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May, 1910. 4 FRANCE–RUSSIA. Law signed by President Falliéres approving

arrangement signed at Paris, January 22, 1910, and at St. Petersburg, October 24, 1909, to regulate telegraphic communication between the two countries. J. O., May 7. Decree fixing

date in same issue. 5 FRANCE-LUXEMBURG. Decree promulgating the arrangement

signed at Paris, February 22, 1910, reducing the rates on letters exchanged between the two countries. Ratifications were ex

changed at Paris, May 5. J.O., May 7; Arch. dipl., 114:173. 5 GREAT BRITAIN_UNITED STATES. Exchange of ratifications at

Washington of the treaty regarding the boundary waters between the United States and Canada signed at Washington, January 11, 1909. Ratification advised by the Senate, March 3, 1909; ratified by the President, April 1, 1910; by Great Britain, March 31, 1910; proclaimed, May 13, 1910. U. S. Treaty ser., No. 548; Stat. at L., Vol. 36; Supplement to this JOURNAL for July,

1910, p. 239. 5 NOBEL PRIZE ADDRESS was delivered by Theodore Roosevelt. Sub

ject: International Peace. Times, May 6; Outlook, 95:19, 52; Independent, 68:1027. This Journal, July, 1910, p. 700; Ad

vocate of Peace, 72:146. 6 FRANCE-SPAIN. Exchange of ratifications at Paris of the con

vention to regulate telephone service and correspondence between the two countries signed at Paris, December 31, 1909. Ga. de Madrid, May 28; J. O., May 10; Arch. dipl., 114:170, text.

See April 21. 6 GREAT BRITAIN. Death of King Edward VII. Times, May Y.

May 23 (memorial edition); Mém. dipl., May 15; North American R., 191:721; Fortnightly R., 87:988–1005; Nineteenth Century and After, 67:957–968. The Character of King Edward

VII, Quarterly R., 424:1-32. 8 THE CONGRESS OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS opened at Brus

sels. Mém. dipl., May 15; R. Economique Int., 7:11:199. 8-11 THE NEW ENGLAND ARBITRATION AND PEACE CONGRESS met

at Hartford. Advocate of Peace, 72:125, proceedings and ad


May 6, 24. The Association was organized at Wiesbaden in

May, 1910.

1889. The first meeting was at Paris, 1901; the second at

London, 1904; the third at Vienna, 1907. 9 BELGIUM-FRANCE. Ratification of the convention signed at Brus

sels, December 30, 1908, concerning the delimitation of the Franco-Belgian frontier between Westoutre and Saint-Jans-Cap

pel. B. Usuel, May 9; Monit. B., May 26; Mém. dipl., May 29. 9 CHINA. Edict issued setting October 3, 1910, as the date for the

opening of the Imperial Senate (Upper House of Parliament). The 91 members represent six classes: (1) princes and nobles of the Imperial clans, fourteen; (2) Manchu and Chinese nobility, twelve; (3) princes and nobles of the dependencies outside of the eighteen provinces, seventeen; (4) the Imperial clansman six; (5) officials of ministries and offices, thirty-two; and (6) eminent scholars, ten. This gives a Manchu preponderance in numbers and influence. China's Senate and Edict of May 9,

North China Herald, May 13; Times, May 30. 10 ITALYMEXICO. Decree of President of Mexico approving the

convention relative to direct exchange of postal parcels, signed at Mexico City, December 4, 1909. Text in Diario Oficial,

May 21. 12 FRANCE. Decree promulgating the international radio-telegraphic

convention and its annexes, signed at Berlin, November 3, 1906.

J.O., May 14, text. 13 ANGLO-JAPANESE EXPOSITION opened at London. Mém. dipl.,

May 1; Times, April 1, et seq. 14–22 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF BOTANY met at Brussels. R.

Economique Int., 7:11:202. 14 BELGIUM—GERMANY–GREAT BRITAIN. Protocol signed at Brus

sels arranging for the delimitation of the eastern frontier of the Belgian Kongo. Times, May 16; Mém. dipl., May 22. Sce

November 29. 15 BRAZIL. The international insurance system for letters and boxes

is extended to Brazil. L'Union Postale, 35:48, 80. 18 BELGIUM-ROUMANIA. Law approving the convention signed at

Brussels, April 10, 1910, for the protection of literary, artistic, and photographic works. Text in B. Usuel, May 18; Monit. Belge, June 15.

May, 1910.
18 GREAT BRITAIN. The Imperial Copyright Conference met at the

Foreign Office, London. Cd., 5272 (Memorandum of proceed

ings) Times, July 6; The Prospects of Copyright," do, July 21. 18-20 THE SIXTEENTH CONFERENCE ON INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION

held at Lake Mohonk, New York. Advocate of Peace, 72:124; A Supreme Court of the World," Outlook, May, 1910; Hartford and Mohonk,Independent, 68:1144-5. This Journal,


ASSOCIATION held at Berlin. R. of Reviews, 41:605. 19 TUNIS–TURKEY. Convention signed at Tripoli, regarding the

frontier between Tunis and Tripoli. Mém. dipl., May 29; .

dipl., 14:703. 18 INTERNATIONAL AERONAUTIC CONFERENCE opened at Paris. Times,

May 7, 19; Mém. dipl., June 12. 18 SPAIN. Ordinance modifying regulation of foreign corporations.

Ga. de Madrid, May 18; B. de Statistique et de Legislation Com

parée, 67:723. 19-24 THE WORLD'S SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION held its sixth meet

ing in Washington. R. of Reviews, 41:605. 20-23 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF TROPICAL AGRICULTURE in session

at Brussels. Times, May 27; Mém. dipl., May 29; R. Economique

Int., 7:11:202. 21 GREAT BRITAIN_UNITED STATES. Treaty defining the boundary

line in Passamaquoddy Bay signed at Washington. Ratification advised by the Senate, June 6, 1910; ratified by the President, July 13, 1910; ratified by Great Britain, June 23, 1910; ratifications exchanged at Washington, August 20, 1910; proclaimed, September 3, 1910. U. S. Treaty ser. No. 551; Treaty ser. No. 22, 1910; Supplement to this JOURNAL, P. 000; The American

Canada Boundary," Outlook, 95:239; Times, May 23. 22 FRANCE. Decree issued fixing the rates for certain telephonic com

munications between France and Germany. J.O., May 26; Arch.

dipl., 114:169. 23 FRANCE-NETHERLANDS. Law passed ratifying the convention con

cluded at Paris, December 29, 1909, relating to the extension of existing arbitration treaties. Staatsb., No. 139, 1910; Mém. dipl., May 29.

May, 1910.
23 GREAT BRITAIN-NETHERLANDS. Law passed ratifying the con-

vention concluded at London, December 16, 1909, relating to the
extension of existing arbitration treaties. Staatsb., No. 139,

1910; Mém. dipl., May 29. 30–31 GREAT BRITAIN. The Emigration Conference met at London.

United Empire, 1:510; Times, May 31. 31-June 2 FIRST INTERNATIONAL AERIAL LAW CONGRESS met at

Verona. Times, May 20; R. générale de dr. int. public, 17:410. 30-June 4 FIFTH ORNITHOLOGICAL CONGRESS held in Berlin. The

next congress will be held at Serajevo, Bosnia, in 1915. Times,


Vienna. American Political Science R., 4:429.


June, 1910.
1 FRANCE-MOROCCO. The Commission to deal with foreign claims

against the Maghzen relating to engagements or events before
June 30, 1909, begins its labors, under the special agreement as
to procedure signed April 25, 1910. Times, May 16 and June 14.

See March 5. 1 GREAT BRITAIN-UNITED STATES. Opening of the Tribunal at

the Hague for the arbitration of the North Atlantic Fisheries Question. The decision was rendered September 7. Times, June 2, et seq.; The Newfoundland Fisheries Dispute, Outlook, 95:278; Stead: The Fisheries Arbitration at the Hague, Independent, 69:8; McGrath: The Atlantic Fisheries Dispute, R. of Reviews, 41:719; The Fisheries Decision, Nation, 91:233; R. Generale de Dr. Int. Public, 17:260. Text of award in this JOURNAL, p. 000. The cases submitted to the Hague Tribunal since its establishment in 1899 have been as follows: (1) Mexico-United States, 1902 — The Pious Fund of the Californias; (2) France, Germany, and Great Britain v. Japan, 1902 – The House Tax; (3) Germany, Great Britain, and Italy v. Venezuela, 1903 Preferential Claims; (4) France v. Great Britain, 1904 — Mascat; (5) France v. Germany, 1909

Germany, 1909 — Casablanca Affair; (6) Norway v. Sweden, 1909 -- Maritime Boundary; (7) United States v. Great Britain, 1910 North Atlantic Fisheries; and (8) now before the Tribunal, l'nited States v. Venezuela — the

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June, 1910.

Orinoco Steamship Company. Note: The Emery Case, Nicaragua v. United States, was referred to the Tribunal by a protocol signed May 25, 1909, but a final settlement was announced Sep

tember 18, 1909. 1 South AFRICAN UNION goes into effect. Times, April 30, May 28

and 31. Lord Gladstone and South Africa, Outlook, 95:279. 2-5 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF INDUSTRICAL PROPERTY. The

Belgian National Association arranged the results of former congresses and will present this codification to the next congress to

be held at Washington in 1911. R. Economique Int., 7:11:203. 3 ATLANTIC CABLE from Ascension to Buenos Aires opened. Second

longest in the world. Times, June 4. 6–9 SEVENTH INTERNATIONAL COTTON CONGRESS held at Brussels.

Times, May 31, June 6, “ Unification of Commercial Law”; June

9, Resolutions passed by the Congress. 6–16 INTERNATIONAL HORSE Show held at London. Times, June 7. 9 INTERNATIONAL. Deposit of ratifications of the Revised Conven

tion of Berne, signed at Berlin, November 13, 1908, made by Germany, Belgium, Haiti, Japan, with reservations, Liberia, Luxemburg, Monaco, and Switzerland. June 30, by France and

Tunis. Droit d'auteur, 23:85; Reichs-G., No. 47, 1970. 9 ARGENTINE. A presidential decree drafting twenty Argentine

officers into the United States Navy for a short period in accordance with an agreement with the American Government

arising out of the battleship contract. Times, June 11. 10 SPAIN. Decree issued giving to Protestant congregations and

schools the right to display on buildings signs or notices that services were being held within. Tridon, The Meaning of the Spanish Crisis, Forum, 44:272-279; The Spanish Contention, Independent, 69:495; Ireland, The Vatican Incident, same, 68: 1015-10; Outlook, 94:776; Spain and the Vatican, Times.

August 2; Outlook, 95:459; Independent, 68:1319; 69:313-314. 12 BELGIUM-FRANCE. Agreement takes effect (see March 5) pro

viding that under the convention relative to the reparation of damages resulting from accidents of labor, concluded at Paris, February 21, 1906 (9. v.) proper notice of a pending inquest shall be given to the respective consular officers, etc. Monit., April 8.

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