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Immigration situation in Canada. April 1, 1910. 218 p. Immigration Commission. (S. doc. 469.)

International classification of causes of sickness and death. Revised by International Commission at Paris, July 1-3, 1909. [Revised ed.] 1910. 146 p. Paper, 250,

International Congress of Refrigeration, Report on resolution to invite the Third, to hold its meetings in the United States. June 16, 1910. 3 p. H. of R. Comm. on Foreign Affairs. (H. rp. 1610.) Paper, žc.

International Waterways Commission under treaty of June 11, 1909, Report relating to. June 16, 1910. 1 p. H. of R. Comm. on Foreign Affairs. (H. rp. 1433.)

Naturalization. Report submitting bill to relieve persons entitled to naturalization prior to May 1, 1910, who by reason of misinformation or excusable mistake have neglected to take proper steps to obtain their citizenship. June 14, 1910. 1 p. Senate Immigration Committee. (S. rp. 843.) Naturalization laws and regulations. July 1, 1910. 26 p.

26 p. Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.

Opium. Estimate of deficiency in appropriation to enable Government to stamp out opium evil. June 10, 1910. 2 p. (H. doc. 954.) Panama Exposition. Hearings, May 12, 26, 1910.

61 p., il. H. of R. Comm. on Foreign Affairs.

Report of Committee, June 15, 1910. 1 p. (H. rp. 1609.)
Hearings, May 27, 1910. 48 p., il.

il. Senate Select Comm. on Industrial Expositions.

Parcels post convention between postal administrations of United States and Hungary. Signed at Budapest, May 15, 1910; Washington, June 27, 1910; approved June 30, 1910. 7 p. Post-office Dept.

Passamaquoddy Bay, Treaty between United States and Great Britain delimiting boundary in. Signed at Washington, May 21, 1910; ratified by the President, July 13, 1910; proclaimed September 3, 1910. Dept. of State. (Treaty series No. 551.)

Peace, universal. Report on appointment of commission in relation to. June 4, 1910. 5p. H. of R. Comm. on Foreign Affairs. (H. rp. 1440.) Paper, 5c.

Peace, International federation for maintenance of. Hearing, May 7, 1910. H. of R. Comm. on Foreign Affairs.

Red Cross, American National. Report on bill to amend incorporating act. June 15, 1910. 1 p. H. of R. Comm. on Foreign Affairs. (H. rp. 1592.)

Student interpreter corps of United States in China, Japan and Turkey, Information regarding appointments and promotions in. 1910. 15 p. Dept of State. (Appointments Bureau.)

Tariff negotiations between the United States and foreign governments made necessary by Tariff Act of August 5, 1909, Reports relative to. June 9, 1910. 155 p. Dept. of State. (H. doc. 956.)

Treaties, conventions, international acts, protocols, and agreements between the United States and other Powers, 1776-1909. 1910. Senate Comm. on Foreign Affairs. (S. doc. 357.) Cloth, $1.25 per vol.

2 v.

per vol.

White slave traffic. Report on act to further regulate interstate and foreign commerce by prohibiting transportation therein for immoral purposes of women and girls; with views of minority. June 21, 1910. 32 p. Senate Immigration Committee. (S. rp. 886.) Paper, 5c.


GREAT BRITAIN Accessions to and withdrawals from various treaty engagements between the United Kingdom and foreign Powers. 1910. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5026; Treaty series No. 5, 1910.) d.

Accessions, etc., of foreign states to various international treaty engagements. 1910. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5027; Treaty series No. 6, 1910.) d.

Aliens Act, 1905. Return of alien passenger traffic between the United Kingdom and ports in Europe or within the Mediterranean Sea, and number of expulsion orders made, during the three months ended Dec. 31, 1909. (Cd. 5043.) 11d.

Three months ended March 1, 1910. (Cd. 5153.) 11d.

Fourth annual report of H. M. Inspector and statement with regard to expulsion of aliens, for 1909. (Cd. 5261.) 7.

Egypt. Reports of H. M. Agent and Consul-General on the finances, administration and condition of Egypt and the Soudan in 1909. (Cd. 5121.) 8d.

Emigration. Report on the Emigrants’ Information Office. 1909. With appendix. (Cd. 5101.) 24d.

Emigration from India to the Crown Colonies and Protectorates, Report of Committee on. (Cd. 5192.) 11d.

2 Oficial publications of Great Britain, India and many of the British colonies may be purchased of P. S. King & Son, Orchard House, 2 and 4 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, England.

Emigration statistics of Ireland. Report and tables for 1909. (Cd. 5088.) 2d.

French customs tariff, Translation of, as amended by the law of March 29, 1910, showing former rates of duty. (Cd. 5127.) 11 d.

Imperial Conference [November, 1907, to April, 1910], Further correspondence relating to. (Cd. 5273.) 2s.

Imperial copyright conference 1910. Memorandum of proceedings. (Cd. 5272.) id.

International convention concerning the laws and customs of war on land. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5030; Treaty series No. 9, 1910.) 2 d.

International convention for the creation of an international agricultural institute. Signed at Rome, June 7, 1905. Foreign Office. (Cd. . 5124; Treaty series No. 17, 1910.) 1d.

International convention relative to certain restrictions on the exercise of the right of capture in maritime war. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5118; Treaty series No. 14, 1910.) 14d.

International convention relative to the conversion of merchant ships into warships. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5115; Treaty series No. 11, 1910.) 1 d.

International convention relative to the laying of automatic submarine contact mines. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5116; Treaty series No. 12, 1910.) 1}d.

International convention relative to the opening of hostilities. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5029; Treaty series No. 8, 1910.) 1.10.

International convention relative to the status of enemy merchant ships at the outbreak of hostilities. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5031; Treaty series No. 10, 1910.) 14d.

International convention respecting bombardments by naval forces in time of war. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5117; Treaty series No. 13, 1910.) 20.

International convention respecting the limitation of the employment of force for the recovery of contract debts. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5028; Treaty series No. 7, 1910.) 14d.

International convention with respect to the international circulation of motor vehicles. Signed at Paris, Oct. 11, 1909. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5125; Treaty series No. 18, 1910.) 14d.

International declaration prohibiting the discharge of projectiles and

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explosives from balloons. Signed at The Hague, Oct. 18, 1907. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5119; Treaty series No. 15, 1910.) 4d.

Japan. Proposed new customs tariff, showing present rates of duty. (Cd. 5150.) 6d.

Malta, Further correspondence relating to political conditions of. [April, 1904, to December, 1909.] (Cd. 5216.) 8d.

Montenegro, Convention of commerce and navigation between, and the United Kingdom. Signed at Cettinje, Jan. 11, 1910. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5126; Treaty series No. 19, 1910.) 4d.

Netherlands, Convention between the United Kingdom and, renewing for five years the arbitration convention of Feb. 15, 1905. Signed at London, Dec. 16, 1909. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5220; Treaty series No. 20, 1910.) d.

Norway and Sweden. Declaration between the United Kingdom, , France and Norway, and between the United Kingdom, France and Sweden, concerning the abrogation of the Treaty of Nov. 21, 1855, relative to the integrity of Norway and Sweden. Signed at Christiania, Nov. 2, 1907, and at Stockholm, April 23, 1908. Foreign Office. (Cd. 5123; Treaty series No. 16, 1910.) įd. Persia, Further correspondence respecting the affairs of.

[May to November, 1909. 1910. (Cd. 5120.) 5d.

Somaliland, Further correspondence relating to affairs in. [March and April, 1910. (Cd. 5132.) 14d.

Tibet, Further papers relating to. [September, 1904, to May, 1910.] (Cd. 5240.) 2d.






The Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague


Whereas a Special Agreement between the United States of America and Great Britain, signed at Washington the 27th January, 1909, and confirmed by interchange of Notes dated the 4th March, 1909, was concluded in conformity with the provisions of the General Arbitration Treaty between the United States of America and Great Britain, signed the 4th April, 1908, and ratified the 4th June, 1908;

And whereas the said Special Agreement for the submission of questions relating to fisheries on the North Atlantic Coast under the general treaty of arbitration concluded between the United States and Great Britain on the 4th day of April, 1908, is as follows:

Article I. Whereas by Article I of the Convention signed at London on the 20th day of October, 1818, between Great Britain and the United States, it was agreed as follows: —

Whereas differences have arisen respecting the liberty claimed by the United States for the Inhabitants thereof, to take, dry and cure Fish on Certain Coasts, Bays, Harbours and Creeks of His Britannic Majesty's Dominions in America, it is agreed between the High Contracting Parties, that the Inhabitants of the said United States shall have forever, in common with the Subjects of His Britannio Majesty, the Liberty to take Fish of every kind on that part of the Southern Coast of Newfoundland which extends from Cape Ray to the Rameau Islands, on the Western and Northern Coast of Newfoundland, from the said Cape Ray to the Quirpon Islands, on the shores of the Magdalen Islands, and also on the Coasts, Bays, Harbours, and Creeks from Mount Joly on the Southern Coast of Labrador, to and through the Straits of Belleisle and thence Northwardly indefi. nitely along the Coast, without prejudice, however, to any of the exclusive Rights of the Hudson Bay Company; and that the American Fishermen shall also have liberty forever, to dry and cure Fish in any of the unsettled Bays, Harbours and Creeks of the Southern part of the Coast of Newfoundland here

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