 1908. The sixth will meet at Washington the

third week in August, 1910. N. A. Rev., 190:693. 6 MEXICO. Adherence to the arrangement and protocol signed at

Madrid, April 14, 1891, for the protection of industrial property. 8 THE BALTIC AND WHITE SEA CONFERENCE met at The Hague.

Times, September 10. Next year's meeting will be at Christiania.

September, 1909.
8 GREAT BRITAIN_UNITED STATES. Agreement effected by exchange

of notes signed at London, July 22-September 8, renewing the
modus vivendi of 1908 regarding the Newfoundland fisheries, and
continuing it pending settlement of the Atlantic fisheries ques-

tions by the Hague tribunal. C. S. Treaty ser., No. 533. BRAZIL-PERC. Treaty concluded at Rio de Janeiro between these

powers settles the question of their frontiers in the Amazon region. Each retains its present possessions from headwaters of the Javary

to parallel 11° south. Times, September 10. 9 UNITED STATES-- VENEZUELA. Protccol of arrangement for settle

ment of the cases of the Orinoco Corporation (and its predecessors in interest, the Manoa Company Limited, the Orinoco Company, and the Orinoco Company Limited) signed at Caracas. Text of protocol and of notes exchanged in Gaceta Oficial (Caracas), Sep

tember 16. U. S. Treaty ser., No. 5331 11 EGYPT—RUSSIA Emperor of Russia ratifies the treaty of commerce

and maritime navigation. Mém. dipl., September 19. 11 INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHow opened at San Sebastian, Spain.

Entries include delegations from the armies of Argentine, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Times, Sep

tember 13. 13 GREAT BRITAIN-PORTUGAL. Additional articles to the agreement

of January 17, 1883, for the exchange of money orders, signed at

Lisbon. Text in Treaty ser., 1909, No. 26. 13 THE MACEDONIAN FINANCIAL COMMISSION held its last sitting at

Salonika. For account of its origin and of the work done, see

Times, October 1, 1909. 13–15 SECOND YOUNG EGYPT CONGRESS opened at Geneva, on the 27th

anniversary of occupation of Egypt by Great Britain. Times.

September 14; Mém. dipl., September 19, October 7 and 14. 14 SEVENTH CONGRESS OF CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE OF THE EMPIRE

opened at Sydney, New South Wales. The fourth congress met at London, 1900; the fifth at Montreal, 1903; the sixth at London, 1906. The principal action was a resolution in favor of a preferential system of trade within the Empire. Congress closed

September 17. Times, September 14, 20, 27. 18 INTERNATIONAL ('{ NGRESS OF AËRONAUTICS opened at Nancy, seven

day session. Mém. dipl., September 12.

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September, 1909.
NICARAGUA UNITED STATES. Protocol of settlement of the George

D. Emery Company's claim, signed at Washington. The protocol
of agreement for the arbitration of the case and a supplementary

protocol were signed at Washington May 25. 20-23 DENMARK-MEXICO. Decree of President Diaz approving con

vention signed May 26, 1909, at Mexico providing for exchange of parcels post between Mexico and the Danish West Indies.

Text in Diario Oficial (Mexico), September 28. 20 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE PRESS opened in London.

The first congress was held at Anvers in 1894. The 1908 meet

ing was at Berlin. Times, September 22. 21 INTERNATIONAL GEODETIC ASSOCIATION opened its 18th triennial

conference at London and Cambridge. It was established in

1862 at Berlin. Times, September 22. 22 TURKEY. The Porte addresses a memorandum to the Powers re

questing their consent to the raising of the import duties from

11% to 15%. Times, September 23. 22–26 INTERNATIONAL MARITIME COMMITTEE met at Bremen. Ném.

dipl., September 26; Times, September 28. For the relation of this conference to the Brussels Conference of September 28

(9. v.), see Times, October 29.

Brussels. Closed October 8. Vide, supra, September 22–26.
Times, October 29.

October, 1909.
1 MEXICO—UNITED STATES. Postal Money-Order Convention con-

cluded at Washington, February 2, 1909, became effective. It was
approved by the Mexican Congress on May 3 and ratified by Presi-
dent Diaz on June 26. It will continue in force until one year
after either country shall have notified the other of its intention

to terminate it. B. A. R., October; L'Union Postal, 31:204. 2 PARAGUAY—I'NITED STATES. Ratifications exchanged at Asuncion

of arbitration convention signed at Asuncion March 13. Ratifications advised by Senate July 30; ratified by the President August 10; by Paraguay September 28; proclaimed November 11. U. S. Treaty ser., No. 534.

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