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WASHINGTON, D. C., March 7, 1912. This publication is based mainly upon the work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, including the results of special examinations and investigations by a party on the Coast and Geodetic Survey steamer Hydrographer in 1910, in connection with its preparation. The system adopted in this publication includes

I. A tabular description of all lighthouses, light vessels, and fog signals; lists of lifesaving stations, and Weather Bureau storm warning display stations; and information regarding tides, tidal currents, variation of the compass, etc.

II. General information concerning the several bodies of water and harbors, including notes relative to pilots and pilotage, towboats, depth of water, draft of vessels entering, harbor and quarantine regulations, supplies, facilities for making repairs, usual or best anchorages, and other matters of practical interest. In each case the information of this nature precedes the sailing directions and is printed in smaller type.

III. Sailing directions, with subordinate paragraphs treating of prominent objects, dangers, aids to navigation, etc. In the arrangement adopted the aim has been to conform, as far as practicable, to the order in which these matters would be considered in practice, and to render available such information as may be wanted promptly.

IV. Appendices. The first edition of this volume was prepared by Lieut. Edwin H. Tillman, United States Navy, assisted by Mr. John Ross. In the present (third) edition the text has been revised and brought up to date by Mr. Herbert C. Graves, assisted by Mr. C. L. Warwick and Mr. E. Vance Miller, under the direction of J. J. Gilbert, assistant, Coast and Geodetic Survey, inspector of hydrography and topography.

Great courtesy has been shown by local authorities in furnishing information desired for incorporation in this work.

The aids to navigation are corrected to March 7, 1912.

Navigators will confer a favor by notifying the Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey of errors which they may discover, or of additional matter which they think should be inserted for the good of mariners.




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