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F. E. LALLY, Estelline, President pro tem.
GEORGE MOREHOUSE, Brookings, Treasurer.
OSCAR P. KEMP, Watertown.
GEORGE G. CROSE, Aberdeen.
Gov. LOUIS K. CHURCH, Bismarck, Ex-officio.


Lewis McLOUTH, Director.
LUTHER FOSTER, Supt. of Agricultural Experiments.
CHAS. A. KEFFER, Supt. of Forestry and Horticultural Ex-
I. H. ORCUTT, Entomologist.

JAS. H. SHEPARD, Chemist.
C. J. ALLOWAY, Veterinarian.
C. J. Corey, Stenographer and Accountant.
JAS. C. DUFFEY, Foreman of the Gardens.
W. C. COPELAND, Foreman of the Farm.


Establishment of the Dakota Agricultural College and

Experiment Station.

The Dakota Agricultural College was established at Brookings, Dakota, in 1881 by the XIVth Legislative Assembly of the Territory. The college was opened in 1884.

In 1887 the XVIIth Legislative Assembly passed an act of re-organization of which the following are sections 17, 18, and 19:

Sec. 17. There is hereby established an Agricultural Experiment Station in connection with the Agricultural College of Dakota, and under the direction of the board of regents of said college for the purpose of conducting experiments in agriculture, according to the terms of section i of an act of Congress, approved March 3, 1887, and entitled “An act to establish agricultural experiment stations in connection with the colleges established in the several States, under the provisions of an act approved July 2, 1862, and the acts supplementary thereto."

Sec. 18. The assent of the Legislature of Dakota is hereby given in pursuance of the requirements of section 9 of said act of Congress, approved March 3, 1887, to the grant of money therein made and to the establishing of an Experiment Station, in accordance with section 1 of said last mentioned act, and assent is hereby given to carry out all and singular the provisions of said act.

This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and approval.

Approved, March 13, 1887.

Sec. 19.


During the summer and fall of 1887, 320 acres of land adjoining the original college plat of eighty acres, were purchased for an experiment farm, a few fine specimens of a considerable number of breeds of registered domestic animals were bought, a large stock barn and other buildings were erected, teams and farm tools and machinery securedall by means of funds granted by the legislature of the Territory. The faculty of the college was, at the same time, somewhat re-organized and enlarged with the view of an active and vigorous opening of the work of the Experiment Station as soon as the Congressional appropriations should become available. During the summer and fall of '87 some preliminary work of experimentation and of observation was accomplished as will appear in the accompanying reports of the different departments.

At their meeting on the 17th of November, 1887 Lewis McLouth, president of the college, was elected Director of the Experiment Station with authority to choose temporary assistants from the members of the faculty to act as superintendents of departments.


The Board of Regents of the Agricultural College, who under the Territorial law have the direction of the Agricultural Experiment Station provided by the Hatch Act, at a meeting held on the 13th of March, 1888, adopted the following scheme of organization:

I. The general management of the Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, located by the last legislature in connection with the Agricultural College at Brookings, shall, under the Regents, be vested in a Council of Control, consisting of the President of the College as Director of the Station, the Professor of Agriculture as Superintendent of Farm and Stock Experiments, the Professor of Horticulture and Forestry as Superintendent of Horticultural and Forestry Experiments, the Professor of Zoology and Physiology in charge of Entomological work, an analytical chemist in charge of Chemical Analysis, and a Professor of Veterinary Science in charge of investigations of the diseases of animals.

· II. The President of the College, as Director of the Station, shall be Chairman of the Council and shall have the same supervisory control of the Experiment Station as of the College. He shall also cause to be kept complete account of all receipts and expenditures and all the necessary records of the Experiment Station.

III. The Director of the Station, with the Superintendent of Agricultural Experiments and the Superintendent of Horticultural and Forestry Experiments, shall constitute an Executive Committee, to determine all matters of interest to the Experiment Station that may arise as emergencies in the intermin of meetings of the Board of Regents.

IV. The Superintendent of experiments in agriculture shall have the oversight, direction and planning, under the advice of the Council of Control, of investigations and researches in all branches of agriculture and stock industry as more fully specified in section 2 of the Hatch Act.

V. The Superintendent of Horticultural, Botanical and Forestry Experiments shall have similar authority in the investigations of his department, and he shall pursue the lines of research indicated in section 2 of the Hatch Act.

VI. The duties of the Entomologist are to investigate the habits and the conditions of growth and multiplication of all injurious insects, their enemies and the best methods of protecting the agricultural interests against their inroads.

VII. The duties of the Veterinarian are to make investigation into the diseases of domestic animals, search for remedies and methods of prevention and to make researches in the anatomy, physiology, and hygiene of animal life, as indicated in the second section of the Hatch Act.

VIII. The duties of the Chemist are to make such chemical analyses as are needful for the successful completion of any experiments in any of the other departments, and to make analyses of soils, waters, foods and forage, as indicated in the Hatch Act.

IX. It shall be the duty of all to prepare for publication in bulletins and in general annual reports, the results of their experiments as fast as facts are ascertained or conclusions reached.

X. All purchases of books, apparatus, machinery, tools, teams, stock or other material necessary to carry on the experiments of the Station, shall be made in the same manner as purchases for the College are now directed to be made, and all expenditures for labor are to be made and controlled as like expenditures for the College.

XI. The treasurer of the Board or Regents shall be treasurer of the Experiment Station, shall have the custody of all funds, shall receipt for them on behalf of the Station, shall pay them out as ordered by the Board of Regents and according to their rules, shall keep complete accounts of all receipts and expenditures, and shall prepare the financial statement for the annual report. His bonds are fixed at ten thousand dollars.

By this action the following persons became the working staff of the Station.

LEWIS McLOUTH, Director.
LUTHER FOSTER, Agriculturist.
CHARLES A. KEFFER, Horticulturist & Botanist.
I. H. ORCUTT, Entomologist.

NANCY L. VAN DOREN, Librarian. Subsequently the following persons were added to the force:

C. JNO. ALLOWAY, Veterinarian.
C. J. COTEY, Accountant and Stenographer.
JAS. C. DUFFEY, Foreman of the Gardens.
W. C. COPELAND, Foreman of the Farm.

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