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Exlract from the Rules and Orders of the House of Representalives, U. S.

" It shall be the duty of the Clerk to make, and cause to be printed, and delivered to each member at the commencement of every session of Congress, a list of the reports which it is the duty of any officer or department of the government to make to Congress ; referring to the act or resolution, and page of the volume of the Laws or Journal in which it may be contained, and placing under the name of each officer a list of reports required of him to be made, and the time when the report may be expected."


To be made to Congress at the second session of the thirtielh Congress, by public officers; prepared in obedience to

a standing rule of the House of Representatives.

Officer, and nature of the report.

Date of the law or


By what authority.

Page. When experted to be


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1792, April 2


statement of the amount, with a description of the Laws U. S. vol. 2.! 263 | In January. coins struck at the mint during the year 1848.

1829, March 3

The affairs of the penitentiary in the Dist. of Columbia Laws U. S. vol. 8.


In January.

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1846, Aug.

6 | Transfers of appropriations for particular branch of na- Laws 291h Cong.
val service, to other branches of said service.

Ist session.

166 | Before adjourn.

ment, if trans-
ferred during the
session ; if trans.
ferred during the
recess, the first
week of the next

List of Reports-Continued.?

Date of the law or

Officer, and nature of the report.

By what authority.


When expected to be


1842, Dec. 17

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On the affairs and management of the penitentiary of the House Journal.
District of Columbia, showing its cost for five years,
the number of prisoners, and how employed; with de-
tails of particulars.
Information in relation to the expenditures for support of Senate Journal,

recaptured Africans.

1843, Feb. 25

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1844, Jan.


94 No time specified.

1847, March 3

Why act of June 26, 1834, creating land districts in Illi. Senate Journal.
nois, Missouri, &c., has not been carried into effect.
Full and accurate account of the expenditure of the Laws 29th Cong. |
$3,000,000, under the act of March 3d, 1847.

2d session,

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1798, July 16 1799, Mar. 2

Abstracts of the returns made by collectors of the registered seamen of the United States.

Laws U. S. vol. 35 109 Early in January,


1819, March 2

A list of passengers arriving in the United States from | foreign countries during the year 1848.

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OS 1 Commencement

of the session.

1812, Aug. 16 | A compendium of all such changes and modifications in Laws U. S. 27th

the commercial systems of other nations as shall bave Cong. 2d sess.

come to the knowledge of the department.
1842, Aug. 26 A full and detailed statement of the expenditure of the Laws 27th Cong.

contingent fund of the State Department, showing to | 24 session. whom payments were made, and for what, &c.

134 Commencement

of the session.

1842, Aug. 26

Laws 27th Cong.

2d session.


Statements of all moneys expended by disbursing offi.
cers acting under the orders of the State Departinent,
during the year 1848.

Jan u ary.

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1820, April 18 The names of the clerks and all other persons employed | Laws U. S. vol. 6
1842, Aug. 26 Sl in the Department of State, or any of its offices, during

of its offices, during Laws 27th Cong.
the year 1848, or any part thereof, with the time each 24 session.
was actually employed, and the sum paid each ; and
whether they have been usefully employed; whether
the services of any can be gispensed with, without
detriment to the public service; and whether the re.
moval of any, and the appointment of others in their
stead, is required for the better despatch of business ;
and the residence of each at the time of his appointinent. | House Journal.

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1837, March 3 | A list of all patents granted for the preceding year, for

inventions and improvements; also a list of patents which have expired during the same period.

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By what authority. | Page. When expected to be


Laws U. S. vol. 9 1020

Agricultural statistics, and expenditure of $1,000 for agricultural purposes.

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1789, Sept. 2 A report upon the state of the finances, embracing a | Laws U. S. vol. 2
1800, May 10 Si general view of the revenue and expenditures of the Laws U. S. vol. 3

United States for the years 1848 and 1849.

[blocks in formation]

1789, Sept. 2) An estimate of the appropriations necessary to be made Laws U. S. vol. 2
1800), May 10 for the service of the year 1849, with a statement of Laws U. S. vol. 3
1842, Aug. 26 | the appropriations heretofore made, applicable to the ser Laws U. S. 271h

vice of this year; and a statement of the appropriations Cong. 2d sess.
of former years, with an estimate of those sims which
will not be required to defray expenses incurred in a
former year: in which are to be specified the sources
from which the estiinates are derived, and the calcula-
lions upon which they are founded-discriminating
between such as are conjectural and such as are not
conjectural, with the authority for the estimate.

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1791, Dec. 30 | An account of the receipts and expenditures of the United | House Journal.

Slates for the year ending June 30, 1848.

68 Early in Dec,

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