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December 30, 1848. SIR: Yours of December 12, has been received, and in compliance with your request, I have caused to be prepared in this office, and here. with transmit statements, marked A, B, C, and D, showing-

1st. The reservations in, and grants to the different Territories for school purposes, universities, salines, seats of government, and internal improvements, the several grants under the act of 4th September, 1841, being reported separate and apart from others for same purpose.)

2d. The additional grants of a similar character which were subsequently made to the same Territories, or district of country afler they be. came sovereign States of the Union, the previous grants to such Territories being within the limits of such States to which they correspond respectively.

3d. Grants to the States of Connecticut, Tennessee, and Kentucky-10 the first and third for deaf and dumb asylums, and to the second for educational purposes-accompanied by an aggregate statement (D) of the several grants herein before alluded to.

In preparing these statements I have caused a careful examination to be made of all the laws bearing upon the subject, from the ordinance of 1785 down to the present moment; and I do not think that any grant of the character mentioned has been omitted.

You will also perceive that a note has been placed opposite to each grant, indicating the act under which made, so that should there be an error in the quantity reported, it can at once be detected by turning to the law. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Hon. Jacob COLLAMER,
Chairman Committee Public Lands,

House of Representatives U. S.

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Exhibit of grants to the States of Conneclicut, Tennessee, and Kentucky.



A township of land (23,040 acres) granted to this asylum, per act of Congress, approved 3d March, 1819; to be taken from any of the unlocated lands of the United States to which the Indian title has been extinguished.”


Per act of Congress, approved 18th April, 1806, the United States ceded to the State of Tennessee all right and claim which they had to the land within that State lying east and north of the “congressional reservation line, is subject to certain conditions, among which were the following: That the said State should reserve 100,000 acres in one body, within the limits of the lands reserved to the Cherokee Indians, by an act of the State of North Carolina, for the use of two colleges; the one in the east, and the other to be in the western division of the State. Also, 100,000 acres within the same limits, for the use of academies in each county of said State. She was also required, in issuing grants and perfecting titles, to locate 640 acres to every six miles square in the territory thus ceded, where existing claims would permit the same to be appropriated for the use of schools. Per report from the Committee on Public Lands House of Representatives United States, 2d session 25th Congress, it appears, that the whole amount which Tennessee has been enabled to appropriate under the said act of 1806, exclusive of the grant for the use of the two colleges, does not exceed 24,000 acres ; put down at 22,705 acres in the memorial from the General Assembly of Tennessee to the Senate and House of Representatives United States, presented 26th March, 1838. In this memorial it is computed that there are 16,000,000 acres north and east of the reservation line, the 1-36th part of which would be 444,444 acres. It is also stated in the said memorial, that the 200,000 acres (required to be reserved, per act of 1800) have been appropriated for the use of colleges and academies.


One township of land, excepting section sixteen, for the use of schools therein, granted to this asylum per act of Congress, approved 5th April, 1826, “ to be located in one of the Territories on lands to which the Indian title has been extinguished.” Per act of Congress, approved 29th January, 1827, power was the given said asylum to locate " 80 much of the township of land granted" per act of 5th April, 1826, “as has been taken by the claims of those who are entitled to the right of pre emption in the Territory of Florida, upon any unappropriated and unreserved lands in either of the Territories of Florida or Arkansas."

23, 040 222, 705 22, 400

268, 145 aggregate of grants, as per exhibit C.

* Per act of Congress, approved 7th August, 1846, the United States released and surrendered to the State of Tennessee the right and title of the United States to all lands within that State lying south and west of the congressional reservation line, which then remained unappropriated; the said “surrender and transfer” being“ upon the express condition, that the State of Tennessee shall, out of the proceeds of said lands, set apart and apply forty thousand dollars towards the establishment and support of a college at Jackson, in the county of Madison, Tennessee, if the proceeds of said lands shall amount to so much ;" and if not, then whatever sum smaller than that amount, they may yield, in accordance with the provisions contained in a certaha act (designated) of the General Assembly of that State, &c., &c.


Exhibits of reservations in, and grants to the different Territories and States, as per cxhibits A, B, and C, aggregated.


Grants for Internal Improvements.



Common schools.

Universities. Seats of go- Salines. Deaf & Dumb Per act of 4th vernment.

Asylums. September, 1841.

Roads, rivers, and canals.

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Aggregate of grants as per exhibit A, 368, 0360
Aggregate of grants as per exhibit B, 19,988,825
Aggregate of grants as per exhibit C, 268, 145

$20, 625, 006,80

* For" Colleges and Academies,” under act of Congress 18th April, 1806. (See ex

hibit C.)
† Includes 10,000 acres given to the town of Detroit, per act 21st April, 1806. (See ex-

hibit A.)
Includes 1,000 acres granted per act 15th June, 1832, for the erection of a court-house

and jail at Little Rock. (See exhibit A.)

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