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to enable him to sign the protocol. It will be recalled that Dr. Saenz Peña was the head of the Argentine delegation to the Hague Conference and was selected by the Government of Venezuela from among the menbers of the Hague court to act as arbitrator in the approaching arbitration between the United States and Venezuela, but was compelled to withdraw as arbitrator on account of his other duties.

The text of the protocol itself may seem somewhat disappointing to those who are not acquainted with the history of the negotiations which led up to its signature on account of its failure to provide a definitive solution for the questions at issue. However, the third article provides for the maintenance of the status quo by stipulating that “the navigation and use of the waters of the River Plate will continue without alteration as up to the present," while the other articles of the protocol contain mutual engagements to approach the future solution of the questions involved in a spirit of friendship and amity and thus point the way to an ultimate adjustment at some time when the subject may be dispassionately considered, divorced from any incidents which may have made for friction in the recent negotiations.

Those who are best acquainted with the situation and therefore best qualified to judge, appear to regard the agreement, which seems to have been hailed with equal satisfaction by the public opinion in both countries, as most wise both in its inclusions and omissions and of the highest importance in bringing about the ultimate amicable solution of this question which has so long vexed the relations of two friendly nations.



Abbreviations: Ann. sc. pol., Annales des sciences politiques, Paris; Arch. dipl., Archives diplomatiques, Paris; B., boletín, bulletin, bollettino; B. A. R., Monthly bulletin of the International Bureau of American Republics, Washington; Doc. dipl., France: Documents diplomatiques; Dr., droit, diritto, derecho; For. rel., Foreign Relations of the United States; Ga., gazette, gaceta, gazzetta ; Cd., Great Britain: Parliamentary Papers; Int., international, internacional, internazionale; J., journal; J. O., Journal Officiel, Paris; Mém. dipl., Mémorial diplomatique, Paris; Monit., Moniteur belge, Brussels ; N. R. G., Nouveau recueil général de traités, Leipzig: Q. dipl., Questions diplomatiques et coloniales; R., review, revista, revue, rivista: Reichs-G., Reichs-Gesetzblatt, Berlin; Staatsb., Staatsblad, Gröningen; State Papers, British and Foreign State Papers, London; Stat. at L., L'nited States Statutes at Large; Times, the Times (London); Treaty ser., Great Britain: Treaty Series.

October, 1909. 2 CHINI-GREAT BRITAIN-UNITED STATES. Agreement signed for

the construction of the Chinchow-Tsitsihar-Aigun Railway, by a British firm with American capital. North China Herald, Jan

uary 28.

6 COLOMBIA-FRANCE. Ratifications of the Arbitration convention

signed at Bogota, December 16, 1908, exchanged at Bogota. Text in R. Generale de Dr. Int. Public, 16: (725) 41.


Commission is a technical one appointed under the Algeciras Act.

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national questions concluded at Rio de Janeiro. B. A. R., Jan

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period of five years the Arbitration Convention of August 11,

1904, signed at London. Treaty ser., 1909, No. 27. 9-22 GREECE-RUSSIA. Trademark declaration signed at Athens,

giving to subjects of each in territories of the other, most-favorednation treatment in the matter of trademarks. Official Bulletin of Laws (in Russian and French), St. Petersburg, December 29, 1909-January 11, 1910. To apply only so long as the Treaty of

Commerce and Navigation of 1850 remains in force. 12 FRANCE-SWITZERLAND. Exchange of ratifications at Paris of two

treaties, signed at Paris, December 16, 1908, in regard to (1) a railroad between Martigny and Chamonix and (2) between Nyon and Divonne-les-Bains. Promulgation decree issued by President

Fallières, November 23. J. O., November 26. 15 HAITI-UNITED STATES. Exchange of ratifications at Washington

of Arbitration Convention signed at Washington, January 7, 1909. Ratification advised by Senate, February 13; ratified by the President, March 1, by Haiti, March 22. Proclaimed November 16. U. S. Treaty ser., No. 535. See Supplement to this Journal, p. 137.

November, 1909.
1) INDIAN COUNCILS Act, 1909. Date set on which the provisions of

the Act shall come into operation. The new Provincial Councils
will assemble early in January and the Imperial ('ouncil the same

month. Cd., 4987; Times, November 16, December 6 and 21. 15 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE for the repression of the use of sac

charine, opened at Paris. Mém. dipl., November 21, 16 CAPE COLONY. The Cape to Cairo Railway reached the Congo fron

tier. Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, January, 1910. 16 FRANCE-ETHIOPIA. President Fallières promulgated a law ex

tending consular jurisdiction to French citizens and protégés in Ethiopia. R. Generale de Dr. Int. Public, 16:680; J. O., Novem

ber 18. 16 GREAT BRITAIN— PORTUGAL. Exchange of notes, renewing for

further period of five years the arbitration agreement signed at Windsor, November 16, 1904. Treaty ser., 1909, No. 32; JIém.

dipl., November 21; R. Generale de Dr. Int. Public, 16:682. 16 ITALY—SWITZERLAND. Exchange of notes at Rome renewing the

Arbitration Convention of November 23, 1904, for a further

period of five years. R. Generale de Dr. Int. Public, 16:683. 16-17 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF EDITORS. The meeting of the

executive committee was held at Paris. The next meeting of the committee will be held at Amsterdam in July, 1910, at which time and place the next (VIIth) Congress will be held. Le Droit

D'Auteur, 23:28. 21 ITALY-NETHERLANDS. A general arbitration treaty was signed at

Rome. Mém. dipl., November 28, Nederlandsche Staatcourant,

December 31. 22 Russia. An imperial ukase forbids the Finnish Senate from send

ing to future international congresses special delegates. Jém.

dipl., November 28. 23-Dec. 7 GERMANY—GREAT BRITAIN. Exchange of notes extending

the renewal of the Arbitration Agreement of July 12, 1904, for a further period of four years. See Treaty ser., No. 20, 1909.

Treaty ser., No. 36, 1909. 27 TRANSANDINE RAILWAY TUNNEL. The Andes were pierced on this

date though the tunnel is not expected to be ready for trains before May 25, 1910, the centenary of the revolution which gave both interested nations, Argentine Republic and Chile, independence. B. A. R., February, 1910.

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November, 1909. 29 BELGIUM-GERMANY-GREAT BRITAIN reach agreement on Eastern

Congo Boundary, R. of R., January, 1910; Times, January 1 and

12. 29 CHILE–UNITED STATES, request King Edward to act as arbitrator

in the Alsop claims. R. of R., January, 1910; Mém. dipl., November 28; American Polit. Science R., IV:42.

December, 1909.

BULGARIA-TURKEY. Agreement providing for the reciprocal trans

formation of their Commercial Agencies into Consulates, subject to the prescriptions of European international law, signed at Con

stantinople. Times, December 3. 2 SOUTH AFRICA. Royal Proclamation declaring that on and after

May 31, 1910, the Colonies of the Cape of Good Hope, Natal, The
Transvaal, and the Orange River Colony shall be united in a
Legislative Union under the name of the Union of South Africa.
Herbert John Gladstone, Secretary of State for Home Affairs,
accepted, on November 19, the post of Governor-General. London
Ga., December 3; Times, December 4; L'Union Sud-Africaine, in

Q. dipl., 13:612, 665. 3 FRANCE—GREAT BRITAIN. Order in Council causing the additional

extradition convention, signed at Paris, July 29 (9. v.) to apply to France from December 13; to Tunis after the same date; but to be suspended as to Canada during the continuance in force of the Canadian Act of 1906 regarding the extradition of fugitive

criminals London Ga., December 3. 10 NOBEL PEACE Prize awarded by the Norwegian Storthing to Baron

d'Estournelles de Constant, French, and M. Beernaert, Belgian. The Physics Prize went to William Marconi, Italian, and Ferdinand Braun, German; that in Chemistry to Wilhelm Ostwald, German; in Medicine to Theodor Kocher, Swiss; and in Literature to Selma Lagerlof, Swede. Times, December 11; World

(New York) Almanac, 1910. 16 NICARAGUA. President Zelaya sends his resignation to Congress.

R. of R., January, 1910; Times, December 27. 17 BELGIUM. King Leopold died, on the 44th anniversary of his reign.

Leopold II. Africain, Mém. dipl., February 6. For memoir, see
Times. December 17.

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